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"Why is every one jus posting negative posts. you all tell players and manger to concentrate on next game and all you negative fans can't comment about the next game... Come on let's get behind team and get a positive mood around the fans for next game.. Ynwa let's see we're we are end of season. "
31st Mar 2013 9:14
31st Mar 2013 10:03
"Come on you Reds. IBWT/YNWA"
31st Mar 2013 11:10
"This season was always going to be a transition year, we are not the finished article yet and our players need to be playing together over a longer period to gain some fluidity in the team, a couple more signings and we will challenge."
31st Mar 2013 12:04
"The reason people are posting negative posts is because there are no positives. We are lumbered with owners who are not interested and are skint, A championship manager, and a season were we have not competed for anything and even the bitters 6 points ahead. Progress? Rebuilding? God help us. "
31st Mar 2013 12:18
"No positives? Highest number of goals scored for about 15 years at this stage, more than when we finished 2nd a few years back, very young average age team who will have great experience next year as they go into their 20's, one of the best strikers in the world, better position in league than last year, owners who have spent £100 million+ on players. No positives? you're having a laugh."
Kingston Jah Red
31st Mar 2013 15:17
"Well we didn't start quickly, Villa had the better 1st hald, but thankfully we've had the better 2nd half. It was a must win today. Any more losses to relegation-battling sides and it would be hard for BR to keep up the 'progress' mantra that he likes to claim. "
31st Mar 2013 17:15
"Highest number of goals but still behind bitters, still struggling for Europa and 100m buys you 3 players who are world class.Plus our owners cant afford a new stadium. Who would have a laugh at that?"