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Was a great show and I liked it, though let's pretend the envelopes never happened. Hope they do another series about LFC!
22nd Mar 2013 11:18
22nd Mar 2013 11:36
"nice one, there's me thinking we weren't going to win anything this year. rodgers will be so proud of himself"
22nd Mar 2013 15:43
"Let's hope they edited the first couple of results out for the US market."
22nd Mar 2013 16:05
"Well deserved. It was a great look into our LFC. Very honest and passionate. Here's to hoping we win! :D Seanny They didn't but it was still good. YNWA"
22nd Mar 2013 16:53
"An absolute load of cr** !!"
celtic red
22nd Mar 2013 17:01
"Is this yet another early April fools, just like the Owen piece.... The programming was a joke"
22nd Mar 2013 18:49
"Negative comments! How surprising! If you didn't like it fair enough, but 'a joke'(how?) and 'c**p' (what exactly and why?) Without explainations you two sound like you'd compalin about anything-which I'm sure isn't the case. Unless..."
23rd Mar 2013 23:03
"bout time we won summit....was a load of bolox though but horses for courses an all that"