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it's clear that big Andy does not suit to our style of play despite he's actually making really well at the hammers, it will be a good thing that he comes back to make the pre-season with us next summer and does corfirm my statement. In summary we will have to cash in the maximum on Andy and place him where more he will like the destination.
4th Apr 2013 17:39
4th Apr 2013 17:41
"was playing good lately! still think he can succeed at LFC!"
4th Apr 2013 17:43
"Everyone is talking about Bentekte from Villa, but Andy can do that as well! PLUS if we sell him we will never get a fee close to the price we paid...."
Gordon Ottershaw
4th Apr 2013 17:47
"Well, I will hang my hat on we should keep him, as the value we would get is small. Better to use him as backup and one never knows he may just cut it. I have no problem with a big talented CF as long as he works for the team and gives us a real threat up front. Lets face it we are short of height all around certainly for certain EPL games. Lets try him for a season or two."
4th Apr 2013 17:54
"Andy will go back to Newcastle... and no doubt for a fraction of the price we bought him for. "
4th Apr 2013 17:55
"Everyone deserves a Brendan?"
4th Apr 2013 17:58
"I don't think he'll ever make it with us i'd love to be proved wrong, a decent lad but not a LFC player."
Tracy YNWA....
4th Apr 2013 17:59
"Give him a chance. Strengthen our midfield and defence during the window. He's something different to back up Suarez. Every time he came off the bench last year he just seemed to lift the play on the pitch. Stevie loved having him in the side....YNWA"
4th Apr 2013 18:09
"Andy doesn't fit Brendan's style of play although since we paid £35 million for him, I'd like to keep him in the squad for additional depth. But, if Andy wants to play regularly and he already indicated his desire to return to Newcastle if he can't maintain a starting 11 position, then I think £10 million plus Hatem Ben Arfa in exchange for Andy would be a reasonable deal."
4th Apr 2013 18:10
"So that's it then. The unspoken message here is that AC will be chucked from the squad permanently. Otherwise BR would have acknowledged it there and then that AC is till in the squad. So much for our plan B"
4th Apr 2013 18:14
"We should keep him. There's no point letting him go for next to nothing. He gives the squad something different and so for me offers much more from the bench than Borini."
4th Apr 2013 18:17
"Andy needed games and that was why he went as said by br, can he come back in and regain be an important part of a wining team. I would like to see him given another chance as the more options we have in attack the better."
Lone Rider
4th Apr 2013 18:25
"I don't have a problem in selling him but we are probably not even going to get half of what he paid. Sell him only if Brendan really needs some money to buy quality players like Coutinho."
4th Apr 2013 18:27
"Give him a chance."
4th Apr 2013 18:28
"Andy has heart, footwork, and shot..but does he have the work rate to complement the likes of Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho, Henderson...ect....."
4th Apr 2013 18:36
"I think big AC deserves another chance. Everyone in papers talking about Benteke. AC can do the same bullying job as him and probably score as many given a chance. Not going to get anymore than 15m for him so give him a shot as a good plan B especially against some EPL teams. His price tag is not his fault. If we got him for 5m would everyone be so keen to get rid ?"
4th Apr 2013 18:36
"Could Big Andy be trained to play in central defence? just a thought."
4th Apr 2013 18:38
"train him to play like Edinson Cavanni, same height as Cavanni, there you go, problem solved!"
4th Apr 2013 18:41
"David Moyes has always been a great admirer of Andy Carrol, loan him out to Everton as sell to them eventually."
4th Apr 2013 18:47
"Idea. Why not turning Carroll into a central defender? He's tall and strong in the air and can control the ball and in corners can join the strikers. Many time when playing for Liverpool, in the end of the game when needed to keep a leading result, Carroll did help in defense."
4th Apr 2013 18:53
"I'd sell him if I was BR cut your losses now while you can get some decent money back he isn't going to get in ahead of Suarez and Sturridge. When you spend £35M on a player he really should be a starter. Carroll unfortunately isn't blessed with pace if he was he would really be something."
4th Apr 2013 18:58
"not sure who would sign him????"
4th Apr 2013 19:06
"Revealed Liverpool have been keeping tabs?? How is that a revelation? Doesn't every club watch their loan players, what is the point otherwise?"
4th Apr 2013 19:25
"No club prepared to pay over £9 millions for Andy if BR decides to cash in however I hope the management team find ways to get the best out of Coates(was the young south american before signing for LFC in summer 2011) but also Andy Carroll finally do not ask me who paid £35 millions for Carroll I try to forget."
4th Apr 2013 19:29
"Now he is fit I think we will see the best of Andy. He never had a chance here,bit I am certain he will be a better CF than the fragile Borini or Sturridge, BR doesn,t like a big frontman and yet it is this type of player that hase destroyed us this season ie Oldham West brom etc."
4th Apr 2013 19:33
"obviously Andy is the opposite of the "mould" of striker BR seems to want in his team but i feel it is more to do with the fact that Andy doesn't seem to work very hard, when we don't have the ball and when we do he doesn't show the hunger to get into the box and score, he can do it, he just has to want it enough "
4th Apr 2013 19:35
"The rumour is that Spurs are hoping to get him and hope to get him cheap bit would still be prepared to pay£15m if necesary.By stating he is not wanted BR has cut his selling price"
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Apr 2013 19:37
"I actually would want carrol back as a plan b, but not as Liverpools number 9 because u want your number 9 to start nearly every game and be your best prolific striker and he is not a prolific striker, and I think most fans would want there number 9 as there main scorer. Some big disissions to make this summer. YNWA"
4th Apr 2013 19:59
"I'd much rather we had AC than Lucas! Still our poorest player by far...Agger for CM and AC as a squad player... YNWA"
4th Apr 2013 20:08
"a player that can come on and change a game ,something we have lacked this year eg west brom. have nothing to loose if we keep him"
4th Apr 2013 20:26
"pls sell him at a high price to buy oda players"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
4th Apr 2013 20:30
"I think big Andy is an ideal Plan B, albeit a very expensive one!"
4th Apr 2013 20:34
"Andy is a top class player and he will prove it in next few seasons. If BR cannot see that then sell him to someone that can. Once he gets a supportive manager in a compeive team then he can get back in the England team."
4th Apr 2013 20:55
"If Andy comes back then Borini has, at best, until Christmas to prove something without injury."
4th Apr 2013 20:58
"rosso76 you really should not talk such tosh. Andy C would still provide us with a brilliant Plan B. It is not that he doesn't suit our style of play, it is that he doesn't suit the managers style of play! When he is fit he is the best of his type. "
4th Apr 2013 21:00
"Bring him back BR and make him the 35 million pound player he was meant to be!!!"
4th Apr 2013 21:16
"I just had to respond to scousemolby96's comment. How you can suggest that Lucas is our poorest player by far I do not know. Listen.... no one agrees with you, Lucas has become the mainstay of our midfield, the anchor that allows Gerrard to play. Just get to the game and watch him play! With an opinion like that you can't be a scouser?"
notts red till dead
4th Apr 2013 21:47
"if he was technically better or if he could technically progress we would and should keep him but he will never be a koller, lorente even crouch type of player. i do rate him but not enough. plan b?? a bit disrespectful to a player with england credentials"
4th Apr 2013 22:03
4th Apr 2013 22:09
"We should hope that he has a storming finish to the season and we get a good fee for him. If we get 17m, we will surely find a player or two who will be better than him. Its all about what we do in the transfer window this summer. "
4th Apr 2013 22:11
"Davidlfc facts mate...Lucas is useless...the fans don't lie. Coutinho 3 games fans call his name...Lucas, 3 seasons! He never does anything, no decent passes, no bottle, nandy pandy tackles, Carra constantly carryin him. I could go on and on and on. "
4th Apr 2013 22:11
"Davidlfc facts mate...Lucas is useless...the fans don't lie. Coutinho 3 games fans call his name...Lucas, 3 seasons! He never does anything, no decent passes, no bottle, nandy pandy tackles, Carra constantly carryin him. I could go on and on and on. "
4th Apr 2013 22:26
"People were too quick to judge last season.AC needed be told where the box is at times and could look lazy but then he could turn it on, put 100% in and was totally unplayable.A 35m player he never was but he could still be a massive player for us.#Finetuning"
4th Apr 2013 22:27
"plus a good haircut wouldn't go a miss either."
4th Apr 2013 22:30
"this season we wear crying out for andy to come on and change the game i bet we woud b top 4 now easy b r stubburn prat "
4th Apr 2013 22:33
"And yeah..I had rather have Andy in mys squad than Borini.."
4th Apr 2013 22:41
"It's good he's scoring goals again, we'll be able to sell and get a forward/winger who'll fit better. Hammers play his type of game, I wish him all the best if he stays there."
4th Apr 2013 22:55
"I trust you BR, whatever you decide on Andy I'll back. YNWA!"
4th Apr 2013 23:07
"The only way we should keep him is if he adapts and can keep up with the play. BR has been brilliant in managing Downing and Henderson but Carroll may be a different prospect. I really like Andy and was behind him all the way but as soon as BR came in I knew his days were numbered. It's not him per se, but there's no point in keeping a square peg if we're full of round holes, as they say."
4th Apr 2013 23:12
"scousemolby96 - You need to wind your neck in mate. Lucas has come very good. Look at his form before he got that serious injury. Now look at the form of Gerrard since Lucas has came back. Look at the facts. And Lucas is a good tackler, and good passer, just remember this season his has only just come back from injury....."
4th Apr 2013 23:12
"On this article, I don't think AC suits the style of Liverpool, I feel they don't trust his technical ability, and when he comes on, LFC just seem to go long for him to get a head onto the ball. If he can go to West Ham for £17m or back to Newcastle for a cash swap with Ben Arfa, then I'd say that's great business considering the cirstances."
4th Apr 2013 23:13
"What ever happens the decision should be whats right for Andy and whats right for the club"
4th Apr 2013 23:17
"One recent report said we'd be looking to coach some mobility and passing mentality into him if he did stay so that would be interesting. I think Andy would work hard but we may be clutching at straws. We need to forget about the fee we paid and take what we can for him (15m?) if we're wanting to get rid. We could get over 30m with possibly skrtel and coates going too so that's worth considering"
4th Apr 2013 23:19
"A very expensive plan B, but worth a season or so to see if he can be used as an impact sub when sturridge/suarez tire, a big man in the box for those crucial last 15 mins. But would his heart be in it?"
4th Apr 2013 23:26
"redsquirral, you miss the point slightly. I'm sure BR knows how good Andy is but he doesn't fit the play. We're no Barcelona but could you imagine Carroll or a similar style player in their team? No, because its not how they approach the game. It's not his size or the fact he's good in the air, it's that slow turn and slightly clumsy control. He'd be a good option IF he can sort that out."
4th Apr 2013 23:30
"Andy Carroll first of all would score goals,but he would not be happy on the bench for large part of the season it looks like 15M for him and count our selfs lucky "
4th Apr 2013 23:36
"I'm a big fan of Andy and I'd love it to work for him here. I saw energy, drive and mobility in his game at the end of last season, and that gives me some outside hope. But if I'm honest, I'm not sure he'll want to prove his worth here if he has to sit on the bench - which he will of course, with Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and possibly others ahead of him in attack. Decent bid and he's gone."
4th Apr 2013 23:49
"Oh Davidlfc do you want my stub from sunday's game... Belfastdaz, go and watch hurling son you're justifying poo! Look at our old CM's Alonso (split manu/Galat, with the same pass!) and Masc playing CM better than a 6'2 CH. Lucas is never goner match them 2. I wonder why he isn't Levia on his shirt..."
4th Apr 2013 23:49
"Oh Davidlfc do you want my stub from sunday's game... Belfastdaz, go and watch hurling son you're justifying poo! Look at our old CM's Alonso (split manu/Galat, with the same pass!) and Masc playing CM better than a 6'2 CH. Lucas is never goner match them 2. I wonder why he isn't Levia on his shirt..."
4th Apr 2013 23:50
"Did anyone see M Salah for Basel tonight against the spuds? Gotta be worth a watch looked a real good player. "
5th Apr 2013 0:06
"Lfc in talks with nfc for ben arfa s/swap"
5th Apr 2013 0:10
"Davidlfc1 well done about your comments regarding scousemolby about Lucas ."
5th Apr 2013 0:34
"BR - If you're looking at Ben Arfa that's another one which will spend most of the season in bandages.Are we being mugged off here? What is it with this guy? If they aren't broken he wont buy them."
5th Apr 2013 0:47
"The question is;will AC be happy with being plan B?"
5th Apr 2013 1:00
"scousemolby96-you have no clue mate stop living in the past, lucas has lost some pace but is still quality. Andy's a powerhouse that scares defences but he just doesn't work hard enough to close down or even to attack the box. unless he ups his desire he will leave. "
5th Apr 2013 1:25
"I think we can sell AC, we have Michael Ngoo. He has good football, better pace and height. He is even taller than AC. Besides, he is only 20!"
5th Apr 2013 1:41
"Liverpool should be concentrating on PL le instead of this trouble maker! Jus sell him cheap and if there's no takers, jus throw him out... if that lazy, arroagont atute still remain! Stop wasting time on him move on, sick of it! Rem one bad apple could cost the rest to rot as well beware!"
5th Apr 2013 1:56
"If last season still not enough TIME to proof your worth here! Try elsewhere for all the fans sake! I don't wish BR follow KK direction, "a leopard will Never changes it spot"! Only hungry players win u les and cup! "
5th Apr 2013 2:05
"We've been spending TIME and money over the last 23 years on FLOPs like Carroll. It time we should learned our lesson, and move on quickly if we should find one again in future! And honestly I have never seen a flop turn the table around during their time here! "
5th Apr 2013 3:12
"Yawn... Another Rodgers mistake. He chose to go into this season with only Suarez as our only option up front along with just 'potential' on the bench. Utter lunacy."
5th Apr 2013 3:19
"I read a totally different view from BR around 16:00 yesterday-AC would be welcome back if he agreed to be used as a shock tactic from the bench. There are definitely times when a big lump can overrun opposition, where subtle skills fail. Examples are Felaini, Drogba, Sir Roger, Toshack. All have/had additional skills, but AC is not far short. If heâ"
5th Apr 2013 3:43
"Keep him and if we need money to buy then sell Borini and Allen."
big lad
5th Apr 2013 3:44
"he can b a superstar at lfc brenden can work his magic keep him please do it for the fans give the lad a chance ynwa!"
big lad
5th Apr 2013 3:51
"give him one full season see if he can fit in if not then sell him then no one can say we never give him his chance good look carroll"
5th Apr 2013 4:02
"Big Andy is lazy and tahts why he wont realsie his potential.. He needs to work out with Usain Bolt for his speed and perhaps with Suarez for silky skils..verdict = Sold to Magpies in exchange for Hatem Ben arfa "
5th Apr 2013 4:09
"the problem is since kenny as manager until brendan the play style not benefit what carrol can do for the team...carrol physically strong and unbeatable at set piece..liverpool wright now not played the set piece anymore..that the problem "
5th Apr 2013 5:43
"Big questions. how many corners have we had this season? how many crosses have we made this season? how many of them have lead to a goal? we need Big Andy its as simple as that."
5th Apr 2013 5:45
"Sell Allen and keep Andy the only problem is his wage bill.Brendan has to do whats best for the team and stop playing favourites, that was our last managers problem "
5th Apr 2013 6:10
"Belfastdaz, YNWA!!!! i agree with you mate. Lucas has been a breath of fresh air for SG over the last few years nd at times has carried our defence not the other way around. some people dont appreciate hard work."
5th Apr 2013 6:12
"BR's style of play does not suit Andy Carroll! It would be better for Andy's and England's future to let him go to a team where he can play more! Cash as much as we can for him and use the money to buy an even better striking partner for Suarez! YNWA!"
5th Apr 2013 6:14
"Somebody said "everyone deserves a second chance"....what about Torres? - just inviting some controversy here! ;D YNWA!"
5th Apr 2013 7:28
"Good luck Andy, espescially if you are back here next season!! As for Lucas, he is one of those players you notice more when he is not playing than when he is as what he does, he does so well, without any fuss- one of our most valuable players.... He is favourite to be lifting the World Cup next year, probably as Brazil captain......"
5th Apr 2013 7:30
"I know I spell and write bad..... More of a numbers man.... Especially!!"
5th Apr 2013 7:47
"That's the thing with Carrol isn't it. He scored two very nice goals at the weekend but every good spell is preceded and followed by a run so barren it makes Death Valley look like the garden of Eden. We'd be better off trying to find a new striker in the summer rather than taking another chance on one whose ability is so so and so is his atude."
5th Apr 2013 8:52
"He is something different that we haven't got at present. You can't just play pretty football every single match, every team needs a plan B."
5th Apr 2013 9:16
"No club wants him thats the problem! Lazy, alcoholic, grandma pace.... ! Probably the worst ever player in our Liverpool history! "
5th Apr 2013 10:08
"Carrol= poor touch? How about his goal against Chelski when he turned Terry inside out. How about MOTD Goal of the month for March. His job is to stick the ball in the back of the net. Is this not part of BR's plans?"
5th Apr 2013 10:15
"No club will bid for him as they no BR wants shot of him and they hope to get him at a bargain price. I know Spurs would prefer him to Benteke and I can see ManU and City being interested"
5th Apr 2013 10:35
"If big Andy comes back, he'll be on the bench for many games so the best solution for him & Liverpool is to cash in on the latter. He simply isn't in Brendan's plans & it's quite obvious. I like him but for me, Liverpool comes first. YNWA!!!"
5th Apr 2013 13:34
"I know I've gone off thread but all the Lucas non LFC fans should stop posting...'Has lost pace?' great, drop him. Brazil capt. Ain't played since 2011 and was sent off twice thus team was beaten. Shelvy would do miracles with the chance Lucas has had. Put him up against Toure, Fellani, even Lampard and Scholes and it has no comparison. "
5th Apr 2013 13:34
"I know I've gone off thread but all the Lucas non LFC fans should stop posting...'Has lost pace?' great, drop him. Brazil capt. Ain't played since 2011 and was sent off twice thus team was beaten. Shelvy would do miracles with the chance Lucas has had. Put him up against Toure, Fellani, even Lampard and Scholes and it has no comparison. "
5th Apr 2013 13:47
"He is better than Borini. He would be a good plan B. "
5th Apr 2013 13:47
"This has nothing to do with fitting into the system. BR believes Andy's lifestyle off the pitch is detrimental to the team and club."
5th Apr 2013 15:49
"sell sell sell and buy a prolific striker like Gomez/Soldado/Negredo/Ruben Castro/Aubameyang/Bony/Jackson Martinez. I def think Gomez is worth a try going for since he isnt getting much time on the pitch at Bayern and how can he not still be great?"
5th Apr 2013 17:44
"scousemolby 96, How come fans voted Lucas player of the year if  he is useless  as you say.It is a laughable thing to wish AC and to wish Lucas leave.I don't blame your view which is still stuck in the past .Update your self .have you ever heard any team in the top half wanting to sign him ?He is the one useless  and only KD 's mistake that made him a point of discussion."