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It doesnt get worse than this...
24th Mar 2013 15:48
24th Mar 2013 16:59
"Crappy article. Waste of time. Get it off the website!!"
24th Mar 2013 17:12
"I suppose it's in Liverpool the city, but still... "
24th Mar 2013 17:13
"joneseyboy- Lay off the coffee if I was you, it's just a short article about something LFC-related, what's the aggro for?! "
24th Mar 2013 17:14
"Seen worse- I once saw a scarf with 'man utd' on it. Terrible."
24th Mar 2013 17:30
"looks like a dik with two earings"
24th Mar 2013 17:31
"haha looks like two magnets trying to keep a floppy dik erect"
24th Mar 2013 17:39
"somebody taking the ? Grrrr!!!!"
24th Mar 2013 17:41
"Try again! somebody taking the p-e-e-s-s?"
24th Mar 2013 18:24
" This is worse"
24th Mar 2013 18:55
"It could be a lot worse... It could have the S ;ogo om the stupid thing. YNWA"
24th Mar 2013 20:26
"They sell them at the Everpool diner. Fence sitters.....;)"
24th Mar 2013 21:43
"Everton wishes they had our history"
25th Mar 2013 9:02
"Must be chinese."
25th Mar 2013 10:16
"Designed by a disgrunted Toffee face prat."
25th Mar 2013 12:55
"I suppose it's from a family who support both teams, like many here on Merseyside.How can you say worse Ricey you must be really biased, thumbs down for you.Thing like this cause trouble you know, this is not banter at all."