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1st Apr 2013 11:40
1st Apr 2013 12:03
"Not a great match,but they won. It should be a character building win. Manure have been winning matches in this way all season and that's what you need to do if you want to challenge in the league. Hopefully this season has been a good learning process and we can mount a challenge for top 4 next season."
1st Apr 2013 13:27
"Again we started at a snails pace and they went one up.....We need to come out at the start as if our pants were on fire....."
1st Apr 2013 14:45
"i suppose a win is a win but i think we were lucky to get the win"
1st Apr 2013 15:02
"It was nice to see the ball being played into space for a change, rather than it just being short balls to feet all of the the time. It's what might be described as a cutting edge. Of course, the players need to anticipate these types of passes and keep on running forward. "
1st Apr 2013 15:03
"It's a skill which needs to be developed by both passers and recipients of the ball. It's obvious, but if it's that plain, then why can't it be done more often? It's certainly very effective!"