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Mamadou Sakho would be the ideal man to replace Carrageher!
29th Mar 2013 15:22
29th Mar 2013 15:24
"Coates, kelly, wisdom?"
29th Mar 2013 15:45
"Martin- Sakho is playing for we can forget that. Ashley Williams is more realistic and maybe that young Feyenoord captain De Vrij. We have Agger, Wisdom, Kelly and Coates (although he may leave) we just need one or two. Skrtel is defo gone."
29th Mar 2013 15:53
"We also need a Yaya Toure type player. As we won't be able to attract the big stars this summer..we should buy Diame. He's been good this season, especially with his driving runs into the box..and has a 3.5mil clause in his contract. Surely a no brainer?"
29th Mar 2013 15:57
"LDW I agree, I have seen diame this season a few times and at that price has got to be a thought. "
29th Mar 2013 15:58
"The last bit of the article is interesting. Of course LFC will be able to attract good players this summer..but the top teams will attract great players..that's why I struggle to see us getting top 4 anytime soon."
29th Mar 2013 15:59
"Got to ask Brendan....What the hell have you done to Skrtel ?He's gone from a former player of the year and potential £20 mil target of other clubs to a bench player who you clearly don't rate! Even Alex Ferguson fears and respects Skrtel as a player."
29th Mar 2013 16:00
"The intriguing question can we get top 4..without having the quality players to get there..whilst the better teams who are already in those positions continue to push on with top quality signings."
29th Mar 2013 16:02
"Gerrard is ageing, Coutinho is still young and it's unfair to put pressure on him..whilst he's still in the settling phase. Thus, we only have Suarez..who is also rumored to leave. Who can we attract to make top 4. That's what makes this summer so fascinating."
29th Mar 2013 16:08
"We don't have the luxury of f'ing up this summer's window. If we do, then Suarez (if he does stay) will have no choice to leave the following Summer..and who can blame him. And with that will set us back at least another 2 years..possibly more. Tense times ahead."
29th Mar 2013 16:12
"Lol apologies if I sound like mushroomscouser today. Just been thinking about our future and the different directions it can go."
29th Mar 2013 16:13
"LDW- Diame is a good player but seems to have fitness issues.Looks tered after 40 mins,always picks up injuries. Wanyama maybe?"
29th Mar 2013 16:16
"LDW it's a good question but I really think giving BR his time is what is needed. Add a couple of new additions in the mould of coutinho and DS and see where it goes. This first year was never going to a success but good players playing as team is better than a team full of individuals. City and Manure is one example. "
29th Mar 2013 16:20
"GT-LFC- I know it's our current transfer policy..but aren't you tired of us signing players with potential. Wanyama seems like he'll develop into a top player but we need players who can do a job now. That's why I'll keep on praying every night if it means Alonso can for Alonso to return home."
29th Mar 2013 16:31
"Red-tic, half me agrees that BR needs time..and it's like you say his first season was unlikely to be a major success, due to many reasons including him inheriting an average squad. However the other half wished we had appointed an experience manager like Rikjaard. But its pointless to dwell in the past, and I will continue to put my faith in BR being the man to turn our fortunes around."
29th Mar 2013 16:33
"LDW- Agreed. If you only buy potential, we will be so far down the league by the time that potential is achieved. Players with potential fulfilled will then be swiped from us by teams in a better position.That's why next season is pivotal and the transfers have to be spot on."
29th Mar 2013 16:36
"Oops meant to say - "That's why I'll keep on praying every night if it means Alonso can return home". Never typing with an iPad again."
29th Mar 2013 16:38
"End of next season we will see if BR is the right man or not IMO. Alonso, I would love to see back here,absolutely love it! Like you say does that fit FSG's guide. If a player can change a team that quickly( I believe Alonso can) surely you can spend the money. Only have to look at RVP.Maybe FSG have learnt. We will have to wait and see."
29th Mar 2013 16:38
"IMO This season has been the worst in a very long time."
29th Mar 2013 16:39
"GT-LFC, The funny thing is that's what FSG want. Players with a resale value. Secretly they want a team to bid big for Suarez and if Coutinho becomes the player we all believe he can be..with FSG they'll ship him out too. They're all about the Mula. "
29th Mar 2013 16:44
"LDW- Unfortunately that is the impression they give. If we don't make champ lge next season I think LS will go anyway,you couldn't really blame him. "
29th Mar 2013 16:47
"additions for our defence look ready to come in, according to BR declarations, it's music for our ears! Get in Williams, Sakho and Martin Indi please!"
29th Mar 2013 16:48
" I wanted to see Samba(QPR)in the red shirt. He wouldve done exactly what we're all looking for. Rough and Tough, but organized in defence and an attacking threat on corners and free kicks. We missed out on a great piece to our defensive woes"
29th Mar 2013 16:51
"Coach what we have first they havnt been since Clarke left,alonso too old look to the future eg fellani and erikson."
29th Mar 2013 16:52
"I'd rather a new defensive coach was brought in, along with a set-piece analyst. The defense is about a unit, not individuals."
29th Mar 2013 16:53
"Ashley Williams would be good,but Arsenal want him as well."
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 16:55
"Agger and Skrtel were the best ever last season but now BR has Skrtel on the naughty step! IF Agger and Pepe go to Barca and Skrtel off I wonder what the chances are of Luis staying? if Luis stays he may well go in January transfer window! What a sorry sight this club is!"
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 16:56
"The bigger picture is we need a proper manager!"
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 16:58
"I think FSG will keep BR because:- £40m Luis Agger and Pepe £25-30 Skrtel £10-20? No BR has done his job very well for the yanks that's for sure!"
29th Mar 2013 16:58
"IHaveNOName well said, if you cant defend as a unit you don't get anywhere."
29th Mar 2013 17:12
"I personally think that Martin Kelly is the replacement we have for CB. A fully fit Kelly next to Agger has got to be a class pairing. We need a challenge for JE at left back and a challenge for Johnson at RB? "
29th Mar 2013 17:16
"I understand the fear ppl have about money grabbing owners, but where is the proof ours are the same. Who have they sold and hundreds of millions has been invested. If luis goes it will be cause he wants to and only for an absurd amount that will be reinvested. Ref. Torres!"
29th Mar 2013 17:46
"Mamadou Sakho is the maan for sure ynwa .comon ya reds 3-[0 "
29th Mar 2013 17:52
"The people on this page today are the most negative I have read in a long time. Next season hasn't even started and already you lot have written us off. I know we have to be realistic but come on pull yourselves together. Every player that is suggested is met with a "but so and so are after him so he won't come here." If we as fans don't believe in are team no one will. YNWA!!"
29th Mar 2013 17:56
"koponlads thanks for being one of the only people to have a positive out look today. You've helped to give me faith in our fans. YNWA "
29th Mar 2013 18:41
"Carra you will be sorely missed. Lets just hope your replacement is not that donkey Williams."
29th Mar 2013 18:46
"toby alderweireld "
29th Mar 2013 18:47
"Ashley willihams please and lets stop the BR thing today please"
29th Mar 2013 18:47
"apart from Joe Allen signing saga who is a flop..i think most of the others signings b4 Jan are not playing much or we are depending too much on the same player 2 perform 4 LFC..BR has improve this season are our passing and scoring which better..We need big time player now not potential if LFC 2 be great again..YNWA"
29th Mar 2013 19:14
"Shows how much faith he has on our existing players. "
29th Mar 2013 19:31
"and what about Coates?? does BR do not calculate him any more? this means that in summer we are going to sell him:("
29th Mar 2013 20:09
"Carragher ~ 23 carat gold. Excellent article Jimmy Rice!"
29th Mar 2013 20:28
"Sissoko back + Sakho or De Vrij"
29th Mar 2013 20:41
"Philg no bother...i don't get all the negativity either. Ppl get on the backs of the boss and owners for things they think will happen. also seem to forget we got luis, danny, and phil C without CL. how have spurs attracted such talent without it. Plenty of players out there and many stars will come to premiership ppl don't even know of."
29th Mar 2013 20:41
"Brendan pls ask him 2 stay and help out coaching the new def as we do need someone "
29th Mar 2013 21:00
"There is no way any LFC supporter will tolerate another season like the one we've almost completed, it has been an absolute disgrace and an awful embarassing spectacle which rival fans have rejoiced at. I feel that if BR were to be allowed to stay here and give us another season like this he will surely have to be jettisoned like a rocket. "
29th Mar 2013 21:01
"Leonardo Bonucci-juventus, strong, fast and great at finding passes."
29th Mar 2013 21:33
"I'd like to see Kelly, Coates or even Danny Wilson a greater chance to prove themselves in the first team. Please give Wilson a new contract BR."
29th Mar 2013 21:33
"That or even Wisdom. "
30th Mar 2013 2:00
"I still prefer having rami (valencia) tham all the ones we are linked with. "
30th Mar 2013 2:11
"Odds on , if Carra plays we concede at least 2 goals, yes he will be sorely missed....."
30th Mar 2013 2:20
"Why not , one donkey to replace another , thats what they do on Blackpool beach , also , another pearler from Rodgers Carra will be missed for his shouting abilities , its nothing to do do with his superb `technical` abilities."
Horndean Scouse
30th Mar 2013 3:23
"What we need is someone in the Sami Hyppia mold, not Williams from SwaNSEA, Maybe Sammi will come back as the defensive coach."
30th Mar 2013 4:02
"Diame/Wanyama targets for holding midfield/box to box profile. Williams/Shawcross/targets for CB. Like the look of Lloyd Jones in the youth team though!"
30th Mar 2013 4:49
"Can someone explain to me what the deal with these articles is? The team has been leaking goals all season long, especially when Carra is playing. So what exactly is BR talking about? How about they get their defensive coaching going instead of talking about players. Skrtel has proven himself an international level defender. It's up to the manager to utilise that!"
30th Mar 2013 4:50
"I never thought Skrtel deserved "Player of the Year" anyway and he was one of the main reasons we let in so many goals. We either need someone like Sammi Hyppia who can make an immediate impact, or let's try and get the best out of our "potentials" - Coates, Wisdom, Kelly, Wilson"
30th Mar 2013 5:46
30th Mar 2013 7:26
"Carra comments-there is a world of difference between being a great player (Messi) and great servant of a club, Carra has never been a great player, most achieved is few call call ups for England which says it all. Standard not high and also very capable of sill mistakes and giving away penalties, So take off your rose tinted specs. Great servant to the club and fantastic influence yes totally"
30th Mar 2013 7:31
"We need 2 top class defenders as i dont think Skirtel cares anymore and not sure about Agger either, Coates not good enough, Bigger need is for top defensive midfielder in Masch mode. Alonso too old and past his best"
30th Mar 2013 7:33
"Skirtel not interested-never has been that good, both him and Agger need a top man alongside them, Coates not good enough. Biggest concern is lack oftop defensive midas Lucas only had half a good season and is not back to it. Alonso way too old and past his best."
30th Mar 2013 7:37
"Longer term we need to consider what happens when Suarez leaves which he will end ofthis season or next regardless of where we are in the League, Perhaps more importantly how we replace Gerrard, Not been his finest season and cannot expect him to carry on playing every game at the same level."
30th Mar 2013 7:43
"As for the comment about even Ferguson feared Skirtel, hahaha since when has anyone on here believed a single word that ar se hole said? Any comment he makes about LFC is designed for mischief and to cause trouble, LNWA"
30th Mar 2013 7:58
"Ronnie-G: Average number of goals conceded when Carra has been playing is 1.3. When he has not been playing, 1.31. Can't argue against facts. We would not have conceded 3 goals again Oldham with him on the pitch. "
30th Mar 2013 9:19
"BR now u are blaming the lack of strength in the midfield on the defense namely skertel, this team lost matches bc of you bc u kept putting allen there were he was bullied and muscled by proper defensive midfield players, man comer one stop ur arrogance admitt ur mistakes and move on "
Sharoon LFC
30th Mar 2013 9:55
"williams all d way.. only if he behave himself.. i would never sign him considering his character. but a good defender.."
Sharoon LFC
30th Mar 2013 9:58
"an experienced attacing ceter mid man.. thats wot we r misssin.. plz get some one who ve got grt experience.."
30th Mar 2013 10:23
"All the defenders have made glaring errors this season yet people are picking on Skrtel. Face it, BR cannot organise a defence, we are a shambles at the back but people want to pretend it's all fine."
30th Mar 2013 10:40
"Hummels, dede, sakho, de vrij... linked with all bar hummels - he'd be the one if get the cheque book out for first, but the others linked are all of a certain calibre."
30th Mar 2013 10:52
"first of all it needs to be said - replacing carra is impossible. but yes we do need some support, maybe one young defender, and another more experienced"
30th Mar 2013 17:36