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nice guy, but a bit shaky at time. not too convince with his keeping.
25th Mar 2013 9:36
25th Mar 2013 9:37
"nice guy, but a bit shaky at time. not too convince with his keeping. "
25th Mar 2013 11:30
"Quality as back-up is inportant and I think -southampton game aside maybe- we've got it in Brad. I can remember people saying Pepe to be sold and Brad to replace him not that long ago! They're quiet now though."
25th Mar 2013 13:25
"Already had Good Skills. Poor decision sometimes, but he will improve for sure. YNWA. "
25th Mar 2013 14:06
"good keeper, always gives his best! Its not easy to be second choice all the time..."
25th Mar 2013 14:23
"oh come on, how could u guys rate him as a good goalie, he doesn't know how to catch the ball, only know how to bounce, tip or push it..his passing isn't good also..UNCONVINCING, I am always worry all the game time when he charges on the post.."
Gerrard o ya beauty
25th Mar 2013 15:07
"Top back up brad jones, I don't feel nervous when he has to step in. The amount of 1 on 1 saves he's made this season, he's quality back up! Nice 1 brad apart from the poor Oldham game you'v done us proud. YNWA"
25th Mar 2013 15:23
"Mixed feelings here. I'm as confident in Jones as in anybody when dealing with a penalty or spot kick. But, then you have a match like Oldham where a bobble on a not-so-difficult shot costs us the match. It's hard to judge whether more regular playing time would bring more consistent play, though. I imagine it must be exceptionally hard to prepare as the backup 'keeper."
31st Mar 2013 4:12
"Wow, this dude is no good. We need a quality #2 and at least 2 new defenders. It would also be nice to have a defensive presence in midfield, someone who can shut things down. Lucas has been great, it would be nice to try and get another player in the Mascherano mold."