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Sorry no chance the best since the 80's has been under Roy Evans , what an attacking style that was
2nd Apr 2013 11:38
2nd Apr 2013 11:54
"I think br needs time to work on consistency and defence which are our major problem."
2nd Apr 2013 12:08
"I think br needs time to work on consistency and defence which are our major problem."
2nd Apr 2013 12:24
"defense is now the weakest part of the team, even under Benitez we leaked very few goals, we need to get back there with some solid defenders bought in the summer. I have to agree that our flair going forward is really nice to see, still getting found out easily at the back."
2nd Apr 2013 12:26
"Between John Aldridge and you leerob1313, it's a no brainer, I would rather believe in Aldridge's assessment of the team performance! :D YNWA!"
2nd Apr 2013 14:18
"if we could get 2 good solid cb i think we would have a great chance of getting back in the top 4 next season.."
2nd Apr 2013 14:50
"I must say i have to agree with JA.We r a much better team to watch with this attacking style.We just need to sort out the defence because we look so shakey.What has happened to Skrtel this season ?? Player of the year last season to error prone this year.He'll b gone in the summer"
2nd Apr 2013 17:33
"It's not as good as the 80s for the simple reason, in the 80s not only were we good to watch, we pulverised teams with sheer power. We're not strong enough yet. We're more like the Roy Evans team of the 90s. We've got to get the power in to become like the 80s team, then we'll be unstoppable."
2nd Apr 2013 17:51
"season 2008 09...ynwa"
2nd Apr 2013 18:20
"True enough - in Brendan we trust!"
2nd Apr 2013 19:27
"The football we played under Rafa was boring and got far to predictable. Take Hendo's goal there as a perfect example that movement and passing would unlock any team. Once BR gets more players in the summer that suits this style of play we will be a lot better. He inherited a lot of players that don't suit his style, few more additions will make a big difference."
2nd Apr 2013 19:41
"Skrtel is good in the air, and good to knock the ball out, but what I think BR wants defenders to make impact in attack by defending. As you look at barsa, they have tall and short defenders but their passing is very good. We need Another defender who can play passing, start attacks, make runs (sometimes) :)"
3rd Apr 2013 11:49
"Skertl is just not comfortable with how Rodgers wants his defenders to play and his error v Man city seems to have been the catalyst for his poor form all season. Some players just can't adapt to different methods, then become frustrated and cause unnecessary disruption to the squad - time for both the club and player to move on."
3rd Apr 2013 13:02
"Alonso, Gerrard, Torres.They terrorised defences for one glorious year when we deserved to win the EPL. Best attacking team we've had in decades. As for defence, one Martin Kelly is the answer to Carragher's retirement. There's more than enough cover at RB."
Kingston Jah Red
3rd Apr 2013 19:43
"Love what Aldo did for us as a player, but he does chat nonsense. I remember not so long ago he was embarrassed to be a red and virtually disowned us. Never felt the same way about him since then..."