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can play for many years.
6th Apr 2013 10:01
6th Apr 2013 10:17
"One of the best please stay for many more years "
6th Apr 2013 10:56
"You are a massive part of this club pepe and a great great keeper...Long may you continue... "
6th Apr 2013 11:33
"Almost everybody knows he's the best in the world with his feet but he really needs to get back his old goalkeeping form that made him win the golden gloves 3 times. YNWA Pepe."
6th Apr 2013 11:55
"He become another defender at times, to be ready to be passed to and creates attacks with long, quick throws and good kicks. Some-the usual suspects-criticised him and even said we should sell him! Can't hear them anymore... P.S. Jones-one of the top no.2 around,great strength in depth."
6th Apr 2013 16:08
"Sometimes it's better to punt the ball into Row Z than playing tiki-taka in our own area."
Mines a pint in the Sov!
6th Apr 2013 17:16
"Does he want to stay though, if Barca come knocking at the door?"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
6th Apr 2013 17:17
"I would like to point out, I want him to stay!!"
6th Apr 2013 17:33
"81-82-83-84 Yes, I rememeber those games :("
6th Apr 2013 17:53
"We need a new goalkeeper. Grobbelaar should be our new goalkeeper coach. "
6th Apr 2013 19:15
"Hope he stays, but have a feeling Barcelona will come in for him."
6th Apr 2013 19:57
"Arcee 6th Apr 2013 19:15 i agree with u i would love him 2 stay but i think hw will be off in the summer "
6th Apr 2013 20:59
"I really think that our big names will stay with us for another season including Luis. I think they can see what BR is trying to do and build so they will give it one more season so 13/14 will be a catalyst. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a good atmosphere to raise the performance. YNWA"
7th Apr 2013 7:05
"I'm with you 81-82-83-84. I remember last season's winner against manure. Pepe - Carroll - Kuyt - GOAL! I surely miss that kind of play especially when we just pass and pass endlessly. "
7th Apr 2013 9:36
"Keep playing - for LFC - for many years to come, Pepe."