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try nd get him pls. 20 mil budget too small pls add up fsg.YNWA
4th Apr 2013 10:03
4th Apr 2013 10:24
4th Apr 2013 10:27
"LFC do not need a full back because I think there are plenty to cover in that position."
4th Apr 2013 10:29
4th Apr 2013 10:40
4th Apr 2013 12:01
"He loves the club? but after not even a full season with them he is looking to move on already? Players with atudes like this should be avoided simple as. Also hamstring problems not ideal when you consider full backs do a lot of running and stretching and a hamstring injury is one of the hardest injuries to recover from and heal enough so it wont happen again."
4th Apr 2013 12:13
"look that you get Valbuena!!!!Valbuena!!!!!Valbuena!!!!!!"
4th Apr 2013 14:36
"I think it moe important to get other positions filled before Full-back. Yet another target who is injured"
4th Apr 2013 23:47
"Hey, did anyone see M. Sarah for Basel tonight? Looked a real good player and frightening down the wing."
5th Apr 2013 3:17
"Sorry, not good enough."
6th Apr 2013 9:20
"raspatua, please learn to spell"