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C'mon Reds lets smash the Hammers. Also Spurs hammer the bitters and City beat Manc s and happy weekend...
5th Apr 2013 9:00
5th Apr 2013 9:13
"*manc s-c-u-m"
5th Apr 2013 10:21
"I noticed a slight dip of form by you Glen recently, I hope it's just my impression, but I believe that the upcoming return of Martin Kelly around the training pitch can only make you well, this could mean come back to create a new spirit of compeivness which ultimately left your position given the injury to Kells! Keep working hard Glen, you are still the best, we love you lad! YNWA GJ"
5th Apr 2013 10:21
"johnno get your game back on against west ham like you did in reverse fixture"
5th Apr 2013 10:32
"This chap is by and away the best RB in the league and there are not many better in the world. His very high standards means he is unfairly criticised if there is a slight dip in form. Fans can be exacting to great players and expect 10 out of 10 performances every game. We are lucky to have him and should enjoy him while he is here. "
5th Apr 2013 10:41
"I hope all the players THINK the same glen cos its the acid test for BR next season"
5th Apr 2013 10:56
"Lets kick west ham out of the way, top 4 is possible if u believe ,u can defeat. I trusted u from d day u steped ur legs into the walls of lfc. Come on u can do it."
5th Apr 2013 10:56
"Lets kick west ham out of the way, top 4 is possible if u believe ,u can defeat. I trusted u from d day u steped ur legs into the walls of lfc. Come on u can do it."
5th Apr 2013 11:17
"buddha agreed, but his only problem he should work on is defending corners and crosses, how many goals have we conceded because he lost his man? other than that what a player he is."
5th Apr 2013 11:20
"A happy week end would be a victory for us, victory for city, defeats for arsenal & chelsea & draw for everton & spurs. If this happens, imagine what follows..."
5th Apr 2013 14:19
"I do agree with u rosso76. However it has been reported that johnson is having an injury for the past few games. "
5th Apr 2013 14:58
"Johnson to me, has definitely proved his worth. Hard work for the team and I think he is one of our unsung heroes this season"
Kingston Jah Red
5th Apr 2013 15:14
"Shame he turned down Sturridge in the summer for 15m, but bought him for 12m in Jan. BR saved 3m, but cost us a chance of success this year/next as we won't be in Europe. No so shrewd when you think about it.. Van Gaal as Dof would not have let him make that mistake. Oh, but BR turned down Van Gaal too, just before letting AC go on loan without replacing him. Genius this guy.. "
5th Apr 2013 15:38
"18m spent on Johnson and what has he really contributed? The truth is he just isn't 'angry' at the lack of success, another strolling through a career picking up heaps of money. No fire in his belly."
5th Apr 2013 17:19
"Hopefully the summer buys will be just as astute!"