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Give the lad contract already otherwise sooner or later the whole England will chase him and he will pick the wrong colors to play for :P
22nd Mar 2013 11:29
22nd Mar 2013 12:10
"remember we have a young striker playing for rotheram who would have scored 30 in 24 games in that league"
22nd Mar 2013 13:12
"If Liverpool were weighing up a bid for a pile of dog turd spurs would "show an interest" there like petulant little kids!!! "
22nd Mar 2013 14:06
"why didint lfc make him an offer and sign him up. to keep the rest of the pl away... slow of the mark again...tut tut !!!"
22nd Mar 2013 15:40
"Not Really surprised to read this because it seems to me that anyone that We seem to be interested in then automatically Spurs are interested as well. YNWA REDS."
22nd Mar 2013 15:50
"fobiuz did you see the guy play with us against West Ham? Are you that sure it's worth a punt put under contract that dude? For me he is not a big prospect, it's needed only to nurture our Academy in terms of strenght in depth! Let's try to reflect prior to mmake foolishness!"
tiburon martillo
23rd Mar 2013 9:34
"Are Liverpool to find all Spur's new recruits?"
23rd Mar 2013 11:17
"What's new there nothing u've got spurs scouts watching our scouts instead of finding there own talent YNWA"
23rd Mar 2013 18:59
"exactly fobiuz we should have given him a contract after that trial, instead of waiting until other prem clubs start to show interest. we'r always so slow."