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he is a world class player and the system that he plays in this season suits him as he is the main man up front and therefore gets more of the ball to his feet and he can work his magic around the opponents hope he doesn't leave but he can play for a better team than us atm #YNWA
27th Mar 2013 9:56
27th Mar 2013 9:58
"At the start of the season, a friend of mine quoted me the odds for Suarez top Premership scorer 12/13. I laughed it off, saying it's never gonna happen, with pretty much the same sentiments that Rushie gives here. Surprised, impressed, and hopeful that we can keep hold of him for repeat performances in years to come."
27th Mar 2013 10:33
"His prolificness in front of goal will increase even more as he now has Coutinho to do his creative work in areas that he should never have had to forage. Last season Suarez was creating his own goals and finding himself so tired that he was snatching at shots and not placing them. He now has Sturridge and Coutinho to help in the creative roles. "
27th Mar 2013 11:25
"world class ."
27th Mar 2013 11:47
"Just hope Luis is here next season. I have been surprised by his goal ratio this season after not being able to hit a barn door last season. Never doubted his abilities and the quality he can bring to the team but the goals tally has been a pleasant surprise"
27th Mar 2013 13:26
"Bring back Xavi Alonso! Some experienced player, too many young lads is no good.."
27th Mar 2013 13:32
"Hopefully Luis can see what is being built here! We want to stay and be part of it YNWA "
jimmy liddel
27th Mar 2013 13:53
"great player in my eyes but has to prove he is a great person by staying with us for one more season and see how things develope next season. lfc showed loyalty to him last season when he had the unjust accusatios.if he is going be a man and be honest with the people who stood by him"
27th Mar 2013 14:23
""At the beginning of the season, I would not have said Suarez was an out-and-out scorer," I agree with you Rush, but the BLUNDER BR has made is to play him wide and Sturridge as a central striker - this has reduced our goals tally as DS is not as prolific as LS"
27th Mar 2013 15:19
"Suarez is world class..Thats why Bayern Juve etc are falling over themselves to sign him come summer.Pep G wants him top target for Bayern wish list and with his Bro being Luis agent im WORRIED!! WE NEED To get Xavi alonso back and another major NAME to keep him company with S.G, and forge for CL spot next season IF hes to stat or even is here next season that is!! I hope and pray FSG Wake up!"
27th Mar 2013 16:20
"Well said Rushie. It's clear to see that LFC will only go from strength to strength under B Rodgers - YNWA!"
28th Mar 2013 0:29
"Out of respect, it is: Xabi Alonso ...with a B :)"
28th Mar 2013 10:17
"yes Snoi, sorry about that, just see that i mistyped Xabi...easy done;"