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good defender but a bit overaged, at the right fee and at a right salary wage I would get him, but it's not a first option for me!
1st Apr 2013 10:36
1st Apr 2013 10:37
"Nice Aprilfools"
1st Apr 2013 10:39
"April fools. surely? please?"
1st Apr 2013 10:42
"Liverpool need 2 bring a goalkeeper 2 defenders, lescott and ashley williams is good but we need to sell a few midfielders like joe allen and downing and bring some better players in the summer."
1st Apr 2013 10:42
1st Apr 2013 11:21
1st Apr 2013 11:39
"A former bitter? Not a chance."
1st Apr 2013 12:17
"For our developing progress stage, Please and stop buying english players..wait until our team becomes stable, then we can consider again to buy english player. If wanna english player, just pick them from our academy.."
1st Apr 2013 12:28
"depends on price"
1st Apr 2013 12:32
"Better option than Williams"
1st Apr 2013 13:33
"I don't want either Williams or lescott,has anyone seen lescott play he's like bambie on ice with the ball.williams is overrated,he will turn out like Allen.we need to stop buying players who have one good season,ie Allen and Carroll."
1st Apr 2013 13:47
"De vrij and Bruno Martins Indi!!"
1st Apr 2013 14:27
"I hope this is an April fools joke. I hope the nearest Lescott gets to Liverpool is..back at Everton."
1st Apr 2013 14:32
"Mancini wanted Skrtel in summer...lescott traded by Skrtel???"
1st Apr 2013 14:42
1st Apr 2013 16:56
1st Apr 2013 18:13
"Hummels Hernanes Eriksen Isco Cissokho "
1st Apr 2013 18:44
"he out of contract in the summer..if can sign him on FREE then y not could provide experience cover 4 us..we might lose at least 2 CB..arsenal thomas vermalen could also be available on cheap.."
1st Apr 2013 18:48
"No way!!"
1st Apr 2013 19:35
"Good CB but there is better out there. Whoever comes in, they would have to be physically strong and experienced. I would prefer A.Williams ahead of Lescott as he is a leader and captain and can play 30+ games a season. My 1st choice will always be Isaac Vorsah but Williams for under 8M would be good business! "
1st Apr 2013 19:55
"No way we need 2 sign players that r better than we already have and Lescott is no way better than we have got already"
1st Apr 2013 20:04
"As I have been saying for weeks, a much better short term option than Williams, and a lot cheaper. In a couple of seasons we shoud see some of our younger defenders flourishing"
1st Apr 2013 22:10
"more bad journilisim,why do we have to put up with these people."
1st Apr 2013 22:23
"No chance he isnt a vocal defender which is what BR has stressed he wants to add. Wouldnt mind a swap for richards and sinclair for skrtel,to me that would be a clever swap. Richards would be a ideal player for the right side instead of johnson who continually gets caught out of position and ball watching. Sinclair can play any of 3 positions in a forward 3. "
1st Apr 2013 22:29
"Sell johnson we could get a good fee for him anything above 10m id take it. We have kelly,wisdom and if we got richards plenty cover on the right side of defence. Sell coates too he isnt good enough & cant see him ever being, go get De Vrij he is already a quality central defender and must have really good captain qualities to be made the cap for his club already. "
1st Apr 2013 23:09
"Good Ol'Rafa, Fergie can't stand him."
2nd Apr 2013 0:06
"no chance, lescott is strong and good in the air thats it, his footballing ability is shockin! always looks awkward when passing and thats wat rodgers wants!, to pass out from the back, lescott would make 2 many mistakes which would cost us"
2nd Apr 2013 1:58
"get him...experience is needed at the back...good player..."
2nd Apr 2013 18:10
3rd Apr 2013 4:44
"Alderweireld, Sakho or Lovren..!! #YNWA"
4th Apr 2013 14:09
"Geez guys...simple answer to the Carrgher retirment problem....Martin Kelly. By the way, where are all those Carragher bashers now? We all dream of a team of Carraghers!!"