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As long as confidence does not turn into complacency which in turn leads to "a bad day at the office"
7th Apr 2013 8:56
7th Apr 2013 10:09
"BS will have a plan to upset our dodgy defence that's his speciality, we got to stay tight and put a couple away other end I think 3-1."
7th Apr 2013 10:23
"The stats speak clearly in our favor but don't let us be over confident... We just have to take the game to them as early as possible & one more thing, please keep the ball on the deck & 3 points are guaranteed. 3-0 LFC."
7th Apr 2013 10:33
7th Apr 2013 10:36
"We need to beat west ham and grab the 3 points...Suarez n Coutinho on target ...and without forgetting our captain fantastic...Gerrard. . .YNWA...Come on You Redmen"
7th Apr 2013 10:36
"without the complacencies, we would be 2nd on the table. I'd want to enter it as 'a difficult game'...YNWA!"
7th Apr 2013 10:39
"today we have to be confident but not over-confident! we have to transform this game in a "good day at the office" otherwise all that of good we have seen up till this moment in the season will become vain! please lads although the stats speak on our behalf, don't underestimate the hammers, could be always a potential banana skin, don't undervalue their physical threat! YNWA"
7th Apr 2013 11:53
"stats mean nothing. Teams who have previously failed to win at Anfield for decades have won here over the last three seasons - they have NO fear of the place. That needs to change."
7th Apr 2013 11:55
"Mr Rogers, bring back Torres. Look at his stats this year : 17 goals. Premier leagues Games : 0,25 goal/match, but for all cups, he has 0,50 goal/match. Look at Demba Ba, first part of the league : 13 goals at Newscastle, against 3 goals at Chelsea. Chelsea is full of ego, not giving strikers neat ball. Lampard has got more goals than SG, but SG is a greater player as he puts strikers before him!"
7th Apr 2013 12:12
"7 premier goals 1 against a top side,no thanks."
7th Apr 2013 15:35
"In the end, as per usual this season, it didn't even turn into complacency, it was just utter crap from start to finish. "