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Coutinho is sublime. No question. That he is only going to get better means there will be more paranoia that he will leave for a CL contender.
2nd Apr 2013 10:00
2nd Apr 2013 10:01
"Way to go...perhaps 3-4 good signings and rightly said by the skipper, we shall be challenging on all fronts.."
2nd Apr 2013 10:50
"Gr8 talent. We are so lucky to have him. Lets build on defense to the '08 level. I still have faith in Dagger and Skirtel. They were a brick wall at our 18 yards."
2nd Apr 2013 10:54
"I am very happy that this guy is contracted to LFil summer 2018, but such is his ability if we aren't in the Champions League by 2014-15 we will struggle to keep hold of him. This guy is a world class player in the making, without a doubt."
2nd Apr 2013 11:03
"What's interesting is it was Mourinho who signed him for Inter. I'm so glad he didn't sign him for Chelski!!"
2nd Apr 2013 11:08
"Wise words Aldo. Coutinho with sparks of talent, Hendo with a peak of consistency he never had since he wears the Red shirt. At the end of the day two player on whom we can absolutely build the future YNWA"
2nd Apr 2013 11:59
"I knew and heard he was a great player but I didn't expect him to pass and see runs like he has. What a player. He's up there with suarez and gerrard already. Rodgers has a great eye for talent. "
2nd Apr 2013 12:05
"This single player epitomises what BR and the owners are trying to do. He is a class act and will prove over the years to be a truly LFC great. "
2nd Apr 2013 13:17
"On the basis of what I've seen so far I agree with everything Aldo says in this piece."
2nd Apr 2013 13:42
"Well said Aldo. Yes Coutinho unreal so far and is only 20! He stood out bigtime v Villa. I always said Hendo would come good and Downing if he got his atude right. AC also playing well for West Ham so fans who questioned these players were very wrong!"
2nd Apr 2013 14:08
"All I want to say about Philippe Coutinho is the lads a bit special to keep him give him a improved contract now keep the wolves at bay."
2nd Apr 2013 14:11
"I am very proud to be a supporter of this great club; come rain, come shine! Let's take each game one at a time without dreaming too much of where we might end up and just focus on only the game at hand. I still believe in miracles. Just let's do our part to make it happen! YNWA Coutinho!"
2nd Apr 2013 14:52
"Well said Aldo!!! I think adding Alonso and Eriksen to our midfield will make it the best in the league!!! Another striker, winger - then sort the defence out will could do very well next season!!!!"
2nd Apr 2013 15:29
"Coutinho, no doubt is Brendan's best signing, Allen, Borini and Sturridge are expensive flops. Its a FACT!!!!!!!!"
2nd Apr 2013 15:42
"I discovered our only problem is defense!"
2nd Apr 2013 15:45
"Henderson is playing with such energy and precision he has been nothing short of excellent, and young Philippe is a genius and nothing less but they are both young and sometimes need to be more aggressive."
2nd Apr 2013 17:04
"That's why we signing players like him and others mushroomscouser, so that we can be back into the CL we are building a team which was destroyed over the past 4 years. Are you not happy with that"
2nd Apr 2013 17:50
"Butholezwe your criticism of MS's comments is completely unjustified. At no point do they express dissatisfaction - quite the opposite in fact. In a real world though, one good player does not make a good team, and if the team is poor it will lose it's good players. That, I think, is the point that's being made."
2nd Apr 2013 17:51
"Its no doubt that this Brazilian lad have turn to a great asset for Liverpool fc, I can't ask for more coz this lad is really given me more than what am expecting from him....Neva walk alone "
2nd Apr 2013 18:09
"Fab to see such a new player doing so well, this can be said of both Sturridge or Coutinho, so I have no idea where KennyD-Dynasty is coming from about Sturridge, instead of down grading new players that is just not the LFC ways of doing things,,, good luck to everyone who pulls on the red shirt and gives 110%,,, YNWA"
2nd Apr 2013 18:13
"To mushroom scouser. Have some confidence that LFC will get into the CL next season. Also BR would have told him is plans so he will know we're LIVERPOOL are heading. YNWA."
2nd Apr 2013 18:53
"fair play hendo lad we can all see how much that goal ment to you!! you have taken alot of flack and now shooting those ppl down who continue to slate you, keep it up lad, well proud!!"
2nd Apr 2013 20:57
"We need a Cavanni up there with Suarez, just a few more players with that type of class and an insatiable will to win."
3rd Apr 2013 0:41
"Another star that we would like hard to keep him, if we can't change our brand as mid-table team.."
3rd Apr 2013 2:52
"Buy Mathieu Valbuena of Marseille, this is the kind of midfielders we need, this guy played very well against Spain during the internationals, He indeed would help our midfield alot. "
3rd Apr 2013 3:20
"ALdo..u are right ...if Allen was not injured then BR would not have played Hendo ..."