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Miss Josie so much.... My favourite city in the world!! Siyabonga South Africa for the best years of my life!! And definitely more lfc fans than mancs over there.....
27th Mar 2013 9:07
27th Mar 2013 9:51
"Wow miss Reddy so fit and fine, but I've been supporting the mighty Reds for over 25 years, so true that we are one big family. Through the good and the bad times we are Liverpool. YNWA - Kev from Cape Town"
27th Mar 2013 10:17
"Liverpool Fc greatest club ever glad to know there are fellow south african reds supporters, and hell more better supporters than those Manc B*******... lol SA red for life............"
27th Mar 2013 10:33
"i am also a proudly south african LFC supporter. I never miss a single game and my greatest wish is to sing YNWA with my scarf help up high at Anfield one day. like they say, one day is one day...#Sipho Kamkam, Johannesburg"
27th Mar 2013 10:33
"Wow. Real goosebumps miss Reddy. I am from Cape Town and our passion for the Mighty Reds runs really deep down here as well. I agree with everything you said. are a fantastic representative of South Africa to the rest of the Reds family accross the world...and gorgeous to boot."
27th Mar 2013 10:38
"not sure if you heard, but the Mighty Reds may be travelling to Cape Town in the off season. If it's true, then i will smokkel myself into the dressing room .....pretending to be a ref, lineseman or a 49 year old ballboy conveniently lost in the corodoors."
27th Mar 2013 11:04
"Please come to South Africa LFC, I have come to Anfield, now its your turn to return the favour :) You will love SA and the support you will get will be amazing. YNWA"
27th Mar 2013 11:10
"This is fantastic to have our very own sister featured on this page, I am a big fan of Liverpool and I feel a great sense of pride to be associated with this phenomenal club.YNWA!!!!"
27th Mar 2013 12:19
"Very nice words there Ms. Reddy, especially those: "Regardless of where we are in the world, we speak the same language and we're all massively in love with the same bird. It is simply extraordinary." I guess we all speak the same language - what you said up there are exactly my feelings about Liverpool FC. YNWA"
27th Mar 2013 12:32
"I've been a Proudly Scouse African Red for over 25 years now & will be for life ! Even though my entire family are manc's, ever since I was kid, there was just that "something" that drew me to the Reds. Excellent article & well done Melissa, you did us proud ! WALK ON !"
27th Mar 2013 13:04
"What a nice girl Melissa! Proud we have such a good looking dude to support our beloved club! Beauty is never a bad thing! YNWA Melissa Reddy"
27th Mar 2013 14:18
"Very proud to be a fellow Scouse African. Never miss a game and glued to this site. Gareth from PE"
27th Mar 2013 16:46
"She sure knows her stuff - pretty cool. And she's very hot too ;-)"
27th Mar 2013 18:40
"Girls clearly trying to get some modelling deals from this. poser"
27th Mar 2013 18:44
"Hi. Proud LFC fan from SA as well.Like everybody else , you echoed all our sentiments & more. I'm travelling to London 21 May 2013. Added weekend prior to watch LFC vs QPR, but only Hospitality packages are available at £179.00 & normal tickets are £44.75 at the ground. Desperate to get match tickets ONLY ( with our currency rates ?!?!? ). CAN ANYONE HELP. APPRECIATED.THANX. YNWA FOREVER "
27th Mar 2013 19:03
"So, LFC, when are you going to come and visit us in Welkom? Best city in South Africa :-)"
southbrook scouse
27th Mar 2013 21:30
"I think I'm in love ! "
28th Mar 2013 4:38
"Mel is worth a follow on Twitter, There are also 8 Johannesburg REDS heading over for the Derby. Bring it on"
28th Mar 2013 8:41
"Excellent interview. Pretty much sums up the passion the supporters in South Africa have for their great club. YNWA"
10th Jul 2013 13:11
"The keyword here is Family Football Club, a global family club indeed. History will justly show that what ever way others may have taken to surpass the achievements that LFC have graced, The fact is LFC always done it the LFC way. No marquee signings then we still made few heavyweights cried. YNWA"