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so wen do we get the after match presser on here
1st Apr 2013 10:02
1st Apr 2013 10:05
"Well said BR MON is a top manager Sunderland should of been delighted to have him...only downwards for them now..."
1st Apr 2013 10:23
"Sounds like you are using this opportunity to give a message to FSG! "
1st Apr 2013 10:37
"he is answering questions directed at him, that is all, stop reading toomuch into it"
Gerrard o ya beauty
1st Apr 2013 10:46
"GT- agree with what you say."
1st Apr 2013 12:39
"Agree 10000000000000 with BR, o dear how could compare between LFC and AFC, even to city and chelsea, they are still faarrrrr away behind, only the red nose team is closing to us (if they can win one more CL trophy), but he dies first before to get it.."
1st Apr 2013 13:55
"Sunderland's performance has been poor, and, as in most walks of real life outside football, poor job performance gets you sacked. Nothing surprised more than Kennys sack after getting to wembley twice and winning a cup. And,had the woodwork not been so unkind our league finish would have been good too. This season has been a disaster, so one would assume FSG will sack BR as they did KK."
1st Apr 2013 14:02
"BR expects a chance but didn't give Andy Carroll one..and before anyone says AC was crap, so far so has BR been. What goes around.."
1st Apr 2013 14:09
"Mushroom.....You make me laugh....HA!!!HA!!HA!!"
1st Apr 2013 15:46
"redcrusader 1st Apr 2013 are funny in funny peculiar."
1st Apr 2013 16:33
"Mushroomscouser, there is still a shroud over Kenny's sacking. If his perfomance in terms of the cups and the final league position was the reason, then Rodgers should worry about his job. "
1st Apr 2013 16:36
"For me, Kenny stepped into the breach at a difficult time, to give the team a lift. Perhaps it was never meant to be a long term thing. There had to be another reason. Maybe the owners were distancing themselves from the Suarez row and he was the scapegoat?"
1st Apr 2013 16:52
"Yes Indeed A Big surprise and after McDermott got tossed the other week nothing surprises me...its a money game now unfortunatley...saying that i would have Taken Martin oneill anyday....Top Manager!"
1st Apr 2013 17:03
"They sack Martin O'Neil and replace him by Di Canio!!! Makes me laugh. Club owners like that shouldn't give up their day time job. Maybe the comparison should be made at the club ownership level as we're still waiting for new stadium and are given peanuts in transfers. Best of luck BR"
1st Apr 2013 18:14
"Very harsh the scking of M.O.N and makes no sense what so ever. Chase him for 7 years, get him on-board and not much time to bring his own players in and then sacked 18 months later. Chairmen/owners need a reality check"
1st Apr 2013 19:04
"get David Moyes..more experience and he know what hes doing..only if we sack BR.."
1st Apr 2013 19:15
"81-82-83-84 1st Apr 2013 16:36...I reckon Kenny was too expensive at 4m a year and went as part of the same FSG cost cutting that we have seen in the transfer windows. Sacking Kenny was one thing, blaming the results was another. Short sighted and inevitably meant any new manager would be judged by the standards of the previous. "
1st Apr 2013 19:21
"I also reckon Kenny was possibly an old school "hands on" manager who didn't or wouldn't allow any statistical analysis or operations research over rule his decisions...whilst on the subject of team/manager comparisons a good read is "Productive Efficiency of English Football Teamsâ"
1st Apr 2013 19:24
" "Productive Efficiency of English Football Teamsâ"
1st Apr 2013 19:26
""Productive Efficiency of English Football Teams-a data envelopment analysis approach" by Dieter J Haas."
1st Apr 2013 19:41
"And as Hendo and Downing are proving,players AND managers take time to settle. If managers are quick to get shut of players, then managers should accept the same. Otherwise they too will look like hypocrites. "
1st Apr 2013 22:42
"Surprise? More like a wake up call for u, sir. It's d name of d game, perform or get shoved."
1st Apr 2013 23:37
"sunderland played the worst football in this league and am sure its the manager fault what was the board supposed to do when a team cant produce a single shot on goal, BR u are defending a loser because u are one"
2nd Apr 2013 1:31
"There's no right or wrong about your statement, depends on which perspective u r looking at... as an owner or manager. Time will be the most crucial essential to be successful. What I'm sad about the PL these years is 90% of the 20 teams talk about survival in the PL rather than the PL le! "
2nd Apr 2013 2:28
"Of course all you armchair managers know better? Non of you know what is really involved in managing a professional team, and neither do I but some of the comments left by so called fans on this site is just down right pathetic. Peope involved in the professional game would read your comments & laugh at the lack of proper football knowledge you show in your attention seeking comments"