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Legend in the making hope to see him in a red shirt for many years to come YNWA
5th Apr 2013 11:48
5th Apr 2013 11:56
"He has got to be player of the year. Hopefully he wil be at Liverpool for many years to come. YNWA "
5th Apr 2013 11:57
"he deserved it!!!"
5th Apr 2013 11:58
"And he is all OURS folks !"
5th Apr 2013 12:05
"without question is he POTY, hope he can add PL golden boot"
5th Apr 2013 12:10
"We need to KEEP Luis at Liverpool at all cost, and hopefully he will stay for years to come or at least one more season until we get CL "
5th Apr 2013 12:10
"he should win it but cant see it cause of the corrupt FA and the players from opposite teams will probs hate him for the fact he tears them apart"
5th Apr 2013 12:13
"Lets be honest, if he stays next year then top 4 is a must. He will only give it one more year. If he does leave though, no blaime to be passed. YNWA"
5th Apr 2013 12:24
"We're literally fighting over the crumbs while other clubs enjoy the starters, main courses & dessert. Player of the year? I couldn't care less."
5th Apr 2013 12:25
"Viva King Luis! King of The Kop! King of the Swingers, The Jungle VIP, He's reached the top and He just can't stop and that's what's bothering me, Oh be doo, I wanna be like you oh, oh, I wanna walk like you, talk like you........Oh ba be doo................."
5th Apr 2013 12:50
"EcoRed This is about Luis getting pplayer of the year which i hope you think he deserves and not the shortcomings elsewhere. We are building a team that last and not a one hit wonder like Man City. All the millions spent haven't helped. "
5th Apr 2013 12:53
"Well and truly deserves poty but lets wait and see.More important in the summer make a statement and bring in some big names so Luis has some belief and stays with us for at least 1 more season"
5th Apr 2013 13:13
"Is POTY another word for Villain? I'm confused:)"
5th Apr 2013 13:31
"Rogers feels Suarez is one of the finest talents he's ever had under his tutelage...CORRECTION...>>>SUAREZ IS THE BEST PLAYER YOUVE EVER HAD...JUST AHEAD OF KING GERRARD"
5th Apr 2013 13:33
"Luis escribo esto en castellano para que lo entiendas. Quedate con el Liverpool, nadie te va a querer mas que nosotros. Eres un crack a la altura de Messi y Ronaldo. YNWA"
5th Apr 2013 13:44
"i'm already preparing myself for his exit, i hope with all my heart that he stays, but if i don't prepare myself i don't know if i will recover from the broken heart he will leave me with, i have never felt such love for a player apart from Gerrard, plz Luis do it for the fans, give us 1 more year!"
5th Apr 2013 13:46
"He would be still in two cups had it not been for your c**k ups BR...get a solid midfield around him and switch to 4-4-2 or risk losing him. There was a 20 yard gap between midfield and forwards on Sunday any other team would have carved us up! YNWA "
5th Apr 2013 14:01
"With Bale being injured for possibly 2 games, I feel Suarez has every chance especially after he finishes the season on 25+ league goals. "
5th Apr 2013 14:42
"It will be a travesty when he doesn't win the poty and he won't as it is as much a popularity contest as an acknowledgement of talent. "
5th Apr 2013 14:42
"It will be a travesty when he doesn't win the poty and he won't as it is as much a popularity contest as an acknowledgement of talent. "
5th Apr 2013 14:43
"By the way 'scousemolby96' being in cups is not worth a f##k if there is no progress with the big picture or else King Kenny would still have the job. The clubs attacking style through Rogers methods and formation is a breath of fresh air, some of the best football we've seen for years."
5th Apr 2013 14:54
"I don't believe that Luis Suarez will win the PFA award, even though he should by a long way. However I do believe that he's a shoe-in for the writers award. The writers are critics and take into account positives and negatives. Luis Suarez has more positives than negatives. He should win it."
Kingston Jah Red
5th Apr 2013 14:56
"RVP was the early favourite, Bale shone for a while, but both have faded. Whereas Suarez has been consistently good all season. He is ball greedy, but not too many of our players could criticise him for that.. He's also one of our hardest working players, very Dirk Kuyt-like (we miss DK).. Cut out the theatrics and he'd be perfect."
5th Apr 2013 15:13
"People like dec77 I agree with that we have been playing the best for football for years. But at a cost like scousemolby96 says there was massive gaps on Sunday and many other games this season. Good teams can then tear us apart. Kevin Keegan, Ossia Ardlies where known for their teams attacking football. Great to watch but you either destroy or get destroyed, no middle ground"
5th Apr 2013 15:33
"LFC1958, have you got a crystal ball or something that sees unrelenting success in the future under BR? Get real pal."
5th Apr 2013 15:37
"I started following LFC when Digger, Rush where where playing under KD. LFC where my team before Kennys reign but I was much to young. Under Souness I rememeber being a lull and a sense of doom about the future. "
5th Apr 2013 15:38
"Then Roy Evans took over. What a breath of fresh air. I was 19 years old at the time Roy Evans took his management post. Fowler and others all being a similar age to me. The football was great to watch. Exciting, attacking and some very good youngsters. "
5th Apr 2013 15:39
"Problem Roy had I.M.O is that he never got the balance right for the team and maybe he wasn't a master tacion at one off games? Since then we have had more tactical managers, counter attacking like Houllier and the master taction at one off games Rafa. Woy was just useless and Kenny brought the feel good factor and pass and move back. "
5th Apr 2013 15:40
"Why KD was sacked? Well anybody with any football sense has been scratching their heads since (but we won't go there). Now we have Brendan. I see similarities with Roy Evans. Fact that this season we have scored more goals since Evans was in charge. The football is cavalier like Evans. "
5th Apr 2013 15:41
"BR has had to use a lot of youth players similar to what Evans did (although the squad of 1994 + had more quality youngsters)... I can see why so many fans like Brendan. The same excitement I had with LFC in the mid 90's. Sadly that team didn't achieve what was expected. And that team was miles ahead of us at present. Roy Evans needed maybe a couple of players to win Prem. "
5th Apr 2013 15:42
"We are a number of players short of even getting to top4. So whilst we are playing teh best attacking football for 20 years we have never been so far away from the top. That all said, it is a difficult task and perhaps at least another season like Kenny should of had is only fair."
5th Apr 2013 15:59
"If he doesn't win the award, it's because opposition players hate him cos he's better than all of them but deep down their damn hearts, they know he's the best. As long as he keeps scoring goals & punishing teams i don't give a F & i know Suarez himself shares that opinion. YNWA LUIS!!!"
5th Apr 2013 16:22
"Should do, but probably won't. Bale will DIVE in to win it and rooney and beckham will somehow get mentioned for no reason at all... sky-FA football 2013 *sigh*"
5th Apr 2013 16:58
"luis deserves it head and shoulder above anyone one else, but unfortunately for non footballing reasons he just may not get it."
5th Apr 2013 17:21
"I think most people would agree."
5th Apr 2013 17:28
"He should win it but sadly no doubt the winner will be Bale or RVP. But just keep banging in the goal Luis and you may just force them to give it to you!"
5th Apr 2013 17:36
5th Apr 2013 18:10
"Anyone knows when will POTY be announced? 19th or 28th Apr?"
5th Apr 2013 18:12
"In an ideal world King Luis would win it hands down but we all know by now how poisonous & bias the media are, how pro manu they are and extremely anti Liverpool, they have tainted Luis as a racist along with Terry and now Di Cannio (Facist) They won't let Luis get it."
5th Apr 2013 18:25
"King luis committed The EPL's Unpardonable Sin, he embarrassed Ferguson, 3 assists in one match against them, Kuyt scoring 3 times but Luis ran them ragged that day and manu started the hate campaign against him, they knew he has a bit of a short fuse and Evra goaded him, lied etc, Fergo insulted him and they tried to ruin his name but he's still here and still our King Luis!"
5th Apr 2013 18:29
"Stop this paranoia about him leaving asap, he loves the fans, he loves playing for us, he dreamed of playing for us from boyhood, he's a red through and through and he's here for the long haul!!!"
Vosta Lee
5th Apr 2013 20:00
"Suarez is Player of the Year. He has been playing at a high level consistently throughout the season. Suarez also scored the goal of the year. I'm talking about that goal against Newcastle. It's hard to understand how a 50 yard long aerial ball like that turned into a tap-in in just three touches."
5th Apr 2013 20:28
"He deserves it, but he wont get it, his fellow pro's are jealous of him. Just out of curiousity how many Player of the MONTH awards has he won?"
5th Apr 2013 20:33
"Luis is an exceptional player who excites football fans in every game he plays.He deserves the POTY with out any one can come near him. The one thing we are sad about is there are some rubbish players in this team who are taking the team down.How can JH and SD play in the same team with LS & PC?"
5th Apr 2013 21:05
"King Luis, you will always be loved at Liverpool forever,no matter what the future holds. We all dearly hope you stay with us forever but we hope you give us one more season to try to bring you all the glory you deserve."
5th Apr 2013 21:15
"Muy merecido Luis! Bravo. "
5th Apr 2013 22:06
"For all the followers of the Liverpool, see that he made people of Nacional in Uruguay. Cradle of Luis and Seba. Liverpool and Nacional a single hear. YNWA ds-largest-flag-Copa-Libertadores-win-Toluca.html"
6th Apr 2013 14:21
"redhando,nooo body gave attention to your nonsense comment on Luis just as no team above the relegation zone gives attention to your cousin Henderson.Only KD's mistake enabled you to comment on this site.Hendo is here by mistake and BR will deal with that before it costs his job."