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I feel fine with Rodger's, Carra missed the last game and guess what, we lost. What does that say about the players on the pitch? Says more about the players then it does the manager. Rodger's can only field what he has available.
22nd Mar 2013 12:54
22nd Mar 2013 13:06
"aston villa 3 liverpool1 southampton3 liverpool1 and lots of other bad results so if you are fine with that BRadmirer you must be easily pleased"
22nd Mar 2013 13:19
"dhd39 hence why BR wants to buy in his own defenders. If you cant see that BR has been given a near impossible job this season to get into a top 4 spot or produce a more consistent winning team then sorry you either dont know much about football or just a BR hater? Look at the amount of young very young players he has had to use. Injuries hasnt helped you cant blame him for that."
22nd Mar 2013 13:21
"dhd39 have you been paying attention to the league? We are not the only ones dropping points from the top teams. BR has done a very good job so far and will be even better next season, we can still nick 4th if we go on a run now as the other top teams still have each other to play. "
22nd Mar 2013 13:25
"After the next window and midway through next season see how the team is looking and performing. This season was always going to be tough and up hill struggle with the depth and age of squad he had from the start. People are far to quick to judge managers and players these days especially if you take into account what they have to work with then look at the teams we are competing with for top 4. "
22nd Mar 2013 13:28
"Oh pipe down dhd39. I lose my patient with comments like that from people who'd change manager after every game if they could."
22nd Mar 2013 13:31
"Just take man utd,city,arsenal,chelsea even spurs and look utd have had years with a successful manager to get to where they are and be consistently in top 4. City the amount of millions pumped into that squad are obviously going to be in about there. Same with chelsea although to me the clubs a joke run by a guy with more money than sense in football terms. "
22nd Mar 2013 13:38
"Arsenal has had a top manager there for a lot of years to put his stamp on the club. Spurs that squad was built over a few years under harry, so for to think BR could come in and one season after having to get rid of so many dead wood players basically start from scratch with in todays terms a low budget for our ambitions, and mount a serious challenge in his first season? You must be delusional."
22nd Mar 2013 14:16
"this banter is all well and good but does anyone know if Sakho is any good and if we should go for him?"
22nd Mar 2013 14:31
"Ah yes... I believe he would be a good signing. Dede also would be nice!"
22nd Mar 2013 14:33
"We need a defender with a voice like carra,,because defensively last week we were poor,,don't blame Rodgers,,it's the players that need to be performing when they are on the pitch and not only for the bigger games"
Red Yank 1969
22nd Mar 2013 15:21
"we need a vocal leader in the back and neither Agger or Skrtel provide that type of leadership. Whoever BR brings in, they are going to have to be a vocal person. This is what is killing both Skrtel and Agger at the moment."
22nd Mar 2013 15:38
"I hope this rumour about Sakho is true, think that Mr Ancelotti did undervalue his talent and the guy would deserve to play in a team in which he could be more trusted by the gaffer, LFC would fit the bill for him of course!"
22nd Mar 2013 19:39
"Agger and Skrytl have been horibbly inconsistent this latter part of the season hence Carra elevated to starter. He missed the last game and we sufferred. Obviously that says we have no depth in central defense(especially) as well so i agree with BRadmirer."