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Hendo fusses over his hair because he's Kooooool like The Fonzzzz!!!! He's one Kool Kat!
5th Apr 2013 12:30
let me play liverpool
5th Apr 2013 13:27
"yes yes all well and good but come on lad FOOTBALL dont concentrate on your hair. hell im 16 and i dont even do anything with my hair.......then again i am australian....... and its like a mile long....."
5th Apr 2013 13:34
"if hendo takes time with hes hair..i wonder how long reina takes,,i remember a interview that had a year or 2 ago and maxi or kyut said reina takes 40 mins trying to shine it up lol"
let me play liverpool
6th Apr 2013 4:57
"flickboy2 that is one of the funniest things i have heard in a long time"