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would be a great signing for us, lets just hope we can make it happen! agger and suarez may be able to persuade him more than anyone
5th Apr 2013 12:19
5th Apr 2013 12:42
"I agree we need to land this lad to show our true intentions of competing with the best at the top. I do beleive we need more experience and at 21 that really isnt it but he has been around for a while and I think he will tair the premier league up. Get him at all costs, In my eyes he will be as valuable as Suarez currently in the years ahead. Get Ben Arfa to overtake Downing."
5th Apr 2013 13:17
"so its confirmed then. liverpool are actually considering buying him. molby must know something more to actually write an article about him"
No 7
5th Apr 2013 14:00
"yes he would be a great signing and for a young lad he has played a lot of games,he would fit very well into are team. "
No 7
5th Apr 2013 14:03
"and also sign alonso he needs to come back home."
5th Apr 2013 14:08
"He is an attacking midfield player that would cost us over 15M, not worth it in my eyes despite him being a talented player. We have several attackers in our squad and the fact that we are in the top 3 in terms of goals scored proves that! What LFC lack and need is a solid CB and possibly a CDM to balance the team out. "
5th Apr 2013 17:09
5th Apr 2013 19:39
"thought xabi was over 30"
6th Apr 2013 0:04
"Very good player IMO but to bring him to Liverpool will never be easy but i think we can persuade him with a promise of regular first team football."
6th Apr 2013 0:57
"i think that he would be a perfect fit in every way age skill ability so hope br goes and gets him he would be a great asset to the club "
6th Apr 2013 1:39
"liverpool should make a partenariat with ajax..and sending our young talents there on loan for development instead to other side..if am not wrong many great players come from ajax.."
6th Apr 2013 5:36
"He would be a marvelous signing and at 21 we would be able to see him develop into an awesome player! I too agree that Agger, Suarez and perhaps Jan Molby our adopted scouser can help him decide to come over to Liverpool! YNWA! "
secal 27
6th Apr 2013 7:53
"Class act!!! I think we can get him 4 £15 mill & regular football will appeal 2 him instead of going 2 manure or other cash upped clubs & potentially sitting on the should b plan b on a free transfer as Alonso is getting on in age & doesn't fit the profile of the manager or owners although definitely good enough 4 Liverpool YNWA "
6th Apr 2013 12:45
"I think that lfc should get Fischer instead he's 18 years and looks a promising player on video clips (YouTube)"
6th Apr 2013 13:54
"this young man has everything, we have to get him simple as that,"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
6th Apr 2013 17:04
"Come on Jan & Dagger speak to Christian and sell the club to him!!!"
7th Apr 2013 0:18
"If we got him then I'd be very suprise and happy. . We're a big club, we love our club but we need to look at other peoples perspective who don't support us. No europe, still not redeveloped anfield, no big wages at the moment all we have is loyal passionate fans and history. This lad could join Madrid, munich, anyone if he wanted to. So lets be realistic."
7th Apr 2013 0:21
"Why are people saying he'd be no worth to us? you know people say we need 2-3 more WORLD class players, he's one of them you don't get madrid and utd knocking at your door if your average. People really annoy me but i suppose that's life! to the doubters... please look at him, and if you don't think he's good enough i really don't know who your expecting us to sign? messi? "
7th Apr 2013 0:38
"No doubt about his talent and skill, but at 5'9" and barely 160lbs I think he would have to hit the gym. We already have a 15M signing that gets knocked around in the midfield. IMO we should fix our defensive issues before looking at more midfielders."
7th Apr 2013 11:54
"Mr Rogers, bring back Torres. Look at his stats this year : 17 goals. Premier leagues Games : 0,25 goal/match, but for all cups, he has 0,50 goal/match. Look at Demba Ba, first part of the league : 13 goals at Newscastle, against 3 goals at Chelsea. Chelsea is full of ego, not giving strikers neat ball. Lampard has got more goals than SG, but SG is a greater player as he puts strikers before him!"
8th Apr 2013 8:16
"Well said Jan no hype just fact but i do think other clubs will enter the fray and unless he has a friend who helps Liverpool win his signature i fear he will be another gr8 lost. Liverpool fc have difficult years ahead still so classy players are more than welcome, if Suarez commits to lfc then mane he can persuade Eriksen to come LFC YNWA"