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Great saves by Gerrard. he never let lfc down. A gud win at villa park. west Ham nxt. we need to control the game with very fluid passing. we need consistent pressure on the opposition and if we create opportunity we will have goals
31st Mar 2013 15:38
31st Mar 2013 15:38
"Well done fellas, showed some character"
31st Mar 2013 15:39
"Wot would we do without him. He was no where near his glourious best and still managed a goal line clearence and a PEN..... We love ya Stevie G."
31st Mar 2013 15:40
"i Always see there is a big change when hendo is on the pitch so we need to throw out from the squad Downing he looks like Little weak last matches"
Champions Of Europe
31st Mar 2013 15:41
"Gerrard's penalty & unbelieveable goal-line clearance saved our 3pts today. Never has a servant of LFC been more revered in our history. It may have been an awful season for some, but with SG in our side, he'll be progressing the squad to emulate his passion by his actions."
31st Mar 2013 15:48
"A win is a win well done boys..... Lets get behind team and Brendan for next game now. Ynwa"
31st Mar 2013 15:52
"brilliant :)"
31st Mar 2013 15:53
"I love the last photo"
31st Mar 2013 16:00
"Lovely game 2day, we luk brilliant goin forward..Tink we nid 2 get sme defenders nd we'll b fine. YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 16:01
"last photo = epic"
31st Mar 2013 16:07
"Well done lads and keep it going. Jordan in my view has come good. Coutinho has been a good acquisition. Suarez MUST stay and the captain must be given a new contract. With some astute addition to the squad in the summer our team will challenge for at least a top four finish next season. "
31st Mar 2013 16:10
"disappointed for Luis Suarez display, lloked slowed, stubborn over any limit and lacked ruthless in front of the net... reassessable performance!... pleased for the way Phillippe Coutinho has settled down in the team, he has just to mature to become a cracking player for us! YNWA"
Papa Syed
31st Mar 2013 16:28
"Luis looked tired but he cannot rest till we win all that remains of the season. Well done lads! YNWA!"
31st Mar 2013 16:39
"well done lads! bring on west ham!"
31st Mar 2013 17:20
"Thats the way Hendo well done.we need more goals from u."
31st Mar 2013 18:12
31st Mar 2013 20:01
"i laughed the same way when i saw the last photo. he has great sense of humor "
31st Mar 2013 20:07
"Gerrard, superb, Coutinho, superb, Hendo, superb, BR, superb."
31st Mar 2013 21:08
"Nice pics, more of such."
31st Mar 2013 22:00
"good win,stuck at it! very good 2nd half! "
1st Apr 2013 0:09
"Well done Liverpool, fantastic result! SG thank you for your passion and commitment, Suarez is dangerous and delivers week in week out. What a solid performance in defense. Regards from Sydney Australia to all the squad!! "
1st Apr 2013 0:23
"I am happy with the win but not happy at how we played the game! Hope we can improve and win the last eight games to ensure a better position in the table! Stevie was fantastic even though he was playing with an injured heel! MOTM for me! YNWA!"
1st Apr 2013 8:33
"Credit also goes to two young boys; Countinho and Henderson"