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wise words Jamie, by the unanimity El Pistolero POTS!
1st Apr 2013 10:18
1st Apr 2013 10:20
"It will be,but I can't see the sweet FA letting LS win it."
1st Apr 2013 10:36
"Suarez is our best player but I believe he need to respect all his team mates specially youngsters the same way he do to Gerrard. At times he barely pass the ball to players who are in a better position."
let me play liverpool
1st Apr 2013 11:04
"suarez all the way bale and rvp have done well but its still all suarez"
1st Apr 2013 11:06
"i don't think he will get it for 1 reason: Jealousy, nobody likes him because they are jealous of his skill, it is unique, not only does he scare defenders with his pace n amazing skill, he fights them back too. Defenders have got away with bullying strikers for yrs here is 1 who fights back!"
1st Apr 2013 11:10
"sisuarez-i agree he could improve there, but he doesn't "like" to pass full stop lol, his self belief is so much that he wants to take on the DM and the whole back 4 himself and unless there is a player he respects topass the ball 2 he will try and go alone as he believes it is the best option to get a goal"
1st Apr 2013 11:12
"he "should" pass but he obviously believes it is better for the team if he keeps it rather than giving it to someone who will give it away. "
1st Apr 2013 11:14
"Well said!"
1st Apr 2013 11:14
"he respects gerrard sturridge and coutinho, you can tell with the link up play that he has trust in them to hold the ball and play him, or others, in. i think he gets annoyed at stirling for taking on too many players and taking shots when Luis is in a better position because he is a youth and hasn't earned the right to ignore others"
1st Apr 2013 11:17
"maybe its not right in your eyes, but you cannot argue that he has earned the right to expect the ball when he is in a position to score, or even to try and dribble by 4 players himself when someone is open, because he can"
1st Apr 2013 11:40
"I just can't see the FA over-looking Bale. He fits their archetypal image of a player to be admired. Suarez is just to controversial for them. Whilst Bale has his own issues with diving, Suarez equally has the diving issue, but is also saddled with the unfortunate Racism incident. They are neck and neck in merit but Bale has the cleaner aesthetics. "
1st Apr 2013 12:02
"Rational assessment Jamie. Your impartiality appreciated. YNWA! forever."
1st Apr 2013 12:04
"Same time, due respects to Bale. Considering his age, he will become a great player and legend whichever side he played for in coming years."
1st Apr 2013 12:59
"if he doesnt win it will not be for footballing reasons , the guy is head and shoulders above the rest , if you put bale and van-perse together they might just have a chance ;) "
1st Apr 2013 13:26
"world class.."
1st Apr 2013 14:12
"Buddha I agree with you. Personally I think if Suarez were English, he'd be picked. After all it's the English FA. As it is, I put my money on Bale even though the magician Suarez is a head and shoulder better"
1st Apr 2013 14:29
"Because when concluding the parties, do all the players rivals run to change their T-shirt with Luis?, do I hope they vote him as the player of the year."
1st Apr 2013 16:10
"That's if the vote have not been decided yet..."
Dede 7
1st Apr 2013 17:16
"Well said. i can sit all day just watching Suarez. He is such a talented and entertaining footballer."
1st Apr 2013 18:21
"Agree with ya Buddha. Bale has more of a clean cut image. Luis has had a coloutful career to say the least. Still cannot accept how he got sticthed up for racism though. There again giving that it was a Manu player involved the FA where bound to take their side."
1st Apr 2013 22:30
"Unfortunately, he won't get it & 4 anoda travesty. For d eng fa injustice is just. If u dare cry out against it u g8 branded villain. Worse still is d jealousy of most rival players."
1st Apr 2013 23:44
"only saurez, nobody is better than him in this league for me he is 2nd to messi "
2nd Apr 2013 1:34
"He should be player of the year hands down, but he wont be, as he loses at least 11 votes a week in the pfa award! Lets be honest lfc fans, if he played for anyones else you'd hate him regardless of hoe good he is, and that is why he wont win any awards. P.S. I absolutely love him though!"
2nd Apr 2013 2:35
"Jamie r u kidding? No matter what, award that r voted by human there tends to have biased? Anyway win or lose, Saurez will always be a hero in the heart of the fans jus like our captain! "
2nd Apr 2013 10:46
"spot on."