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really a pity! disappointed for the result and in part for the performance also! we woke up too late, showed some bright individuals like Morgan, Peterson and Ibe but never controlled the game in the middle of the park, they pressurized us in our own half and kept possession better than us, ...
1st Apr 2013 16:21
1st Apr 2013 16:21
"... the result was fair as we defended not well at the wide lanes and even were less ruthless in front of the net than them as well! We don't compromise the qualification but sometimes need to wake up and use the brain!! Keep up the good mood boys! We will be able to bounce back from this woe! YNWA U21s Reds "
1st Apr 2013 19:29
"so much for the potential in reserve ,just goes to show ......."
1st Apr 2013 19:46
"Yet another shining example of the talent and creative genius nearly all scousers are born with. Also, most scousers, like myself, are total babe magnets. Another example of scouse genius was Ricky Lamberts free kick yesterday. GET RICKY LAMBERT!!!"
Billy B girl
1st Apr 2013 20:31
"Shame that our u18s and u21s now emulating our first team? any surprise that this has been since BR arrived?"
1st Apr 2013 22:26
"Aware of the injuries at 18 and under 21 level however I do not know what special about Alex Inglethorpe other than getting resuls from bad to worse and I guess Spurs pleased to see him come to LFC because they are better off without him about time Radolfo Borrell getting back the job."
1st Apr 2013 22:32
"Watched Villa -Chelsea nextgen series final and I guess Inglethorpe is not the man to lead LFC to a higher level in this field."
1st Apr 2013 23:17
"Happen to think Benitez is a good manager and I fear the foudation of the academy may start falling to pieces."
Billy B girl
1st Apr 2013 23:51
"I sincerely hope FSG get Rafa back before our academy and first team sink too much further !!! FSG don't leave it too late please!"
2nd Apr 2013 4:34
"Why did we keep Morgan & let Ngoo go. Morgan is never going to be good enough for top flite.He is not big enough , he is too slow & how selfish was he when he scored. This is another big fault of Rodgers , Ngoo does not fit into his fantasy football ideas."
2nd Apr 2013 4:39
"Borrell should not replace Inglethorpe he should replace Rodgers, at least until the end of the season."
2nd Apr 2013 8:54
"This losing to Tototo should just stop, it doesn't matter at what level.Next year beat them 2ce, same with Manure, Gunners, Chelsea etc, those are the teams to beat to go back to CL, beat them at all levels."
2nd Apr 2013 9:11
"After all the publicity we were just not good enough. Very poor 2nd to Spurs."