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Anyone see Suarez punch Jara i think it was? He's such a rogue and I must say I love it, even though it was wrong. Bad Suarez naughty boy. Lol give this man his own tv show is what I say.
27th Mar 2013 10:01
27th Mar 2013 11:05
"I am so glad he is a Liverpool player I would have hated him if he wasn't."
27th Mar 2013 11:19
"a pity for him but what matters is that he did not pick up an injury along the double duty in south America, let's hope he will come back to concentrate steadily on the club and the next 8 games with us. We love you Luis, get well soon and gives others of your pieces of magic! YNWA El Pistolero"
27th Mar 2013 15:14
"Try Not to take too much heed of newspaper articles BUT Yesterdays in D.Mail re Pep G, being the Bro of Suarez,s Agent and him being number one target for Bayern in Summer is V worrying to say the least!! remember Nasri, Fabergas an co..not thing AWAY...I Hope and pray!!"
27th Mar 2013 15:48
"Seen the 'punch'. Its him being grabbed and the chilean leaning into him, face into Suarez's. Luis 'pops' him a very short jab-no excuse and it deserves a ban, but hardly Hagler-Hearns."
27th Mar 2013 17:30
"He needs our help, i mean, support, this have afected him,.before and with the game, he was called racist, diver, they trough some stones, the lad, needs us at lennon, supporing him, aswell the coach, the club, and his playmates,.this is crucial for him, we will respond " talking media" with an act of faith, in doing so,.we respect and honor shanklys holly trinnity,."
28th Mar 2013 6:43
"Suarez will performe magic to reach Brazil world cup final. just watch out"