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in my opinion he would be worth a punt, it would be money well spent, let's hope we succeed to pip the ss on Dede!
5th Apr 2013 10:08
5th Apr 2013 10:24
"start the bidding low"
5th Apr 2013 10:26
"Will Liverpool be able to compete financially? No! Without Champions League place the best will not be coming to Anfield. When Suarez came to Liverpool he was not the best. He has developed into one of the best just like Torses."
5th Apr 2013 10:55
"But from the comment, ACMilan is the choice club. The heading should have been "VASCO OPEN FOR DEDE TALKS""
5th Apr 2013 11:07
"i'v dont think we'll be able to get him especially if you see the 2 other clubs interested in him, both better financially and form wise. "
5th Apr 2013 11:40
"Another misleading article..."
5th Apr 2013 12:32
"Read the final comments - "Of course, the player likes Milan and the club has a great charm. The player can perform very well in Italy and has a potential of great quality. End of!"
5th Apr 2013 13:54
"Clearly BR is not getting on with Skrtle, I'd love to see Agger as an energetic pacy CM and clear the way for Martin Kelly, Coates and this guy competing for CD position. Not sure on Williams of Swansea... YNWA"
5th Apr 2013 14:06
"He is a sold CB which is what LFC lack. Dede could easily be worth over 20M but I would say 15M max. eUSEBIO - You chat out your backside! Suarez was one of the best before he joined us and scored 53 goals in 59 games and also 27 assists for club and country. "
5th Apr 2013 14:25
"Sign A Rami or M Sakho "
5th Apr 2013 19:52
"I would like to go on record as inviting Liverpool and Manchester United to bid for my services as well. Do the papers really have that many column inches to fill with this useless kind of article?"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
6th Apr 2013 9:20
"Personally, I cannot see us getting involved in a biding war! It's not our style."
6th Apr 2013 12:49
"He looks to be a great player , considering we can't rely on sketel"
6th Apr 2013 22:41
"This is the guy we need plus Damiao and Alonso and Eriksen or Matuidi"