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Struggling to afford it. Only been going since 1969! Thanks for caring LFC - Ian Ayres, John Henry and Co. Mind you I was born and still live in Liverpool so I must be bottom of the priority list anyway.
4th Apr 2013 11:39
4th Apr 2013 11:53
"renew your season ticket..?. i'll bet half of those renewing theirs will be doing so under a family members name whos been dead 10 years"
4th Apr 2013 12:43
"Yes , same here. Season ticket holder in the kop from 16 and been in Lower Centenary (remember it as the Kemlyn Road stand - oh , but the oweners wouldn't know that) as a seasson ticket holder for the last 25 years. Get a loan out each year , but struggling this time. Not even an offer of spreading the cost over season (they would charge interest anyway). Thanks LFC PLC. "
jft96 RIP
4th Apr 2013 12:44
"If anyones looking to give one up, ill be more than happy to take it"
4th Apr 2013 15:21
"Season Ticket Holder in Paddock - been put in £850 band for best seats absolute joke, the facilities in this part of the ground are pathetic and possibly the worst in the prem (apart from Goodison Park) cant even have a bet, no draught ale, no TVs. Match day experience is crap. Club should be embarassed. And I'm sat next to an idiot."
4th Apr 2013 15:52
"I can't believe the ticket prices are going up so much, how are we supposed to afford it. A £70 rise and that's just for the Premier games. Not just that but now we've got to pay by the end of May instead of June, gives me one less month to save. This game is becoming very upper class, its the thing I enjoy most and I may have to give it up. I'm gutted."
5th Apr 2013 1:24
"Reading the comments makes me sad and hits home of what football has turned into. Money, handshakes, contacts etc... Season tickets often get in the hands of business men and companies and get brandished about to employee's, clients and so on. "
5th Apr 2013 1:25
"Through my previous employment I would often be able to attend games with someone else's ticket. As a mad LFC fan I was not going to object but it is wrong though as many real die hard fans who give everything for a ticket are getting either priced out and having to forfit their season ticket "
5th Apr 2013 1:26
"Or others finding it impossible to attend any games whereas some business man with barely any interest in football is having a bit of entertainment whislt in the area courtesy of some supplier eager for hus custom. It's wrong in so many ways. "