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Dear Mr Rodgers, please can we have a Christian Benteke instead. Borini is a similar player to Weimann, and I'm sure he'll come good.
2nd Apr 2013 17:51
2nd Apr 2013 18:13
"NO. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE FUNDS!!!! buy eriksen and dede thats all we need"
2nd Apr 2013 18:26
"Another 2-3 signings of Coutinho's calibre and it will take someone special to get into the team,,,,"
2nd Apr 2013 18:44
"Really ? why ? he dont look like a player who would get anywhere near our bench never mind the starting 11 , if the article was talking about Benteke I could understand as he could offer us something....what could Weimann offer us ?????"
2nd Apr 2013 19:06
"just buy erickson plus dede and alonso and sow thats all we need to win premier league next season "
2nd Apr 2013 19:28
"It would be more money wasted if we go after Weimann, he would be a squad player at most. Benteke would be a perfect player for us, Big and strong holding the ball up and bringing others into the game."
2nd Apr 2013 19:57
"lfc should sign kevin trapp as reina's replacement,alderweireld for skrtel,sven bender,eriksen,martens&szalai.sell jones,coates,carroll,spearing,henderson,borini,assaidi,downing,lucas, more swansea players!!!!"
2nd Apr 2013 23:23
"a player we would have to keep an eye on but for sure he should not be first option, we need a goal poacher not a second striker playing wide, we have Luis, Philippe and Daniel yet, we need a Sow, Bony, Michu, Emenike type of player!"
3rd Apr 2013 2:06
"please don't...."
3rd Apr 2013 4:00
"We should buy a goalkeeper (Michael Agazzi from Cagliari),two defenders(Ashley Williams,Dede),one defensive midfielder(Xabi Alonso) and a longterm replacement for gerrard:(Christian Ericksen). Sell Carroll, Shelvey(while he's hot on the market) and Coates because he has been a big dissapointment.. This would be a good squad with depth."
3rd Apr 2013 7:12
"what is it that you need from weimann..he is exactly like borini, get benteke..he is a class act, pace,power,goals,flair...what not everything..if we are to be called a top club we need to look at first grade players..not second rate ar thrown away guys...gameiro..weimann...bull..get benteke full stop"
3rd Apr 2013 8:00
"IM from austria, he is goood, but not LFC material. Would just get him for back up and under 3mio..."
3rd Apr 2013 9:55
"Nicofella - They are completely different. Small and quick yes, but they play different games. Borini is the last man and Wiemann slots in behind the striker and does this very well. He is not a playmaker as such, but his runs into the box are always dangerous."
3rd Apr 2013 13:17
"Borini and Weimann are not similar players.Borini is a tricky livewire. Weimann is more like a young Dirk Kuyt."
3rd Apr 2013 13:44
" stevieismol that would be my dream summer transfer scenario with maybe the addition of a proven winger like Mertens. Here's hoping business is good in the summer and we can cut out the defensive mistakes next season then we can really push on up the league. YNWA!"
Ol' Roy
3rd Apr 2013 17:34
"Weimann isn't lethal enough. Let's move on to the next..."
3rd Apr 2013 17:40
"Just because our manager said he played well, the crap media links us with him? That's ridiculous... Mr. Manager go for quality not quany."
3rd Apr 2013 18:50
"philg83 if we offload skrtel , Carroll nd Coates we would have enough money to buy 2-3 of them and the rest can be capped under transfer budget If borini doesn't get injured often maybe he will be a good player for lfc in the next 2-3 years"
Kingston Jah Red
3rd Apr 2013 20:07
"Not on a short list for me. But silly season is on the way, so be prepared for every man and his dog being linked to us by agents, journalists and the bloke down the pub.. "
4th Apr 2013 3:13
"Weimann is way better than Borini! Weimann has more pace and can play as a winger - would be good in the squad. "
4th Apr 2013 7:14
"nooooooo weimaan is not so gudddd bring eriksen dede, virj,alonso,1 proven striker like (yilmar, or hugain or jovetic) offload some players if needed to raise funds so caroll,shlvey,jones,assasidi,coates,borini,wilson,pacchco "
5th Apr 2013 2:58
"I'm not too sure about this guy. Sure he looks decent for a Villa player but is he a Liverpool level player? I have my doubts."