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That's the true meaning of being Liverpool....and I'm so very proud of it! YNWA!
22nd Mar 2013 9:15
22nd Mar 2013 11:08
"this is the Liverpool way... and I am so much proud of that! YNWA "
22nd Mar 2013 11:09
"this is the Liverpool way... and I am so much proud of that! YNWA "
22nd Mar 2013 12:50
"Really enjoy what the academy is doing for young kids. Most seem to be really grounded and focus. That should translate well going forward for any that end up in the first team. "
22nd Mar 2013 16:08
"selling suarez will be a great benefit for the me..he is lack of skills..even he cant run well..he acts like a star but he is not a star..itz the truth..he cant be a bale,ronaldo oe messi..well we can get money by sellng him to buy in new skillfull nt stars..we need to buy player which have the potential to become star in the united did.."
22nd Mar 2013 16:14
Sir Bob
22nd Mar 2013 20:55
"That is what i want our club to be about. Because we are more than just a football club. Well done to everyone , keep up the good work ! Remember We Are and always have been The Peoples Club"
22nd Mar 2013 21:29
"Liverpul4lyf looks like you would like to see our Suarez at your club Manu ,shame you can't get no love on your own club site and you and your fans are so far up yourselves you can't remember what's day light,like hope all lfc fans are having a good laugh at your expense. You fool."