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you have shown your significant improvement on a poor season prior, i truely believe next season will be your season.
29th Mar 2013 10:06
29th Mar 2013 10:10
"That's what JH does best,pressure opponents. He has a fantastic workrate.You need a bit of everything in a team,not just players with fancy footwork. JH allows others in our team to play. At the moment JA allows the other team to play. "
29th Mar 2013 10:25
"i Think hendo is going to better and better and every single he played we won or drawn so he is a good form so please let he plays and rest coutinho first half"
29th Mar 2013 10:31
"we have to Think second half not only first half that as we do every game so let hendo start and coutinho come the second half"
29th Mar 2013 10:32
"Nowt wrong with a bit of hard graft. Keep it going Hendo and I am sure the rewards will come. #speculative"
29th Mar 2013 10:36
"Rodgers. The fact you have said 'you know you can always call on him'and then pick Joe Allen above him consistently every single week is frankly abysmal. He should be in that Midfield role above Joe Allen 9/10 times."
29th Mar 2013 10:37
"Do it Hendo level up its your time to do so we all hope you can do it YNWA"
29th Mar 2013 10:53
"hendo is a starter over allen any day he is stronger more direct and never loses the ball"
29th Mar 2013 10:55
"Hendo's and Downing's improvement this season has been apparent. One of the very few positives in a truly woeful season. Cannot wait for this disastrous painful season to finish. "
29th Mar 2013 11:13
"No doubt redahendo will be on here soon."
29th Mar 2013 11:20
"Arti- #likewhatyoudidthere! Keep doing what you're doing JH - I think the Japs call it "Kaizen". Right then Redahendo is off for some hardcore decorating.#watchingpaintdry"
29th Mar 2013 11:21
"LDW - lol"
29th Mar 2013 11:37
"hendo is our engine in midfield without engine machine don't work simples ain't that right hubby."
29th Mar 2013 11:40
"Lol, I rest my case."
29th Mar 2013 12:33
"Top atude from the young lad. Good luck for the remaining fixtures and do your best, that's all we can ask and expect. We should finish top 8 so well done for reaching the ambitions of FSG and BR for this season. Will FSG make a timely PR appearance this April to show their sensitivity to our club?! "
29th Mar 2013 12:37
"But then the cost of 2 first class flights from boston and a couple of nights at the hilton might take the club outside FFP rules so, perhaps we, as fans, should understand....."
29th Mar 2013 12:46
"Kingmat 29th Mar 2013 12:37..Flights mate? Boston is only 6 hours away in a private jet (Citation X or Global Express) in, fly back after the game. Simples. Henry stays away because he knows FSG are shafting the club for every penny."
29th Mar 2013 12:52
"Was just making an excuse for them though they probably have a whole PR team to spin one up for them anyway! Saw you were being targeted a bit the other day on here by some kids, Mushroom- was going to say something, but know you are more than capable of holding your own!"
29th Mar 2013 12:57
"agree with some statements Hendo! you did significant improvements along the season but even since the first time you wore the Red shirt two years ago, tactical, technical, of approach to the games, determination and commitment! Please Hendo don't waste any chances you have been given if you want to return steadily a regular! Come on you Jordan Henderson! YNWA JH "
29th Mar 2013 13:00
"I'm sure Buddha will rubbish any anti fsg sentiment when he is on here later on, but it is still early morning in Boston so we need to wait until he has had his first coffee!! "
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 13:33
"Just read on the bbc website that our psychiatrist Steve Peters says:- "pressure of finishing in the top 4 is TOO MUCH for players who will perform better if they set themselves REALISTIC AMBITIONS" contin...."
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 13:35
"6 years after playing our second Champions League Final our reality is moores, parry, tom, george, john and tom between you have made us a laughing stock! BR will now cement us to a mid table team (if we are lucky) until he goes!"
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 13:39
"FSG need to put the club up for sale - let's say they tried their very best but this is Liverpool Football Club fellers and we deserve and want better owners than this!"
29th Mar 2013 13:45
"LFC are famous for fighting 110% til the whistle. My problem with FSG is they have shown they will write off a season before xmas because a sponsor tells them to, like they did after evragate. We had a dead man walking manager for 6 months with his hands tied and mouth gagged, and being made the scapegoat by our own fans for the 9 out of 14 losses, when a bit solidarity was needed. Unforgivable."
29th Mar 2013 13:51
"hendo is improving all the time and gonna be a top player future england captain! lets just hope rodgers doesnt drive him out the club, hes a much better player than allen but favouritism keeps hendo out"
29th Mar 2013 13:55
"I wish they'd stop making threads about Hendo. It takes up far too much valuable redahendo time. Kingmat - Buddha usually put's his favourite red socks on before he goes down for his morning coffee."
29th Mar 2013 13:58
"Hendo is England U21 Captain. That suggests others who know a bit about football rate him Give him a chance "
29th Mar 2013 13:59
"We linked with eriksen in the papers today he's a fantastic player SG replacement the only problem is BR hasn't managed him before, haha"
29th Mar 2013 14:05
"I thought his maid bought it for him on a silver tray..... Bless him"
29th Mar 2013 14:11
"Kingmat - Yes but LDW has got the day off today. mind you I shouldn't be so hard on him, it seems a mutiny was on it's way the other night."
29th Mar 2013 14:17
"As I said, as I said , as I said , as I said Rodgers "
29th Mar 2013 14:25
"I can see the new Morecombe and Wise (Kingmat and redahendo) are in the house. I have never laughed so much my sides have split. Stop it guys, I can't take much more. I am not sure what the sites agenda in everything Hendo at the mo but for a player who is being sold this summer it smacks of over selling, hmmm. "
29th Mar 2013 14:32
"Also heard Eriksen is in the running and this calibre of player makes a mockery of the outpourings from some fan of a player like Hendo. If we do get the aforementioned then we will be stepping in the right direction and dispensing with average players like Hendo and potentially Allen if he does not buck up. "
29th Mar 2013 14:34
"He is being sold - But we are buying him back for twice as much the next season. Its the Liverpool Way!"
29th Mar 2013 14:37
"If some fans have not seen the perilous situation we are in then God help them. If we don't get top 4 next season then its to the wilderness for us for years to come. So if fans feel having the calibre of Hendo in our engine room up against the likes of Toure, Wilshere, Mata etc is going to get us top 4, then I give up... "
29th Mar 2013 14:37
"Buddha - Sven is well past it now mate. He was probably at his best when he was knocking Eurika's back doors in. Oh Erikson...right. "
29th Mar 2013 14:45
"Thank God for Coutinho. He has finally put paid to the awful experiment of playing Hendo as an attacking force. He will have to now challenge SG for a starting berth, good luck with that one. Once Suso and Jonjo step up then its adieu, so long and farewell. "
29th Mar 2013 14:50
"Bring me sunshine!"
29th Mar 2013 15:00
""In your Smile!" I'm quite flattered by that Buddha. I thought you may have cruelly compared us to Cannon and ball,little and large or PJ and Duncan. "
29th Mar 2013 15:06
"Can you losers please shut the hell up and go and support chelski or the mancs "
29th Mar 2013 15:11
"You don't know me, I do what I want! "
29th Mar 2013 15:16
"Well you're obviously not a true LFC fan. We stick by our team, our manager, our owner through thick and thin. We don't need fickle fans who wear the LFC crest proudly through good times and spit on it in the rough times"
29th Mar 2013 15:30
"First team starters are easy now: Reina, Johnson, Carra, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, SG, Coutinho, Sturridge, Suarez, Downing. Its going to take a brilliant player to oust one of these players and that shows how far we have come. "
29th Mar 2013 15:31
"You deserve to play Jordan. You're not playing always fantastic bu your workrate is one of the highest at this club. Keep working hard. YNWA"
29th Mar 2013 15:37
"I am bemused when some fans equate work rate to class. If we wanted marathon runners to represent LFC then surely going to the mountains of Kenya and recruiting some alude defying runners would do the trick and, probably cheaper than the Sunderland version we have now. "
29th Mar 2013 15:38
"Well, are all the freedom fighters who get rid of dictators running their country into the ground traitors for not loving their leaders? Couldn't stand Blair, but still loved my country through it all. Why, because I have concerns about FSG, should I be less of a lfc fan than you. "
29th Mar 2013 15:51
"Jordan keep progressing the way you are and you will cement your place in the team for years to come. "
29th Mar 2013 15:55
"Buddha130654 29th Mar 2013 15:37- So true"
29th Mar 2013 16:00
"Hmmm, from Morecambe to Mandella, jeez, that is a trajectory and a half. Moving from freedom fighter 101 to football 102, we should be optimistic that with everyone fit we will smash all comers. "
29th Mar 2013 16:03
"Thought he'd be a bit better this season. The next is his to 'shine' in and stake his future at LFC."
29th Mar 2013 16:08
"At least spell Madiba's name properly, Buddha.... Get well soon, Nelson!!"
29th Mar 2013 16:13
"I know Liverpool folk are renowned for their sense of humour but some of the exaltations heaped on Hendo comes right out of the Monty Python joke book. I hear some cry: He runs all day, he will be the new SG, he captains the mighty U21, he has improved so much, really guys?? "
29th Mar 2013 16:14
"Yeah get well soon Nelson. I swear he's a LFC fan??"
29th Mar 2013 16:21
"Buddah you've become obsessed with hatred for JH mostly because of his name sake a bit like something from the school playground, I used to enjoy your posts."
29th Mar 2013 16:22
"Oops sorry, Mandela. He is indeed a Liverpool fan. "
29th Mar 2013 16:24
"remember George grahams arsenal not a lot of class but all well drilled and very efficient defended for their lives all the trophies he won with mostly british players,"
29th Mar 2013 16:29
"Yeah, and it was the CIA who tipped off the Apartheid regime that he was driving to Durban to an ANC meeting disguised as a chauffeur when he got arrested and put away for 27 years- can't trust yanks!"
29th Mar 2013 16:43
"Buddha u are clearly brainless or blind when it comes to football. hendo has been one of our best plays of recent arsenal game for example. joe allen is poo end of.the players arnt stupid they know wots been said about them and at the age of 22 its just wrong to say he will never be a class player. this guy has a perfect atude no sulking and bags of passion cont."
29th Mar 2013 16:43
"Buddha u are clearly brainless or blind when it comes to football. hendo has been one of our best plays of recent arsenal game for example. joe allen is poo end of.the players arnt stupid they know wots been said about them and at the age of 22 its just wrong to say he will never be a class player. this guy has a perfect atude no sulking and bags of passion cont."
29th Mar 2013 16:44
"Buddha u are clearly brainless or blind when it comes to football. hendo has been one of our best plays of recent arsenal game for example. joe allen is poo end of.the players arnt stupid they know wots been said about them and at the age of 22 its just wrong to say he will never be a class player. this guy has a perfect atude no sulking and bags of passion cont."
29th Mar 2013 16:47
"cont. imagine the confidence as a player you would get from all us fans if we were all saying 'this boy hendo he's got it, hes gonna be world class'as a semi pro player myself i know more than most that if evry1 is raving about you fly if they slate u its nightmare!"
29th Mar 2013 16:53
"i personally think lfc is of no interest to fsg. it was a marketing plan to buy us and spend money at the start for them to get their name about and get fans onside on a world level as lfc reaches so many globally. we are at best an inconvenience now!"
29th Mar 2013 16:59
"plus why were fsg 'the best buyers' as we were told? they wanted to pay less for us then any other bidder. they already have a huge sporting investment where their heart clearly lies. its obvious to me that if they have 2 investments then their cash and time is split surely it would have been better to have owners focused on us only!"
29th Mar 2013 17:02
"Buddha lad you are a proper nonce aren't ya? hahahah"
29th Mar 2013 17:03
"and the 'lets buy young players policy' for the good of the club because of sell on value. excuse me but who does that benefit? not us fans but the owners as they only think about money not football. as a 'top' club surely if we buy some1 we are not thinking about selling them ever! unless you know your buying below par players that wont cut it and have to be sold! cont."
29th Mar 2013 17:05
"cont. and are we better off financially? we just made a huge loss in the last year and i thought they sold all our decent senior players because there wages were too high? so that seems pointless now and we are not playing or have a different standing in the league than last season so????"
29th Mar 2013 17:07
"Think it was probably some connection from Martin Broughton's British American Tobacco days- perhaps J Henry has some kinky fraternity initiation pics of him that were used as leverage when the deal was brockered; or perhaps a good old fashioned brown envelope!! I'm a paranoid old git, sometimes!!"
29th Mar 2013 17:10
"also they employed a rookie manager of a newly promoted welsh team whos team structure was set in place by none other than roberto martinez. in my opinion he was brought in because his salary is probably way lower than wot the other seasoned managers would command. why not martinez? harry redknapp? or many other top managers that could of been sourced"
29th Mar 2013 17:12
"If you look at most American sports, many teams can be in the doldrooms in terms of silverware for decades, and yet their brand still makes their owners a nice revenue stream. Different story over here, unfortunately."
29th Mar 2013 17:14
"but thats right they didnt want to give the new manager any money so brendan fitted like a glove.the guy probably thought they were jking when he got the call,he probably would of done it for free i mean a manager with his experience who wouldnt!and this isnt a dig at brendan he has done ok apart from buying allen and relentlessly picking him despite awful form but he was set up to lose from day 1"
29th Mar 2013 17:23
"Redlewi top managers 7m /year I believe Br on less than half."
29th Mar 2013 17:27
"Redopm exactly my point these yanks think they're smart 'oh lets get a guy in for half the price if that to do the same job' sorry fsg but football doesnt work like that 90 percent of the time u buy cheap rubbish and thats wot u get. you buy quality and will last for years. why did we get a chelsea supporter to sell the club in the first place? absolute joke!"
29th Mar 2013 17:36
"next window will make BR or brake him."
29th Mar 2013 17:37
"oops spelling!"
29th Mar 2013 17:44
"Redopm, I am slightly confused, you mention a Hendo name sake as being a reason for my hating him? Firstly I don't hate anyone, I just don't believe Hendo is good enough for LFC and I am assuming you mean redahendo?? He is certainly has no bearing on my Hendo assessment"
29th Mar 2013 17:54
"Redlewi, an interesting read. Now just take Hendo to whatever semi-pro club you play for and maybe some turn outs for The Red Lion All Stars will rebuild his fragile confidence and you can then send him back to us all new and raring to go. Most of what you have written should come under the Grimms Fairy Tales, but as I said - a good read. "
29th Mar 2013 17:59
"Your baseless theories carries no water. Your highlighting of us buying cheaply does not bear out. If you call Sturridge, Coutinho and even Allen who was courted by several top teams in the premiership - cheap, then my friend your essay is a good example of too much time on one hands and its pitfalls. "
29th Mar 2013 18:00
"What's going on Buddha? You are not using difficult words that I have to look up on google as much as you used to! Are you dumbing down your posts for our benefit! "
29th Mar 2013 18:02
"why slate him here every day on numerous occasions and if other players get the same treatment from other fans they are not supporters and you are, don't know what age you are but very immature,i agree with you bout fsg all I want t hear is when stadium starts."
29th Mar 2013 18:13
"kingmat, ha ha, its not easy coming up with new words and especially when my audience on here are not always the most discernible bunch, dumbing down is necessary sometimes, lol. Reading between the lines of every post - regardless of the content - lies a genuine fan who is either happy or frustrated with the status quo. We all want the same thing just in a different way. "
29th Mar 2013 18:46
"If we accept average players like Henderson and compare them against players like Allen we will be a mid table team for a very long time, i know i'll get some stick but i'm a realist and i could name at least a dozen players we could sell and wouldn't miss."
29th Mar 2013 19:01
"If Hendo goes this summer then so be it! So long as we get a similar fee to what we paid him and get an adequate replacement. Sadly big clubs can have players who cost over 10m on the bench or even played sparringly. Take Utd, Nani, Jones, Kawaga and so on. Similar with City and Chelsea. We have got to a position that unless a player was cheap, we cannot afford squad players. Sad reality."
29th Mar 2013 19:18
"There is no chance of getting anywhere near £16m for Henderson not even if we threw in Allen and Shelvey. That'll defo upset alot of people."
29th Mar 2013 19:23
"Agreed Buddha, though it does seem sometimes that some on here want to prove they are a better fan than others, which can be a bit boring after a while. I know I have some pretty warped conspiracy theories bouncing round my little mind, but I will never belittle a fellow supporter or tell them to support someone else- I am not in a position to judge anyone from behind my computer screen."
29th Mar 2013 19:33
"hendo will make the team tic as he was doing before he got dropped in favor of allen. can't imagine what possible reason br has been overlooking him as hendo has everything required to be a top pro. sg is on record as saying hendo is similar to what he was at that age."
29th Mar 2013 19:35
"kingmat, well said. I never take a fans comment personally as I know their heart is in the right place. I liken opinions to transport: Some prefer trains, planes, cars, bicycles or buses but whilst the destination is secure its the method of transport that is in question. "
29th Mar 2013 19:42
"Just hope we are not taking the gravy train! I do like Hendo though...."
29th Mar 2013 19:50
"Buddha... My transport of opinion resembles a steam-roller. Your's resembles a tractor on a field spreading s... Only joking !!! :)"
29th Mar 2013 20:04
"Someones nose has grown another few inches!"
29th Mar 2013 20:09
"Budda which club do you play football for again..... oh wait you dont! Cant stand it when people judge a professional footballer, probably some oath molded to his sofa."
29th Mar 2013 20:32
"LusettiGerrard, jeez, another anonymous publicity seeking git makes an unwanted appearance. What's the matter? No one paying attention to you. Why don't you make an opinion on the topic in hand and see if it stands up. If no one responds, you can always crawl back into the whole you came out from and continue your meaningless existence. "
29th Mar 2013 21:05
"Have we not all come from the "whole", Buddha? Shows how bored I am splitting hairs on this forum! This is what these international breaks do to me!! Anyway, always a pleasure chatting with fellow reds! A demain......"
29th Mar 2013 21:08
"Henderson is a far better player this season compare 2 last season as Brendan gave him the kick up his bum that he need and he will be a LFC player 4 many years 2 come "
29th Mar 2013 21:18
"Shouldn't take it personally, a wise person once said. Planes,trains and automobiles. "
29th Mar 2013 21:18
"Artist 19:50 - Class! Kingmat - You can get an app now for your iphone that has a Buddha Thesaurus.It gets a bit vexatious after a bit though. "
29th Mar 2013 21:25
"Just finished looking up vexatious - I learn new words everyday here! Wish I had all this technology when I was at school - would have still bunked history though...."
29th Mar 2013 21:30
"Reading Buddha's posts is the equivalent to doing 10 sudoko puzzles and watching 3 episodes of QI per day but is more stressful than living with a schizophrenic crack head. "
29th Mar 2013 22:05
"Bit tough Redahendo- I more often disagree with him, but he does make these forums more interesting- and I like the daily fights he causes!"
29th Mar 2013 22:12
"Kingmat - I know, we should send him on a free transfer to the MancShi& "
29th Mar 2013 22:28
"Hate Chelsea, but hope they trash united on Monday- with a couple of pre and post match Rafa rants mixed in with it. In fact, prefer a draw just to screw up Chelsea's fixture schedule."
30th Mar 2013 0:50
"Public Notice: kingmat will be my number 3 in the dugout when FSG give me the job.... "
30th Mar 2013 2:11
"better than Allen I must say, but I'm not saying Allen isn't good, he's good, but there's something missing in Allen."
30th Mar 2013 3:59
"If we can get Alonso and Ericksen then Hendo won't be needer or Allen or Lucas for that matter. Next season is crucial we can't accept mediocre players."
30th Mar 2013 9:50
"Stick with it Jordan. You have clearly bulked up and it shows on the field. People forget he is young. You don't become captain of England u19, u20 etc if your a bad player. He is a leader on and off the pitch"
30th Mar 2013 17:41
"Is it just me?? I think i'm beginning to love this guy as a player & as a person. YNWA Hendo..."