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7m?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!? GET HIMMMMMMMMMMMM NOWW
5th Apr 2013 10:51
5th Apr 2013 10:58
"Is there a player that the press have not linked us with? Lol..."
5th Apr 2013 11:05
"everton defo have the upper hand since they have two of his own country men. maybe finishing above them this season would help."
5th Apr 2013 11:38
"eriksen should be the first player we get this summer.."
5th Apr 2013 13:08
"Ajax = quality belgian = talent do not hesitate,get him!!!"
let me play liverpool
5th Apr 2013 13:12
"everton can screw off"
5th Apr 2013 14:09
"from what I've read he has an excellent rate price/quality, I don't know him that well, but given the recent productivity of the belgian school I would trust to get him, specially for the aforementioned price, firthermore he looks a really versatile defender, it could be an occasion to not miss!"
5th Apr 2013 14:24
"Hmmm... Didn't know much about him before, but after watching some vids - this dude looks better than Dede! Can pass, is strong, and scores goals, get him!!"
5th Apr 2013 14:29
"Eriksen our priority. About this Toby guy... Ok sign him because he got a tattoo..."
5th Apr 2013 14:45
"YES AND Mertens aswell pls."
5th Apr 2013 16:59
"Ajax = quality belgian = talent do not hesitate,get him!!!"
5th Apr 2013 18:02
"Haha, looks like Glen Johnson is on the way then:) Eriksen + Toby (probably pals with suarez) Also Ajax links with us is very likely deal for me."
6th Apr 2013 4:28
"Come on, Let's Get Him Now..!! #YNWA"
6th Apr 2013 20:19
"First thing we should do is talking Carra out of his retirment plans, and get him to play for another, yes he's a bit slow compared to some of the attackers we will face but reading the game the way he does makes up for that,, como on Jamie 1 more season,, YNWA"
6th Apr 2013 20:34
"I'm convinced. Make it happen FSG!!!"
7th Apr 2013 11:52
"Mr Rogers, bring back Torres. Look at his stats this year : 17 goals. Premier leagues Games : 0,25 goal/match, but for all cups, he has 0,50 goal/match. Look at Demba Ba, first part of the league : 13 goals at Newscastle, against 3 goals at Chelsea. Chelsea is full of ego, not giving strikers neat ball. Lampard has got more goals than SG, but SG is a greater player as he puts strikers before him!"
8th Apr 2013 8:23
"Offer 22mil for both Toby and Eriksen sure this could be done as a pre window contract we need to act quick and decisively this window get the players in right at the begining of the window or again we will be left behind. LFC YNWA "