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Well done my beloved Liverpool. Hendo you beauty. Your starting to convince me more and more.
31st Mar 2013 15:28
31st Mar 2013 15:28
"Well done my beloved Liverpool. Hendo you beauty. Your starting to convince me more and more."
Champions Of Europe
31st Mar 2013 15:29
"Ground out result, well done lads great grit in that win. Did BR get this tactically right, well he got the result?"
31st Mar 2013 15:30
"At last we won a game with not playing particularly well. Its a trait we need if we are going to compete next season for CL spots."
31st Mar 2013 15:31
"Magical 15 minutes in the start of the second half. Should finish 1:5"
31st Mar 2013 15:31
"Just not good enough"
31st Mar 2013 15:33
"countinho class, gerrard pure class, hendo pure class ...good fight back and johnson...i warn you when kelly is back you are in big trouble"
31st Mar 2013 15:34
" a gud win. our passing at times was very gud. great coutinho continue to assist for goals. but sometimes we let aston villa play their football and that could have cost if gerrard was not here. Against west ham we need to control the game with fluid passing. no rush ball at front"
31st Mar 2013 15:34
"4-3-3 again. We are to weak in the air all over the park. We offer no threat from corners or any set peices. BR should get 1 more season and 1 more chance!!! Maybe he needs to change some of the back room staff??"
31st Mar 2013 15:35
"Great stuff!"
31st Mar 2013 15:36
"Hmmm. Awful first half, better in the 2nd. Not sure about this style of play? Want to me more fight and less opportunities for the opposition. Very poor Villa side, hate to imagine what a better team could of done to us today. Well done Stevie, Agger and Hendo- our 3 best players today"
31st Mar 2013 15:36
"Hendo - boss.. Gerrrard-hearbeat Coutinho-our new wonder kid Suarez-no words."
31st Mar 2013 15:36
"Johnson, Enrique and Lucas gave away a lot balls. Good job overall Reds. "
31st Mar 2013 15:37
"I nearly forgot.... Well done Hendo and definate star of the future. Coutinho is a world class player at only 20. Just hope they both stay. The future is drfinatly bright, It is the present i wory about!!!!"
31st Mar 2013 15:37
"Hendo was brilliant today took his goal like a striker and the run he made was excellent great pick out from Coutinho. Only thing was we were very wasteful in good areas today, Enrique passing today was awful nearly cost a goal with that pathetic attempt of clearing the ball at the end. We showed better resilience today tho 1st time we have came from behind this season good win today. "
31st Mar 2013 15:37
"With all the talk in the last week about Jordan Henderson, I am very happy for the lad that he's come good for us today. The guy is a Liverpool legend in the making!! Glad BR got the midfield right today. Those 3 should start every week."
31st Mar 2013 15:38
"nice one... need to be solid at the back though... stevie .. u beauty.. :) beloved captain! well done hendo! there is still plenty to play for ! :) YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 15:38
"i Always see there is a big change when hendo is on the pitch so we need to throw out from the squad Downing he looks like Little weak last matches "
31st Mar 2013 15:39
"Well done lads!! Yeah, seen you play better but who cares - difficult game. Hendo you star... Got us back into the game and was solid throughout - young man I applaud you! Hendo future captain in the making...."
31st Mar 2013 15:40
"I love the way Hendo and Downing have really turned it round. Soon enough that will be Allen next season"
31st Mar 2013 15:42
"Well in hendo you deserve it y.n.w.a"
31st Mar 2013 15:43
"AniRoad - Um, I seem to remember playing well against all the big sides this season, so your comment is based on nothing at all. Is that a trend my friend?"
31st Mar 2013 15:46
"Congratulations !"
31st Mar 2013 15:48
"Good game, but lets not get carried away. Villa are a team in real trouble. Why was Sterling on instead of Coutinho? Countinho was my man of the match"
31st Mar 2013 15:48
"Coutinhooo! Hendooo! Surezzzz! Stivieeeee! Well done everyone good team performance "
31st Mar 2013 15:50
"A very good team performance at villa park today . As always luis ran them ragged without a goal to show for it unfortunately . Coutinho's pass for Jordan's goal was exquisite to watch. The captain Stevie put up an all action performance in the middle of the park . Well done to Brendan for a good selection today and cheers lads for the win ."
31st Mar 2013 15:51
"disappointed for the global performance but pleased for the three points, Villa were very poor today and we would have had crush them more comfortably after all! Stevie was MOTM for me and I would save just the performance of few others, Hendo, Coutinho, Downing and Carra, the rest was crap! ..."
31st Mar 2013 15:51
"... If we deceive ourselves with this display and think to finish in the top 5 we are wrong! This squad need absolutely an overhaul next summer, very deep or we will be from the head as always in the last 4 seasons! Come on you Redmen! YNWA Reds "
31st Mar 2013 15:52
"Agreed we have played well against good sides. Listen, I am just seeing it for how it was today. Everytime the opposition attack there is a fear that the other team will score, particularly off set pieces. Clearly either our defence needs strengthening or we need to be a bit cautious with our attacking. Massive areas of space down the flankss for Villa today, thankfully not exploited"
31st Mar 2013 15:52
"Hendo, you are really showing your quality. Bright future for you as an attacking Midfielder."
31st Mar 2013 15:54
"some harsh comments on here, I thought we played well, away from home, against an impassioned Villa side. I thought the midfield looked strong and great goal from Hendo and another superb ball from Coutinho. Sure, Downing went missing at times and Enrique's passing has been terrible all season but all in all, an solid away from home performance. We won didn't we?"
31st Mar 2013 15:54
"Gerrard MOTM Coutinho could have scored should have scored but a good game by him, Suarez you could and should have scored 2-3 goals today and secured the golden boot, we cant afford to waste as much as we did today and give away as much as we did today, a nervous hard held win today plz finish games like theese of when we have the chance to."
31st Mar 2013 15:55
"Wooooooooo you Reds. BR haters where are you? Hendo top class. YNWA/IBWT"
31st Mar 2013 15:56
"Finally the reds fight back for a win! Make no mistake BR knows what needs done. Whole backline has to go.They are the ones who normally give a team height and power esp from set pieces etc. BR needs time, so do FSG but no worries they will both come good:)"
31st Mar 2013 15:57
"What exactly does Hendo do? LOL"
31st Mar 2013 15:59
"Actually coutinho missing showed me how great this boy is! He knew exactly what he was doing,stayed calm, waited for the keeper to make his move and sent it past him.Ok so he didnt get his angles just right but it was nice to see a player KNOWING what he was doing"
31st Mar 2013 15:59
"We are starting to win ugly and that is a good thing. The lads didn't have the best of games today and still pulled it off so we should be proud of them. Hendo mate, you are another Lucas in the making. Most of us wrote you off after your first season but you've stuck with it and are coming good. Coutinho is a bit of a pass-master now, creating a lot of our goals of late. Keep going boys."
31st Mar 2013 15:59
"Gambateh "Bright future for you as an attacking Midfielder." Im glad too that hendo scored but go watch what some of the quality Attacking midfielder do in 90 mins before going over the top with such comment..."
31st Mar 2013 16:00
"Honestly! We were lucky. We are still a long way behind the top 6 in terms of consistency. LFC should be bossing smaller clubs, at the moment we r likr them, "
31st Mar 2013 16:01
"ArtistFormelyKnownAsAni-road it's not about defend well or bad, it's all about to play bad at football, I reckon today, specially in the first half, we were crap, we did not keep the lines tight, we missed plenty of passes, played superficially upfront and without the right consistence, ...."
31st Mar 2013 16:01
" .... for me in the first period we did even worse than against the saints! Give me a reason to not contest your opinion..."
31st Mar 2013 16:02
"Glad we won but we still look fragile, midfield and defence have to levelup"
31st Mar 2013 16:03
"It wasnt the best performance, but it will be a confidence booster! bring on west ham and reading!!"
31st Mar 2013 16:06
"A lot of the comments are spot on. Given Villa played well, but we still ground out the result. StRoth, you are right, Jonson has been very poor defensively of late. Didn't even pick up Egbonlahor in the early part. Johnson had better be worried once Kelly is back to full fitness. Enrique was not at his best today, a bit careless. Overall, a good result."
31st Mar 2013 16:14
"Lets calm down it was against a team in relegation battle,R defense needs sorting out in the summer.johnson great going forward terrible at the back,agger poor again.gerrard and hendo were good,Enrique played well don't know why others r slating him.liv4life!"
31st Mar 2013 16:16
"very good second half from Hendo somewhat non existent first half.Great finish lad. keep up the good work i always had faith. Erikkson is a priority and a couple of centre backs. Consistency the key though. Onwards and upwards the Reds.YNWA"
Luis Vnthn
31st Mar 2013 16:17
"CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! don't write us off just yet. YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 16:20
"Enrique made some mistakes, but come on.. he is a beast, he single-handedly starts attacks on the left flankand shields the ball well."
31st Mar 2013 16:22
"I don't know what all the fuss is about, we should be beating these without a second thought. Liverpool I love you but we are not the team we should be, 70's and 80's we was the best in Europe, we need to be back there. YNWA and you will always be in my heart"
31st Mar 2013 16:23
"Took an injury to get Rodgers to do the right thing - but we got there. Well done Hendo!"
31st Mar 2013 16:23
"Winning ugly is important. Well done today. I thought Suarez looked jaded and Sturridge should have come on. "
31st Mar 2013 16:24
"If Gerrard did not clear the goal bound effort, we would not be celebrating. Remember this is Villa, 3rd from bottom."
31st Mar 2013 16:31
"haha 5EuroChamps. " give rodgers one more season and one more chance", go support chelsea you would love it there, they sack managers for fun, they spend lots of money. Dont post comments about BR like that, BR is a superb manager"
31st Mar 2013 16:31
"Great! 3 points earned matters. Still have a lot of worries about our defensive frailties especially the final minutes to last whistle. Bet the disallowed goal of Benteke may have had been accounted for if the match were to have been played at OT."
31st Mar 2013 16:33
"Henderson's Liverpool career is on the rise...... Not happy Allen is injured but over the moon he's not available for selection for now cos these last games are so intense for his statur but he's gonna come back strong next season for sure. Good 3 points."
31st Mar 2013 16:36
"Maximum points earned. Great! Still our defensive frailties is a massive setback especially final minutes towards last whistle. Bet Benteke's disallowed goal could have been accounted for had the match been played at OT."
31st Mar 2013 16:42
"Great result today. Not seen Lucas this poor for a long time, what is up with him, constantly giving away stupid fouls!! Made up for Jordan , took his goal well. Thought the game was crying out for Sturridge, gutted we never seen him today. Made up we won though, just keep thinking if only on the silly games we lost (villa, west brom at home) otherwise we would be in the champion league places"
31st Mar 2013 16:42
31st Mar 2013 16:52
"I thought Henderson had a very effective game and was full of energy and commitment. If Rodgers had played him more often instead of Allen maybe we could be looking at a top 4 place."
31st Mar 2013 16:52
"Three points , thats all we can ask for. On to the next game and hopefully three more. The game against everton will be massive , its the only thing we have left to play for , to be the best on mersey side. Well done LFC YNWA."
31st Mar 2013 16:52
31st Mar 2013 16:55
"good to see the win but we still look fragile at the back. missing the influence of steve clarke MASSIVELY. we have no desire to stop crosses coming in the box, which we struggle to defend. good to get 3 points though. HENDERSON showing his worth, johnson to play RW when Kelly is back"
31st Mar 2013 16:57
"I'm glad we were playing against an inexperienced team fighting relegation today. Far too many players just didn't turn up today. Our set pieces are woeful, the amount of corners we had today, Skrtel would have buried one of them."
31st Mar 2013 16:58
"My prediction to how we would end up like with remaining fixtures of the season:- LIV vs WHU = W (3) RDG vs LIV = L (0) LIV vs CHE = D (1) NEW vs LIV = D (1) LIV vs EVE = W (3) FUL vs LIV = W (3) LIV vs QPR = W (3) 48 + 14 = 62 POINTS"
31st Mar 2013 16:58
"Well lads we need them 3 poits after the last game and Henderson was great today.Brendan pls take note that Henderson needs 2 play every game 2 the end of the season "
31st Mar 2013 16:59
"we are going through a transitional year, but so are Spurs, they are 9 points ahead and competing for CL spots. that is 3 games a difference. not so good for us but luck has a part to play and with that luck we would be in the same position as Spurs and we would be looking at this season as a success"
31st Mar 2013 16:59
"I feared the worst when we went 1-0 down. But great to see Hendo score, and great to see that he was told to attack. Good result."
Champions Of Europe
31st Mar 2013 17:00
"IMHO, best signing for summer would be Sami Hyypia as a defensive coach alongside Jamie C. Some comments here are right about beating a team in a relegation battle, a cornered tiger & all where its due, tactically worked from BR to grind out the result, but in balance, was that because JA was injured, we'll never know. Still keeping the faith in BR."
31st Mar 2013 17:05
"Coutinho again proved what an amazing talent he is. Kudos to BR and co. for buying him so cheap. Real class. Don't understand though all the accolades for Hendo, apart from the goal, he barely had any impact on the game."
31st Mar 2013 17:16
"Enrque-poor johnson-poor but rest played well we dug out a good win well done BR tactics were right ynwa"
31st Mar 2013 17:20
"Lfc thik thin- well said abt hendo lad ive thought hes been good for a while now"
31st Mar 2013 17:27
"Hope no one starts talking UCL after this!!! We still lack the consistency in defense to be where we want to be... "
31st Mar 2013 17:52
"we looked good. the back line still looks a bit shaky but overall we looked good. hendo is really having a nice 2nd half of the season, would be nice to see him get more starts. surprised to not see sturridge come in at all. suarez is great but it would be nice to see him lay off the ball to open players in the box some times. nice win."
31st Mar 2013 17:57
"Same fickle crap. No pleasing the large majority of "fans" on here. Next time points are dropped they will be calling for Brendan's head on a plate. No sense or patience which is exactly what this next step in LFC's history requires "
31st Mar 2013 18:00
"good to be back, good to see the win, still looking fragile at the back, defo missing steve clarke's influence, need to show desire to stop the crosses coming in coz we can't defend them, good to see Hendo proving his worth and the doubters wrong"
31st Mar 2013 18:15
"It sounds as though people expect Villa to roll over because they aren't as good as us. There are no easy games in the EPL. The mancs needed an OG to win over a poor Sunderland team yesterday. These are EXACTLY the types of games we need to win to challenge."
31st Mar 2013 18:24
"Great win! :-)"
31st Mar 2013 18:41
"I read only Barca have scored more than us this year. Many positives and a fairly ugly win is what we need to be table to do now and then. Villa are in a scrap so not easy! For me I would spend v. little in summer, just get Carroll back if he keeps playing well or swap him for another top attacker. And a centre back."
31st Mar 2013 19:00
"hendo better than allen get alonso erickson striker benteke tom ince williams"
31st Mar 2013 19:07
"Bigandred - Would love to see AC back but I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't want to. He is what we've desperately been missing. We won't win every game the pretty way.At least AC could have turned some of our losses to draws and maybe we'd be looking towards CL next season."
31st Mar 2013 19:15
"Great by the whole team, Gerrard world class as always, but let's also give some credit to BR. We were a different team after the break, he obviously made a stunning team talk. IN BR WE TRUST! "
31st Mar 2013 19:28
"sikhred-Williams should NOT come to the club, has anyone read his book? lol, the only way he should come is if we exhaust every other option and we can't keep hold of Luis"
31st Mar 2013 20:08
"With our secret agent Rafa doing his part, lets get top 4. YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 20:26
"I'm known for my optimism,but I can't believe people are still talking top 4,really?"
31st Mar 2013 20:37
"redahendo AC back... how many times have he change the game for us...what has he done in west ham!? is he not on 80k wages? and are we not inconsistent enough!? You think he may will help us get CL when he was a.m.o.n.g the reason why we didnt achieve it last season. I wouldn't blame him neither and would be delighted if he doesn't want to come back"
31st Mar 2013 20:48
"Good opening to first and second half surez cautionio n gerrard were good Hendo worked hard however we lack bite n pace in centre mid we need a sissoko /masch style enforcer as Lucas was off the pace today, everytime villa crossed the ball my heart was in my mouth we just can't defend need a hyppia style enforcer and Enrique annoying some good stuff some not do good "
31st Mar 2013 20:54
"We let teams bully us agger looks silky but time and time again lacks a physical precence reina Shud have done better we need some bite in centre mid and defence downing Hendo need to apply themselves more in games and Enrique stop trying to be clever but we have a nucleas of a team cautionio sturridge surez Johnson kelly shelvey lucas Stirling gerrard is a good building block to build on"
31st Mar 2013 21:05
"Lots of comments about not being able to defend set pieces. I would go as far as to say we haven't been able to defend set pieces since hypia retired; I worry every time the ball comes into the box. As for AC, we might as well take him back as west ham are not going to sign him for £20 mil and frankly we would be lucky to get £5mil for him...."
31st Mar 2013 21:15
"Very good win today. Strong. Keep it going!"
31st Mar 2013 21:20
"Good display, please, emphasis on good finishing. More of such good response. YNWA "
Afrika Kop
31st Mar 2013 21:33
"This game, the game against Spurs and Hammers were games we could have lost, but resilience and "never say die" atude carried the day. That's what we need sometimes - win ugly , get 3 points and look to the next game. Well done BR, Captain Fantastic and team. "
31st Mar 2013 21:34
"LLUDWIG - We're not getting into this again are we? Are you going to be the new Buddha? last season he struggled but was injured and not played within the correct setup. If AC does come back (not that I think he will) iv got every faith in him.P.S. People forget how good defensively AC was. better than our current defence."
31st Mar 2013 22:24
"Is it a championship winning team in the making?.Yes but 44 next season cos LFC had shown again that they had character and great team spirit..i have seen many time this season LFC will prevail if the sides facing us play offence 2 the"saints""baggies""stoke" this sides juz dont play football..thats y LFC fair badly when meet these teams..YNWA"
Kingston Jah Red
31st Mar 2013 22:28
"Buddha 2.0 is the last thing we need.. I saw his pathetic comment about Hendo just before he scored.. Proper muppet with zero shame and even less football knowledge. All he does is slg off our players or start fights with Liverpool fans. No wonder he gets banned once a week for being a c88t"
31st Mar 2013 22:45
"redahendo i dont like long debates and the only new Buddha seem to be those that have a problem and dont like the originals opinions...Buddhas comments doesnt bother me :) A setup to suit AC, i dont think its a good idea and since he joined liverpool he seemed to be better at defending than attacking...i would rather we get a better striker than him coming back."
31st Mar 2013 23:03
"Kingston Jah Red, no one has ever heard of you until you mentioned my name. I rather be known for something than have to use someone's name to get recognition. You offer nothing on here and probably nothing in your everyday humdrum life. The best support you can do for our beloved team is a silent one, because when you open you mouth the opposing fans thinks we are as idiotic as you. "
31st Mar 2013 23:33
"jimbob5592 Thanks for the advice, but i will post what i want and think!!! KK 2 cup finals won one and finished 8th in the league and managed to get us into europe! Now lets compare BR; out of all competions by Feb and sitting 7th in the league! Not really a great improvement. BR might have it that why i say 1 more season, if not goodbye! Chelsea?? You are a fool!!"
1st Apr 2013 0:05
"Chill Buddha - Kingston only called you a coat. "
1st Apr 2013 0:17
"Well done lads for the fight back. Hendo, Stevie and Coutinho were great. The first 15 minutes in the second half shows the ability of our players, but they need a world class manager to make them perform for 90 minutes every game in the season."
1st Apr 2013 8:27
"I see the kids are out of school again. We should remember no team plays well of the the time or every game. The team at the top of the table have not played well many teams this season, nor City last year, If we win who cares?"
1st Apr 2013 9:28
"Hendo did well there, had a few good passes in the game and took more chances in second half, our dark horse. He has shown he should be in the XI and the bench showed that if we would have been more comfortable in first half more youngsters would have gotten a chance but first half was horrid, only Suarez was up to it."
1st Apr 2013 10:09
"Someone has just summed themself up very well indeed!"
2nd Apr 2013 15:16
"Lovely game so whats gonna Happen to Sterling ? a loan deal "