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we dont need this guy..
23rd Mar 2013 18:29
23rd Mar 2013 18:57
"oh yeh didnt he play the minder "
23rd Mar 2013 19:05
"he's a quality striker, who offers workrate and goals at the same time, can be indeed the real replacement for Dirk Kuyt, but the austrian is quicker and can offer the fresheness of the young age, at that fee it's a no-brainer, get him!"
23rd Mar 2013 19:14
"I think he'd be a good signing..."
23rd Mar 2013 19:14
"dident he used to play the minder"
23rd Mar 2013 19:25
"id rather benteke..ricky van wolfsinkel joined norich we should be able to scalp benteke"
23rd Mar 2013 19:33
"benteke n weimenn a must buy in the summer:P but seriously there's something about buying other clubs young stars that i dont like. especially villa now that they'r struggling to remain in the prem. i'd rather we give our own young talents a chance."
23rd Mar 2013 19:40
"could be a good signing for us especially for that price"
23rd Mar 2013 20:03
"wishful thinking, just buy established striker not this weimann thing."
23rd Mar 2013 20:05
"what i liked in him (for what i`ve seen) he is working his socks of to get a ball back, runs like a dog after the ball and knows how to press. Could be a good bargain if we treat him well and he will want to work for Liverpool."
23rd Mar 2013 21:08
"He s not good enough we need to be looking at bringing in better than this...."
Save us Kenny
23rd Mar 2013 22:18
"Got enough potential in Suso, Borini, Sturridge, Yesil, Morgan, Pacheco, Ngoo... We need proper players "
23rd Mar 2013 22:36
"Right club Wrong player....we need Benteke !!!!!"
24th Mar 2013 3:58
24th Mar 2013 3:59
"He would be another charlie adam!"
24th Mar 2013 4:46
"Stop signing youngster for a while. Sign world class player next season if we want Suarez to stay. Show him our big ambitions. For me Lpool still can attract big name players. M Sakho, A Sanchez, A Rami, F Caentro, L Damiao, C Erikssen, D Merten.... "
liverpool till die
24th Mar 2013 6:30
"For 5 mil it will be a very good sign. I still believe BR is doing right thing in buying players with low transfer fees. Look wt AC & DS are doing with combined 23 ml price tag and compare with the likes of Carroll and others. Also BR wasnt given any money at the start of the season, he bought Joe & Borini from the transfer money of Kuyt, Bellamy, Adams .."
24th Mar 2013 8:01
"I hope we are not building Liverpool on Swansea model. Liverpool is a big club and has its own tradition. I trust BR is not tracking LFC down to middle table team model and style with mid team team type players."
24th Mar 2013 8:23
"What have we become if we keep on looking to buy players on the cheap! We need to spend and buy quality players wisely otherwise we will be a perpetual mid-table team!"
24th Mar 2013 8:42
"If we want a striker who can play out wide, wait for qpr to get relegated and get Remy."
liverpool till die
24th Mar 2013 10:09
"It. Won't be possible this season that we can get world class players with CL is out of our reach. Still throwing money to the players mean we are in danger of buying overrated players at very inflated price. It will be wise to get the defence and midfield sorted out this summer with good players and then may be in January we can go for 1 or 2 world class player."
24th Mar 2013 10:54
"Lets help relegate villa next sunday so we can get benteke on the cheap........"
24th Mar 2013 12:32
"Seriously what is with people saying we have to spend big money on individual players? Then next breath on about signing players like benteke yes had a really big impact this season looks a really good player i wouldnt say no to signing him but did villa pay a huge fee for him? No they never hence you dont have to spend 20m+ on a player,Coutinho 9m i rest my case."
24th Mar 2013 12:56
"This guy is average at best,how can we allow this rubbish on own site."
24th Mar 2013 18:47
"If he joins suarez can leave with all fans blessing because it will show just how small this club is slowly becoming"
24th Mar 2013 21:57
"Wrong player we need 2 be getting a higher quailty player from Spain or Holland i think"
24th Mar 2013 23:43
"Alonso,Eriksen,Sakho,Okore,Wanayama, Biglia,Williams,James Rodriguez,Jovetic,Icardi,Iturra,Honda,Ince, Cissokho,Diame,Benteke,Bony If we can get 3 or 4 from the list ill be glad, it should all be realistic targets for us."