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"The most important element which isn't quite there is the football," said the managing director...
29th Mar 2013 11:03
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 13:49
"BR out!"
Billy B girl
29th Mar 2013 13:54
"BR needs to go and we need to stop being the Bank of Swansea !!!!"
29th Mar 2013 16:37
"Wow everytime a read the comments are always negative, maybe if you spend more time SUPORTING the club as a whole, maybe, maybe we could be in a better position, negativity sucks. I really think BR is the man to bring back success, but patience is the key, we cant keep changing managers and expect to have instant success. (Cont)"
29th Mar 2013 16:37
"It takes time. and i think that the progress that we made so far is huge, from the star of the season to where we are now, and from last season as well, we've improved, squad wise, results wise and the way we are playing now is great. Give it time, and you'll see."
30th Mar 2013 2:33
"billy b girl out, we dont need mindless idiots making comments on this website"