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A must win, otherwise the end of the season will be frankly embarrasing and a let-down. There's places in the league still up for grabs, so lets grab them!
29th Mar 2013 16:07
29th Mar 2013 16:22
"Im hoping to see us play a more 4-3-3 formation we play better like that. 3 man trio of lucas,gerrard,hendo in midfield with coutinho and suarez on either side of sturridge. Defence enrique,agger,skrtel,johnson carra and wisdom as back up,Downing,sterling,shelvey other subs. To me thats the best team to start with more than capable of beating villa."
29th Mar 2013 16:29
"What happened to your boastful speeches. When you've been disappointing, you'll remember the fans. Win the next 2 games & I'll hear "the team is where we want it to be". Stop praising yourselves & know you've not given us what we want. With good concentration, we would be in top4 now. We dropped silly points and blame it on 're-building' when Tottenham is doing same & getting results...YNWA!"
29th Mar 2013 16:43
"First name on the teamsheet should be Carragher, and til the end of the season!"
29th Mar 2013 16:44
"First name on the teamsheet should be Carragher, and til the end of the season!"
29th Mar 2013 16:44
"First name on the teamsheet should be Carragher, and til the end of the season!"
29th Mar 2013 16:44
"First name on the teamsheet should be Carragher, and til the end of the season!"
29th Mar 2013 16:46
"HA! What the **** happened there? only added the comment once."
29th Mar 2013 16:50
"KINGOFCLUBS-You really are trying for a team of carraghers!"
29th Mar 2013 16:50
"Even though we are consistent at being inconsistent..I believe we can win our remaining 8 games. But you just never know with this team lol "
29th Mar 2013 16:54
"Surely that goes without saying. Does he need to remind the squad to breath air and eat food as well?"
29th Mar 2013 17:02
"scotty78ynwa Martin Skrtel did not seem to me for sure have given so much consistency and certainties to the back four, so I'd go for Carra from the very first minute and the slovakian as backup on the bench, agree with the midfield trio, drop Stewart Downing on the bench! YNWA"
29th Mar 2013 17:12
"It says a lot about Bodgers that he thinks Lambert is a fantastic manager. Brendan Rodgers is a championship manager. That he was appointed at LFC shows exactly the level FSG are playing at. We need new owners. "
29th Mar 2013 17:14
"Putting up season ticket prices during the worst season in memory is also a pointer to what FSG are about. Pay more for less. Why build a new stadium when you can just shaft fans in the old one?"
29th Mar 2013 17:16
"just play our best 11 and talk less after all less is more, then you wont have the fans on your back."
29th Mar 2013 17:40
29th Mar 2013 18:56
"Well said Tempo-Matador, These Yanks are no different from the other cowboys they have given us 9 days after the last home game of this season to renew out season tickets, FSG and Ayre are kidding us."
29th Mar 2013 18:57
"im afraid i have 2 let all my LFC fans down..our record against Villan are not encouraging the past few seasons but i think if we can break this jinx and beat them in their home ground which we fail past 2 seasons then i believe LFC will get 2 Europe though ..Europa league but sill better than not qualify for it ..YNWA"
29th Mar 2013 19:10
"Thursday night and Sunday football again then eh."
29th Mar 2013 19:21
"that's if we are lucky."
29th Mar 2013 20:01
"Some people come on here to intentionally slaughter Brendan, but what good does that do? he is a young manager with bright ideas, who is also learning! All he needs to do is sort out his defense and employ a defense coach hopefully Carragher and I believe we will make great strides in the next two seasons! "
29th Mar 2013 20:14
"The harsh truth is that we have nothing to play for with 8 league games to play. The buck has to stop with the manager and for me he is looking for the players to do him a favor and save his job. It is at times like this that we will find out what we have."
29th Mar 2013 20:36
"Yes u do owe the fans as most of the fans have backed u from the start.If u get the team playing like they can we can make up a few places "
29th Mar 2013 20:43
"Villa can`t score at home and Rodgers can no longer be tempted to play an injured Allen. We were going through that phase of being hit on the break back in December. We had heaps of chances last time round, but only a consolation was put away. The Reds should win the next game easily, if the strongest side is played."
29th Mar 2013 21:29
"BR the best thing for u is to shut up before games and preferably after games, honestly all are fed up of ur rubbish talk and losing to the stokes, aston villas albions and so on "
29th Mar 2013 22:20
"Come on u reds"
29th Mar 2013 23:06
"No getting away from it BR, this has been one hell of a poor season. You are the manager and the buck does stop with you.And why on earth are you employing a psychiatrist to work on the players. Don't you know psychiatry is a sham, it doesn't work and hasn't ever cured anyone."
29th Mar 2013 23:08
"p.s BR,look up,that'll tell you all you need to know about psychiatry and its damaging methods."
30th Mar 2013 3:59
"Please get Benteke and Kone from Wigan then we will have a deadly strike force next season and we will compete for top 4 and please sell Sturridge and Borini they will never help us make top 4."
30th Mar 2013 4:00
"we will be luck to win 5games from the remaining 8 LOL"
Stan Still
30th Mar 2013 9:20
"LusettiGerrard - Liverpool FC should NOT be a training ground for rookie managers like Brendan to 'learn' their trade. A club of Liverpool's stature and history demands a world class manager and nothing less! Brendan is not the man to take Liverpool forward and he never will be. He is simply well out of his depth! As has been proven many times this season."
30th Mar 2013 17:51
"Forget about Benteke & let's focus on ourselves. Nothing less than 3 points will do."
31st Mar 2013 3:28
"we have given up too many points this season after having our team take a lead, not to mention losing twice to West Brom, losing at home to Villa (just awful) and losing to Southhampton. Granted we are rebuilding but those types of results are not good enough."
1st Apr 2013 3:18
"BR stop playing those craps ..Allen , Skrtel and Borini.. If possible ..Downing too..and we may have the possibility of a top 4 finish .."