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It's not the same without Liverpool. Even the English teams are playing ter without Liverpool being in it!
2nd Apr 2013 18:17
2nd Apr 2013 18:52
"Trying to stay unbiased, the champions league is definitely missing Liverpool, the other English teams just don't provide the same thrills, even when they do well. "
2nd Apr 2013 19:53
"Europe misses our banners."
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Apr 2013 20:36
"It does miss us, hopefully we will be back soon. Just watching psg v Barca now and the amount of tallent on show is scary! What a game of football."
3rd Apr 2013 3:22
"#LFC is The Best Team in England..!! "Form is temporary, but class is Permanent.." #YNWA"
3rd Apr 2013 8:42
"Yeah, Just look at to other EPL teams, they can't do so much in CL, city still look for their ideny, chelsea are just a black horse, arsenal just register their name on CL without giving any challenge, and united just loose their inspiration without LFC being in..tottenham or others just a piece of completion of EPL team participation, Soon or later EPL will loose their 4 spot in CL.. "
3rd Apr 2013 8:47
"Get Rafa back and we will be back in the champions league. Rafa is 'THE SPECIAL ONE' to Liverpool just like Mourinho to Chelsea."
3rd Apr 2013 15:02
"It is a consolation statement from the weak.The show is going on with beautiful games and football fans around the globe are enjoying it .How can we talk about CL nights while Hendo's form is a point of discussion ?Such players are not for big times.the elit teams do not want them for free."