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stevie has loads of years left in him yet :) but dont over do it and get injured..
5th Apr 2013 9:51
5th Apr 2013 10:27
"Foundations For the new stadium? Thought not. This season has been a total disaster BR. And if you don't at least achieve a Europe slot, we will have gone backwards. So the only pride on Merseyside is your own. Especially if we finish behind bitters."
5th Apr 2013 10:32
"remember BR that we won't ever get the luck we had last Sunday! we need a ready come back to play on our usual high standard or the dream of european football could get vain very soon! Let's hope you keep insisting with Hendo in the middle of the park and remember that on the bench we have a striker like Daniel Sturridge who is pawing the ground and reclaim to be regular! YNWA"
5th Apr 2013 10:35
"I truly hope BR succeeds. If he does we all win. But he talks too much, without being a little more truthful. There have been too many sub par performances this season. It's becoming a habit to say 'it was a blip that we will learn from.' How much learning do you need before you correct the defensive mistakes? Hope FSG are assessing things correctly."
5th Apr 2013 10:42
"Brendan pls only quality players from now on, no more average."
5th Apr 2013 10:49
"we need experience alonso tom ince erickson for starters, still think team is disjointed at times to many formation changes throughout sesason away we must play more defensive with 5 in midfield "
5th Apr 2013 10:54
"We are certainly going in the right direction and the foundations are being laid. If we get the expected quality signings in the summer then we will go on and do damage next season. I am so excited about seeing the likes of Sturridge and Coutinho flourish. We have an enthralling team and its only going to get better. "
5th Apr 2013 10:58
"i think it's fair to say next season is BR's make or break season. getting us into that top 4 is a must, our defence needs improvement and the players should have adapted well to BR's passing game and be more faster when going forward. hopefully BR will succeed and we must back him and team as supporters."
5th Apr 2013 11:10
"IMO, we really suffer against these long ball teams but am confident we can beat west ham if Rodgers makes the right decisions. 3-0 LFC."
5th Apr 2013 11:10
"I feel BR is always talking more than what he does..If he thinks our team is getting better let him put it in practice. I know we are improving but we do not need to advertise..Just keep calm and concentrate in playing good football. He is here only to Improve the team and I can't understand why he is so much proud of sayings things like this everytime..Keep calm please."
5th Apr 2013 11:11
"Gotta agree Mushroom. The paragraph about the sports science etc is just more spin. Thats what happens whenever a new manager joins a club! I want BR to succeed, cos if he does LFC do. But, with all his talk about next season, he's given out plenty of bullets if he fails to deliver."
5th Apr 2013 11:15
"Think some people need to listen to themselves! We've had 2 second place finishes in the League in 20 years - and suddenly it's win or bust for a manager who's only been in the job for 10 months, not even a full season! Get real, will ya! We don't want a Chelski revolving door, buying success short term. That's not the club I've supported for over 40 years!"
5th Apr 2013 11:19
"When the summer comes and Luis goes along with Agger and Skrtel and whoever else we wont have any foundations BR"
5th Apr 2013 11:21
"We don't want to be a profitable mid table McDonalds franchise either."
5th Apr 2013 11:25
"Ramilas, I couldn't agree with you more. We have so many moaners its unreal. BR makes an intelligent comment about progress and folks like Rushjob claim its just spin, but when our board don't talk he is the first to criticised them for being reticent. Damned if you do or damned if you don't, lol. "
5th Apr 2013 11:29
"Rushjob you sound like you want BR to fail. He is simply setting the high standards we should all be applauding. Would you rather he say we are playing for mid-table or maybe take a leaf out of our astute owners book and say nothing. You either want a positive manager or a reticent one - pick one sir. "
5th Apr 2013 11:42
"It is hard to take not being in the champs league again but we need to realize just how much has changed right through the club and that is all that Rodgers is trying to say. At the start of the season most of us bought into Rodgers philosophy but we haven't been prepared for the results of such an overhaul. Let's see how this season pans out and look forward to the next."
5th Apr 2013 12:07
"I love how these tools say we have had too many mediocre performances this year. Did anyone watch last season and those mediocre league games we had all season??? Yet you lot of tool bags come on here and slate the manager. Where was you last season???"
5th Apr 2013 12:12
"Buddha- I want a manager who is judged on results and not words- just as I want owners to be of the same ilk. Not too much to ask now is it. I dont only judge BR on our league position, and presently it is NOWHERE near good enough for Liverpool Football club."
5th Apr 2013 12:13
"Buddha- The high standards are set out in words, and words only. Look at the league table, look at our Trophy room, cos this season its bare. These are the standards of which LFC are judged on, not a load of hot air."
5th Apr 2013 12:15
"Ill eat the biggest slice of humble pie ever if next season is as fruitful as we are being led to believe that it will be. But to all the people who come on here with 'blind support' for a likeable guy, who has done absolutely nothing to (contd)"
5th Apr 2013 12:16
"warrant being manager of LFC- remember this post. 'The foundations have been laid for next season'. Ill run with that- what I dont expect then is 7th in the league, and zero silverware. Fair comment?"
5th Apr 2013 12:21
"Has BR taken up architecture? A solid foundation would be an organised defence with a reliable goalkeeper, we have a nervous error prone back 5. This is more hogwash."
5th Apr 2013 12:31
"to be quite honest brendon hasnt done that much of a bad job given he only had a handfull of players at pre-season. Next season is where we will flourish i can feel it coming along nicely. We just need more Steel in our team, someone with physical presence such as yaya but hes signed another contract cont."
5th Apr 2013 12:33
"for example the mersey side derby, who do we have apart from suarez and gerrard to stand up against distin, anichebe, fellaini. We need someone who can have a little scruff with the opposing team such as bellers when he was here! what a nuisance he was cont."
5th Apr 2013 12:36
"I'm with you Rushjob today. We are worse off than last season when we were at the brink of a double!!. Zero trophies, and 7th in the league. As a fan I have the right to criticise."
5th Apr 2013 12:41
"and lastly i would like erikkson, a defensive midfielder in the mould of javier mascherano. Take note Lucas is a holding player not a defensive player! Just a couple tweeks including kelly wisdom sterling suso. future looks bright indeed!"
5th Apr 2013 12:59
"Pride at being out of every competition by February and most likely not playing in even the Eur'Opless League next season..."
5th Apr 2013 13:07
"Rushjob _ A famous saying is that Rome wasn't built is a day as you know. We have had over 20 years of not winning the trophies we all want. This year was going to be one of assessment and change. Manure/Red nose did not just come in and win in his first season. I have faith in BR and if we get 2 to 3 more players of the right quality we will be challenging."
5th Apr 2013 13:27
"LFC1958- Totally agree. Would actually have more belief if honesty was the name of the game though. If BR came out and said 'compared to last season, we've possibly regressed a little, but we had to to move forward' id be fine with that. But no trophies and 7th simply isnt 'progress' as we are being told- IMO."
5th Apr 2013 13:42
"I wish BR would realise that we are not playing in the Spanish League where there is no contact and the game is more like basketball. Our PL demands a strong physical presence. All BR's recruits have been injured.I worry that we are to flimsy to compete"
5th Apr 2013 14:19
"If you take out the names from this article you would think that BR is talking about a club that was playing in the first Division for the last 10 years. And it's normal outcome not an achievement to have less injuries when you are playing in just one competition for half of the season."
5th Apr 2013 14:59
"Never a truer word rushjob never a truer word .br and fsg do have a major prob with telling the truth unless the fans see tangable proof to the development of anfield and not just some $50 student drawings we should not trust them"
Kingston Jah Red
5th Apr 2013 15:05
" BRadmirer: we were watching Liverpool play football last season. Same as we were for the previous 30 + seasons. Don't be so confrontational. It just makes you look silly and immature and therefore irrelevant mate. People have their personal views, you can agree or disagree, but stop the name calling it's very childish."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 15:06
"For Rushjob... How you can say no progress has been made since last season is an embarrassment to yourself and anyone who agrees with you, Last season was an embarrassment to LFC in front of the world, This season has been one of rebuilding...."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 15:09
"Rodgers has been praised by all past and current players for implementing a distinct passionate style of play, balancing the books and bringing in talent to balance the squad, which he will build on for next season... my question is why do you want a talented you manager to fail so much.... you and fans like you have shown a biased lack of support... but to serve what purpose... I seen none.."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 15:15
"also for the mushroom, you act in the character of your name... A fungi on only grows in the dark.. you seem to be too in the dark to see the truth, your opinions lack any substance or freedom to see what is clearly in front of you... BR has had a difficult repair job to do after the immense damage created by the whims of the manager from the last season..."
5th Apr 2013 15:15
"TheLight - I am an LFC fan and was not embarrassed last season. I felt very optimistic because we were playing good football. We won a domestic cup and very close to another - we qualified for europe. So don't speak for the world -when it is yourself that was embarrassed."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 15:25
"BR and FSG have been the pinnacle of Truth and Honesty... Doubters simply do not like the truth....The club is moving forward with purposeful intent, One Voice of Unity, opinions will happen, but if you are going to comment make it from a true unbiased viewpoint, only then does your comment carry any weight or merit..."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 15:31
"resquirral, I was embarrassed, 35 Million for Andy C... we played one dimensional kick and rush football which I am so glad we have evolved from...BR should be praised for the rebuilding work he has done so far, but yet some fans just enjoy to slander a man giving his heart and soul to make this club great again...."
5th Apr 2013 15:42
"I have seen 'the light'. In BR and FSG I trust.:)"
5th Apr 2013 15:46
"The Light, you are living in darkness. Get out and actually watch some games instead of dreaming from your armchair!"
5th Apr 2013 15:47
"Rushjob correct with most comments today. I would certainly say that the defence has gone backwards since last year. Hendo and Downing have improved considerably.Finding their feet or BR's managerial skills? Coutinho a superb aquisition.ctd"
5th Apr 2013 15:51
"...Poor buys in Allen and Borini.Sturridge may turn out to be a decent buy. If you consider that we had to replace Kuyt,Bellamy,Maxi and Carroll then the overall squad is weaker than last season.Undoubtedly FSG will give BR another year which will make or break him."
5th Apr 2013 16:15
"A disaster, fungi? Do you want more 'a spade in the ground wintin x days' bull? I thought you'd be happy to see the back of that stuff. We can still finish high and doing well, so you may have given up hope(around november probably) but I haven't."
5th Apr 2013 16:17
"Rushjob, you are so wrong with your assessments its bizarre. Do you realise we came 8th last year? So if we come 7th then its immediate progress. Please don't mention the tin cup we barely won and now owned by Swansea - as its laughable. We will come 6th this year and that is real progress. You are confused at the moment, cont.."
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 16:24
"FOA Buddha, I follow the comments on here often, more I read rushjobs comments more extreme they are becoming by the month, he has bought into this Fan owned club consortium which should never happen, as if the fans that comment here are representative of the average fan, "
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 16:24
"FOA Buddha, I follow the comments on here often, more I read rushjobs comments more extreme they are becoming by the month, he has bought into this Fan owned club consortium which should never happen, as if the fans that comment here are representative of the average fan, "
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 16:24
"they should never allowed near ownership of anything more than a hamster.. as I am sure they would put a past legend back in charge??? "
5th Apr 2013 16:27
"I am going to look forward to seeing you eat humble pie when you are proved wrong - just as you were about KK last year. I told you the owners would sack him but you felt on reputation alone he was safe. You bizarrely backed KK when he was floundering but you are quick to attack BR when he is clearly progressing, strange sir, strange..."
5th Apr 2013 16:38
"TheLight, you are spot on my friend. I think Rushjob is just frustrated and his sensible posts have given way to rants and doom-ering. He is probably aching for last years regime and is finding it hard to do what he urged us to do and support change, which makes his outbursts all the more odder. "
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 16:41
"FOA Buddha, you are clearly a man who see's the truth. How fans can attack BR I will never know,He drops Allen (one of his buys) when not performing, he gets players to improve or move.... he is cultivating a terrific squad and 99% of Ex Players/Pundits and alike can see how he has improved the team... "
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 16:44
"virtually everyone I know, and every fan I talk too expect Liverpool to be strong next season..... How that cannot be seen bemuses me...... are some fans purposely that ignorant to not be able to see this..."
5th Apr 2013 16:55
"TheLight, my brother its so obvious what you are saying and easy to understand - so its baffling when seemingly intelligent folks talk rubbish. You should join us on the thread: Boss on summer rebuilding plans ok. "
TheLight of the LoneWar
5th Apr 2013 17:04
"Thank you Buddha I will!"
5th Apr 2013 17:17
"I like it! Great foundations they are too."
5th Apr 2013 19:18
"Sorry..getting knocked out of all cups and being stuck in a scrap for a Europa berth with the bitters is a truly great achievement for LFC..if Kenny was sacked for floundering, after 1 full season, I assume BR is already emptying his desk. The hypocrisy and utter drivel spouted by some is funny!"
5th Apr 2013 19:22
"TheLight 5th Apr 2013 15:15..also for "TheLight" you are full of stuff that rhymes with your name but begins with the letter "S"...Sh!te!"
5th Apr 2013 19:24
"Coming 6th with no other competitions to compete in and no Wembley visits or Trophies is progress?? Utter tosh."
5th Apr 2013 20:15
"mushroom- Indicators of progress are not soley league placings -which are still to be decided which has passed you by seemingly! Yes important, but the style I think has improved and we've scored more goals ALREADY than any 38-games since 1996! There's more stats that back this up, but it's beyond your knee-jerk negativity I fear."
5th Apr 2013 21:18
"I might point out that the players that have done it for us this season are the ones that KK, Clark,comolli bought. Henderson, Downing, Suarez, Enrique. I'm not anti BR, but those tarnishing King Kenny's name should give him credit."
5th Apr 2013 21:32
"what do mushrooms grow on top of?! Newcastle were above us- now? Yes,they're in the EL but I think you'd have to say they're in a worse position. Progress- how about losing in all the semi-finals but finishing 12th? Or 5th but out of all cups at first game? Different interpretations, but I think BR has it right-outplayed some top teams and thrashed others if we've not got the points we deserve."