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Jonjo MOTM, bossed the midfield, all the reds represented their country well, but Wilfred Zaha wow. Great player. YNWA
21st Mar 2013 20:59
21st Mar 2013 21:04
"Excellent news. I hope Jack gets some game time with the senior LFC team next season. I think he has the makings of a good player."
21st Mar 2013 21:10
"all our players played well for england tonight,I know they wern't playing against much, Jonjo owned the ball,and Hendo very strong, well done lads. "
21st Mar 2013 21:19
"Well done all our lads involved in the game! Congratulations to Jonjo and Raheem for the outstanding performance, they deserve to be MOTM co-winner! Congrats even to Robbo for the fine goal scored! Keep going so young lads! and keep staying injury free! YNWA U21s Reds"
21st Mar 2013 22:27
"All three assists from Liverpool players and one goal from a Liverpool player-Jack Robinson. I think Zaha was better than the last game but his trickery will be sussed straight out in the Premier League. His stepovers and all that are sloppy at best."
21st Mar 2013 23:13
"Nice one Robbo - Shame that for me he will never upstage the time when he told LS to go and mate with himself - Good lad!"
Billy B girl
22nd Mar 2013 0:14
"Well done boys you represented us well all MOTM for me !"
22nd Mar 2013 1:39
"All our players stood out in that game, to me tho that Zaha looked good only because he was playing against a poor side. Experienced defenders would make mince meet out of him trying all those step overs etc in the EPL. Just my opinion i dont think he will ever be a great player at a big club, tricky player poor end product and noticed a few lapses in concentration. Jonjo was MOTM "
22nd Mar 2013 1:48
" second goal was all about our boys, hendo out wide to shelvey great ball with his left foot and robinson done great getting in behind the back with a really good goal which wasnt an easy one to take.should let jonjo out on loan for a full season just think he would benefit a lot more than in and out our first team again next season. Has the attributes to be a top quality midfielder i think. "
22nd Mar 2013 12:12
"From what I read good performances from Jack, Jonjo and Raheem (who should've bagged goals). Definately hope they progress further in our first team. Upbeat about our youth products at the moment, please let them develop BR."
22nd Mar 2013 14:56
"Good to see LFC is the most represented club in England U21 squad. The future is bright trust me."
22nd Mar 2013 16:20
"zaha was probably motm, did terrorize the poor Romanians "
22nd Mar 2013 21:48
"well done lads"