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Good Result today...i was really impressed with jordan henderson not only a great finish but his work rate and physical presence was brilliant, always had faith with hendo...YNWA.
31st Mar 2013 17:04
31st Mar 2013 17:05
"Brendan I thank you today for benching that lazy Sturridge."
31st Mar 2013 17:08
"At 2-1, we should continue attacking aand get a 3rd. We saw so many times how dangerous it can be to be one goal up and villa very nearly equalised if it wasn't saved by Stevie... But good 2nd half"
31st Mar 2013 17:09
"Great to see Hendo play and score and credit to Rodgers if he told the lad to get forward and attack. A great result considering I thought this one had loss or draw written all over it."
31st Mar 2013 17:23
"On current form, its only when and not if Kelly would keep Glenn out of the team!!!"
31st Mar 2013 17:31
"Neat finish by henderson...a world class finish should i say. First half was awful. Even Lucas only managed to steal the opposition by foul them. Again, Lpool struggled to cope with a player of Benteke's figure. For me he was frightening."
31st Mar 2013 17:35
" Interested to know why Surridge did not start?"
31st Mar 2013 17:37
"Brendan, keep doing what you are doing. We need someone to start the next Shankly dynasty. Are you r man? U r looking good! Hope u read this. Take care. Mike"
31st Mar 2013 17:43
"4 young lads perished on Friday 29/3 here in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania while playing football next to the 16 storey under construction building which collapsed. Their ages were between 10-15 and their names -Suhail Karim, Yusuf Khakhi, Zahid Kanji and Salman Damji. Suhail Karim was a LFC. Will it be possible to dedicate todays victory to those lil departed souls? Thank you."
31st Mar 2013 17:49
"Very good display and result today,in 2nd half,particularly...Hendo showed why he need to play ahead of Allen,Stevie G. was excellent and Coutinho-he raises his form,def.Suarez and him got 2 more chances to score,but-nevermind...Keep going,boys!YNWA>"
31st Mar 2013 17:53
"InBrendanWeTrust. 31st Mar 2013 17:04 well said and Henderson is the future of this great club and 1 day he will be the captain of club and country"
31st Mar 2013 17:57
"Great job to everyone. Henderson showed his skills and assisted alot today.......................... Cannot still get why Downing was on the pitch full time. "
31st Mar 2013 17:59
"Very happy for Hendo-he's put his head down and worked hard and is now shutting up the naysayers. Not much more can be said about Stevie except Captain Fantastic. rajabali-sorry to hear about those boys. RIP "
31st Mar 2013 18:01
"Wow, I have been telling anyone who would listen what a brilliant game Hendo had, lol. My friends think I have lost the plot..Being a fan is weird sometimes because I was cursing Hendo all the way until he scored and then from then on he could no wrong in my eyes. We won, we won, we won, yeeeeeeesssss!!!"
31st Mar 2013 18:04
"This was a game we would have lost last season. We had all the play but was not making it count. Suarez looked at his greediest worst and SG looked a bit jaded. Only Coutinho looked up for the game. Then it clicked into a gear with a sublime pass and finish form Coutinho and Hendo and then we were on the march. Well done lads. "
31st Mar 2013 18:05
"Henderson's finish was great. I was afraid he'll kick the ball straight at the keeper's body (Suarez) or wide near the post (Coutinho or Johnson) but he passed the ball over the keeper with a perfect lob. Surely he has future ."
31st Mar 2013 18:07
"A very special mention to Carra...What a man! I was one of those who thought his days was truly over and here he was marshalling the defence and looking every bit the leader at the back. The last ditch tackle against Abognahor was unreal. Skrtel, who I know will be back better and stronger, should take notes from the old warrior. Bravo sir.."
31st Mar 2013 18:10
"Buddha - I missed the game today but don't worry - ive seen the goal!And iv read the earlier comments. It was as if he was putting his hand up to PC to say "I want this for Buddha" Iv heard he didnt have a great first half but then why does it matter if he can pull that out of the bag?(cont)"
31st Mar 2013 18:12
"We know it was against a team thats stuggling but they are normally the ones we lose.Well done lads, seems you scraped a win - 3points is all that matters. Top4? "
31st Mar 2013 18:14
"Forgot to mention that that pass from PC looked sublime. That is what we are looking for -none of this "fancy pants" taking on players like Sterling (slows the game up) A nice simple pass and great awareness off the ball is what is needed for the majority of the time."
31st Mar 2013 18:15
"good to see so many positive comments from the usual negatives, RESPECT i'm so glad to see Henderson starting to change opinions, lets not get carried away but this is a start. 1 game at a time n hopefully we can get back in Europe or we have NO chance of hanging on to Suarez"
31st Mar 2013 18:15
"What Suarez did when Sterling had a shot on goal was unforgivable. I know he is going for the golden boot but that was ridiculous and disrespectful. He would never have done that to SG. That is why we have to have Sturridge next to him - someone he respects - as otherwise he goes on these one man missions. He clearly respects Coutinho. "
31st Mar 2013 18:17
"9 points off spurs 7 points off Chelsea Maybe another chance at big ears Optimistic"
31st Mar 2013 18:20
"redahendo, your man did you proud in the 2nd half. If you saw the way I jumped up and down when Hendo scored you would have thought I was you. I love being a fan as logic goes out of the window when even a player you have just been cursing scores a vital goal he becomes your hero. I was then willing him to track back and nick the ball which he did several times. Fans eh? "
31st Mar 2013 18:22
"We had to win today with Arsenal, Spurs and Everton winning. We need one of these to slip up as top 6 is a must. I am now going to go out and scream from the top of my voice with happiness. Well done LFC and, a special mention to Carra, Coutinho and Hendo. "
31st Mar 2013 18:24
"Its not fans Buddha - It's just YOU. LOL . Cant wait for Match of the day, I'v heard were on last! I cant comment on him nicking the ball today as I havent seen the game, but that is something he does well without actually tackling. he does it time and time again so well but normally goes without credit. "
31st Mar 2013 18:25
"Well done lads! It's hard to battle back against a team facing relegation. Thank you Stevie for getting yourself out there, scoring one and saving one. It would also seem as though Henderson is willing to fight for a place in the team and he's improving all the time. So, fair play to him as well."
31st Mar 2013 18:26
"Theres only one jorden hendo oh yeeeeeesssssss!!!!! Ha ha well done hendo"
31st Mar 2013 18:33
"Stevie G. Is A LFC GOD this has always been in our hearts as fans!!! I would like to congratulate all the squad for the game and to ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO BETTER TO FINISH THE GAME 3-1 or 4-1 next to win ugly !!!!!"
31st Mar 2013 18:33
"Redahendo- the goals are on you tube-dont wait for motd !!!!!"
31st Mar 2013 18:34
"Great win today. Superb play by hendo and a cool finish by our capitain. What a player he is! What to say about coutinho? Simply amazing! This boy has a great vision. An eagle eye. If he strengthen his dribbling skill he surely becomes one of the greatest player lfc has never witnessed. The little magician Luis was fantastic as usual. "
31st Mar 2013 18:38
"Centrecircle - I'v already seen THE GOAL Its on infinite repeat! I was just thinking of Buddha collapsing in his chair with his head in is hands but apparently I was wrong about that!lol"
31st Mar 2013 18:49
"Glad they upped the game in the second half. We never pressed hard in their half for the first 45'. I just don't know why Luis wouldn't increase his tally - at least 2 would have been perfect...still okay with the points. Next 3points should come with all my wishes...YNWA!"
31st Mar 2013 18:50
"Glad they upped the game in the second half. We never pressed hard in their half for the first 45'. I just don't know why Luis wouldn't increase his tally - at least 2 would have been perfect...still okay with the points. Next 3points should come with all my wishes...YNWA!"
31st Mar 2013 19:08
"'keep Sturridge far awa from the 1st 11 as much as you can, final we play bad and win ugly thus wat we need in most games'"
31st Mar 2013 19:09
"looool me too, Sturridge shuld never start again "
Ioan 68
31st Mar 2013 19:16
"It's O.K. 3 points from every game until end, ane we'll be on 4 !!!"
31st Mar 2013 19:26
"Redahendo-imagine if hendc scores adain v w.ham or maybe a hatrick !!!!! LoL......"
31st Mar 2013 20:03
"In Brendan we trust indeed - walk on! "
31st Mar 2013 20:08
"Ioan68 pliz dont ever talk about top 4 coz thus a curse, you know once the players start talking of top 4 we lose our next games, pliz pliz stop it now"
31st Mar 2013 20:43
"Nice one Hendo, and that's from a harsh critic in the past. Happy to eat my words. Keep it up lad."
Red Yank 1969
31st Mar 2013 21:15
"great game today...did not play extremely well, however, these are the games that good teams win. Henderson has a great engine...hope Sturidge remains game at a time.."
31st Mar 2013 21:33
"good result but not a good performance globally for me. credit to Stevie who played under the pain barrier and did great, but credit to Luis also who did not well but did not lack some effort along all the game and lavished any strenght to be a threat for Villa defence! Of course there will be times for him to play better and increase his goals spoil!... YNWA"
Afrika Kop
31st Mar 2013 21:38
"When you look at those stats you can see we played well."
31st Mar 2013 22:21
"we need to take our chances more often i think, 23 shots and only 7 on target. "
Kingston Jah Red
31st Mar 2013 22:31
"Poor performance, particularly 1st half, when we were 2nd best, but good result. Got to give villa some credit though as they are figting for their lives, but we need to put sides like Villa to the sword and being doubled by Villa would have been humiliating.. "
1st Apr 2013 0:11
"Great win today. Unlucky with the first goal but we shouldn't of lost that ball in midfield in the first place. Back four should have covered better. Coutinho's pass to Hendo was brilliant and Suarez's movement to win the penalty was sublime. Amazing finish by Stevie!! "
1st Apr 2013 0:32
"Great win but to put the game into perspective defense is a worry and we should put away the easy chaces we get. Must be more clinical as a top 6 Team will beat us and won't let us back in.Luis must see options around him even if he has scored 29. Sometimes you have to choose the better option."
1st Apr 2013 0:35
"Should offer Cara the job of defensive/motivational coach. Stevie G to Groom Jordan and Phillipe to carry on doing what he does. Great ball to Hendo when he could have passed to Luis.Hendo must make these Stevie like runs more often. Great, Calm finish."
1st Apr 2013 1:36
"Well, this game was full of individual mistakes and poor finishing, and I would have slated any idiot who would get on Rodgers back if we had lost the game, half of our players where very poor. But credit to Gerrard, Suarez and Coutinho, Carra & Agger also did well. Hope 4 a better performance next week against westham."
1st Apr 2013 1:37
"Hendo is way better than Allen, may be Allen is not in his peak yet..."
1st Apr 2013 1:42
"Great strikers have to be greedy at times, but great strikers also find their team mates who are in a better positions to finish. Our great striker #7, should have 12 more assist that would have us in the top 4 now. Real Talk"
1st Apr 2013 2:29
"I am pleased with the win but not the performance today.Why did we stop attacking after we went 2-1 up? I know we are no where near Barcelona but we are meant to be emulating the tiki taka style and for me 53% pos. against relegation threatened Villa is not good enough."
1st Apr 2013 2:48
"BR as long as u dont play 2 of ur useless signings Allen, Borini and the piece of crap Skrtel ..we will do ok..."
1st Apr 2013 6:09
"Agree with redahendo... if pool play with more intelligent off the ball running and pinpoint simple passes, we will look threatening going forward and importantly, have more offensive players in the final 3rd available to score.."
1st Apr 2013 8:41
"It does not matter how we win if we win, sides at the top both last year and this only got there by playing badly and winning, No team plays well every week or even all through a game. So yes the failings are there for us all to see, couple of class defenders needed but most of all an outstanding defensive mid required and not Alonso he is too old and not the future"
1st Apr 2013 9:28
"Heard from a reliable source that FT is being lined up for a return in a swap deal."
1st Apr 2013 13:45
"Agreed, love Alonso but not the future, would he settle for being a squad player though ala Gary Mac, and if form allows, you never know. Maybe I'm just hankering for his pat glory, but if we get someone young and quality, better for future. Future Now!"