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Keep going Andy you could be the next big england striker yet. Prove the fickle ones wrong. Another strong finish would mean you've had great spells at 3 prem clubs (incl. us at end of last year) so no fluke.
31st Mar 2013 18:51
31st Mar 2013 18:56
"pacheco hmm"
31st Mar 2013 19:33
"I dont understand all the nasty comments by so called supporters re Andy. It wasn't his fault he was saddled with a silly fee. He didn't get a chance under BR and has been injured for much of the season. Now he is fit I can see himscoring like he did at Newcastle "
31st Mar 2013 20:13
"We need Carroll back to give us attacking depth. Should never have been loaned out given the improvement he was making at end of last season. Carroll was always going to take time to settle. "
31st Mar 2013 20:21
"carroll is an injury prone player he has been injured most of this season and last season and the season before that has no pace and scores 4 or 5 goals a season carroll was a panic buy not his fault but as kenny said there was no one else carroll will come bac to liverpool as even west ham dont want him yet people still ask for him to come back cont..."
31st Mar 2013 20:25
"is it worth keeping andy for 4 to 5 goals a season he just wont fit into the way we play i wish the guy all the best but at another club ynwa"
31st Mar 2013 20:59
"Big and red we expect more for 35 million Carall doesn't suit out style as we are the third top scorers so we havnt missed him, I still cringe at the money kenny wasted on him and the rest!! "
31st Mar 2013 21:22
"Keep working hard and performing well Andy and Dani! Your good displays will bring us in much much money next summer! well done all the loaned Reds! Keep doing your best! YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 22:01
"Those players should never wear a red shirt again."
31st Mar 2013 23:14
"Sell them all should get 15 million at least. Buy eriksen"
1st Apr 2013 0:24
"A few people are banging on about Andy Carroll being injured. What about Fabio Borini? While I understand Brendan Rodgers' desire to have small, nippy players, I think keeping Andy in the squad gives us options we don't currently have. After all, we're paying his wages anyway so why not keep him; until we get a reasonable offer at least?"
1st Apr 2013 1:04
"We have Michael Ngoo. I think he is a gem."
let me play liverpool
1st Apr 2013 11:11
"support carrol all the way. the next rooney maybe?"