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Next liverpool manager methinks, would have the club in his heart and be tactically astute. Sami has done a class job at leverhausen and i wish him ever success.
24th Mar 2013 13:46
24th Mar 2013 13:46
"We think of you with joy SH...Y.N.W.A!"
24th Mar 2013 14:04
"Immense player"
24th Mar 2013 14:33
"We have nothing but good memories of you Sami and have great respect and fondness for you as a true gentleman and superb player. YNWA "
24th Mar 2013 14:33
"Absolute legend."
24th Mar 2013 14:36
"Sami Legend! I don't know if he will become our gaffer sooner rather than later, I am only sure he will come into our staff before it will be expected! I wish him any well for his managerial career. Best of luck Sami, hope you will will bring your team toward the top results! YNWA Sami Hyypia"
24th Mar 2013 14:36
"Cordoso: Its Leverkusen not Leverhausen ;) I WISHED SAMI WAS HERE RIGHT NOW! Also a shame we let Steve Clarke leave..."
Billy B girl
24th Mar 2013 14:48
"Sami you are one of our own. Absolute professional and gentleman! how we miss you! Saw your interview yesterday and your praise of Rafa - great would love to see Rafa back as our manager but when he retires I think your time will come! YNWA"
24th Mar 2013 14:51
"Love Sami, love Rafa."
24th Mar 2013 15:04
"aww! Sami, we all forgive you for your mistakes but thank you so much for your time here! We could really use a defender like you right now haha. We still love you! ynwa"
24th Mar 2013 15:26
"Massive shame this guy isnt out defensive coach! Could one day be manager though, maybe we could strike a deal with him to get schurrle!"
24th Mar 2013 15:27
"Always a legend to us Sami, best CB partnership ever had was you and Carra. Would love to see you back here coaching but not sure even that could tear you aware from your joint managerialship. Wish RB would've kept you though until you retired."
24th Mar 2013 15:27
"i was at the pre season friendly took my g/daughtewr and g/son to thier 1st match ,wat a great reception sammi got absolute legend "
24th Mar 2013 15:32
"saw sami yesterday on football focus still looks fit to play better then some players playing today, great defender ,greatly missed"
24th Mar 2013 15:41
"YNWA Sami!! "
24th Mar 2013 15:49
"Lets get him back here now be an excellent addition to our defensive coaching squad YNWA Sami"
24th Mar 2013 15:58
"Great player, great man, genuine person, would love to see Sami back as manager one day."
24th Mar 2013 17:10
"legend. 3rd-they're doing very well. Nice one Sami!"
24th Mar 2013 17:24
"People use the word world class or to freely when mentioning players. Hyypia though was truly world class, I think he has been our best center back since Hanson. How I wish we could find another gem like him."
Denza Red
24th Mar 2013 17:41
"Oh Sami Sami............miss your presence in our back four. Had the privilege of presenting you with North Derbyshire Reds Player of the Year 2001/2. Your success will continue at Leverkusen because class is permanent!! "
24th Mar 2013 18:58
"Leute benutzen das Ausdruck <> zu frei und geben ihr Vertrauen und Glauben zu leicht, wenn er nicht erworben worden ist. Aber hier in Sami Hypia, ist eine wahre Legende und ein Personenvertrauen und -glaube konnten gesetzt werden basierten auf seiner Liverpool-Karriere und seinem Leverkusen-Erfolg. â"
24th Mar 2013 19:02
"Sami Hypia ist "Sound as a pound"...ya!"
24th Mar 2013 19:07
"Oh sami sami,sami sami sami sami hypia !!!! Great guy ynwa"
24th Mar 2013 21:06
"I always thought Sami lacked a bit of pace, but his incredible tactical awareness and positional sense made him so hard to beat. We could do with more of that in our defence now... YNWA Sami."
24th Mar 2013 21:38
"It would be a great idea if Brendan gives him a job 2 sort out our def next next season.And then 1 day he wil be our boss "
24th Mar 2013 22:07
"I will never forget his last ganme - where Rafa refused to bring him on, and had to be pressured by the crowd. He warmed up for 85 minutes. Then he nearly scored with his first touch. Still had more to give when he left. A true Liverpool player in every sense of the word - the nearest we have had to Allen Hansen. YNWA."
24th Mar 2013 22:07
"Miss his presence at corners."
24th Mar 2013 23:40
"Oh yes, I saw this on BBC early on the day, was a nice touch by Sami, still miss him so much :'( Rafa broke my heart not giving the big fella new contract. "
25th Mar 2013 2:08
"A true legend ..he made Carra become a better player "
25th Mar 2013 6:38
"A Liverpool legend - I miss the Sami smile which was never far away!"
25th Mar 2013 10:42
"What is he talking about? Mistakes? Sami is an LFC legend!! One of the great servants of the club and a quality player...! Defended like a giant, and had a knack for scoring important goals. He has nothing to apologise for... If only we had more like him."
25th Mar 2013 12:31
"The sooner we get rid of Brendan Rodgers the better we will go nowhere under him, clueless and tactically inept . Bring back raffa and Sami as his no.2 people who our beloved club means something to. Get rid of Ian ayre as well he's a proper beaut! "
27th Mar 2013 16:06
"goosebumps and tears of joy...ty 4 every second sammy..."
27th Mar 2013 22:47
"Sami is exactly the type of centrehalf we need. A big, commanding presence in the box who won't be intimidated or brushed aside by forwards. A team needs a strong spine from goalkeeper through centrehalf, central midfield and centre forward. When you have that you can add the dressing along the flanks. The thing we're missing at the moment is that dominant centrehalf figure"