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No Good just looking like ballack, you need to be playing like him too. Keep going lad lets hope you climb the ladder into the first team soon.
21st Mar 2013 9:49
21st Mar 2013 9:57
"i hope we can bring him up to the first team as soon as possible :) "
21st Mar 2013 11:45
"for me he looks abit like Gerrard hope to see him in the 1st team next season."
21st Mar 2013 13:01
"I think you might have misheard them..... "
21st Mar 2013 15:14
21st Mar 2013 17:42
"I got the moves like Ballack, I got the moves like Ballack, I got the mo-o-o-o-o-oves like Ballack!"
21st Mar 2013 17:49
"Buddha's face looks like something that sounds very similar to ballack. Quite appropriate as he usually talks a load of it."
21st Mar 2013 18:24
"Michael Ballack looks like the actor Steven Boyd who played Messala alongside Charlton Heston in the movie epic 'Ben Hur', Connor Coady looks absolutely nothing like any of them, he needs experience in the first team very badly, he is a Gerrard or Carra type but must get chances to shine or he's gonna be wasted."
Billy B girl
21st Mar 2013 18:53
"kopking100 just what I was going to say! clasANDsuccess good post!"
21st Mar 2013 18:55
"Wonder if he's as long as Ballack in the shower?"
21st Mar 2013 20:26
"Have you seen Conor Coady play before? Trust me , for his age he will play a lot better than Ballack in time to come! Just do your thing Conor and you will be just fine! YNWA!"
21st Mar 2013 23:47
"Hope your as good as him Ballack was a class act!"
22nd Mar 2013 1:43
"For me Coady is a far better prospect than Shelvey, Allen , or even Lucas"
22nd Mar 2013 1:46
"Stevie yes, but Carra never.Far, far better."
22nd Mar 2013 7:25
"Can you have suble?"