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Great News for the Local Community for a change and good to see Steven Gerrard support the Project. YNWA REDS.
3rd Apr 2013 16:50
3rd Apr 2013 19:32
"pleased to know that Stevie does support a project so important for the lives of the local community! Well done lad! YNWA Reds"
3rd Apr 2013 20:31
"gerrard is a role model"
19th Sep 2014 17:23
"Stevie you absolute traitor!! 14.4 million spent on just over 100 people when the rest of the borough are struggling to get basic resources to survive. That money could have sorted far more pressing issues in the community. The whole process was a farce... I was there at the planning committee. Don't tarnish your reputation by dealing with the corrupt"
19th Sep 2014 17:29
"All those jobs will be gone as soon as it's built whilst local businesses will suffer with the subsidised competition. As for the care, the council have confirmed that no additional care staff are to be employed, stretching the already limited resources even thinner. Kids used that land to play football, you should have joined the community to support that instead "