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not for me.
25th Mar 2013 11:22
25th Mar 2013 11:33
"He is a free agent in the summer and would be a great signing alongside Honda. Liverpool only need around 2/3 signings to challenge for top 4 and the league. "
25th Mar 2013 11:50
"noooooooooo DRIES MERTENS please"
25th Mar 2013 11:57
"Trouble with Tom Ince, is you have his dad the "Guvnor" and massive trouble maker, making all the decisions, let it go. Not worth the trouble."
Save us Kenny
25th Mar 2013 12:15
"2/3 signings to challenge for league!!!! Thats the funniest most deluded comment of all time. Tom Ince already cleared off for more money elsewhere, he obviously doesnt love us, so we dont want him"
25th Mar 2013 14:08
"Save us Kenny - Yes you numpty"
25th Mar 2013 14:10
"Stop buying english players especially at the attacking position, just look for another latino, spanish, or would be love to see if draxler come for us.."
Save us Kenny
25th Mar 2013 14:46
"Numpty? If self awarenessdefines conciousness, you are a walking coma man. We will finish 6-8th, and JC retires, yet you seriously reckon adding Honda, Ince and 1 other will provide a le shot? What drugs are you on? "
25th Mar 2013 15:27
"Luis7??9,instead of throwing childish insults out because someone happens to disagree with your opinion,why don't you do something adult-like and explain yourself.2 to 3 new players for a lge le shot,I name calling now."
25th Mar 2013 16:26
"Save us Kenny - Must be some fantastic drugs since I have been right for the past 4 years :D 6th place this year and thats 5 years in a row. Amen! "
25th Mar 2013 16:27
"dhjames - Disagree all you want, I will be predicting again over the summer after the transfers where LFC end up. "
Save us Kenny
25th Mar 2013 17:49
"Ok we sign Ince, Honda and CB to replace Carra. Where will we finish?"
25th Mar 2013 18:34
"Luis7??9,we all come on here to give our opinions on "rumours" in the papers.You seem hell-bent on being right or correct.....calm down heh!2-3 new players and a fantastic season then we have a great chance at top 4...but not lge le just yet."
25th Mar 2013 21:11
"we need at least 4 big time players who wont ever sign for us while we are were we are at the minute!! simple!"