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Im gonna get slated for this I know I am, but the holes in the middle and the lack of pace/defensive cover need addressing with some real competition for Lucas- Step forward Wanyama from Celtic. This guy would be a beast of a signing.
Rush job
20th Mar 2013 12:28
20th Mar 2013 13:01
"I'm worried if you are at your best Lad, because the way Rodriguez waltzed round you and Skrtel for Southamptons third on Saturday is a real worry!!"
20th Mar 2013 13:11
"wanyama might be able to play at premier league level but it would be better to have the quality and experience of alonso to nurture and guide the younger stars. as for lucas he might never be the best in the world but he has the biggest heart."
Rush job
20th Mar 2013 13:16
"Johnd etc- Correct. And what little pace that Lucas may have had will be even more reduced by the injury which he had, and will not return either. Cordoso- He does have a huge heart, and is a red, but does a huge heart beat talent?"
20th Mar 2013 13:18
"Lucas sounds like he has scouse blood running in his veins. He's a very cool headed dude, he loves it here & we love him too."
20th Mar 2013 14:10
"Lucas - I think you are a great player but I am concerned if you are near your best.. Rodriguez skipped past you and Skrtel for Southamptons third goal like you were standing still! "
20th Mar 2013 14:15
"Lucas is yet another one of those players i felt was just too 'nice' to be a resounding success in English football, he's been at the club a long time now, he's had a fair crack and we ain't going places."
20th Mar 2013 14:33
"Have to say Lucas can play well but he's been much, much better for us before."
20th Mar 2013 14:40
"There is nothing wrong with adding compeiion in midfield and Wanyama can be a good addition and is he a better player than Allen yes I think he is as for BR selling Allen in summer well better ask him."
20th Mar 2013 15:03
"Ok Lucas now step up and prove it.Need to win all our remaining games and finish above the bitters. Look forward to our next game..."
20th Mar 2013 15:07
"We should get at least 2 DM this summer and play Lucas further up which is his natural position. Anyway, a half fit Lucas still as effective as some of our players sorry to say that! "
20th Mar 2013 16:13
"Our team is close to mid table. Talking day after day won't progress the team forward.You players should do the talking on the pitch."
20th Mar 2013 16:50
"Yes the defensive unit has been v disappointing this season. Cant blame Lucas too much as has been injured. Skertel and Johnson have been worrying. BR needs to shake this up in the summer. Lucas will be fine"
20th Mar 2013 17:05
"Lucas - I want to believe that! Really! But the third Southampton goal tells us a lot about our midfield."
20th Mar 2013 17:29
"Great heart and talent, but a little worrisome to say you are back at best. Why did you not start in place of the smaller, unproven, injured shoulder JA? In addition, when you did come on you were the center of a SOTON Merry-go-round? Positive is good but so is realistic."
20th Mar 2013 17:31
"rushjob ,there is no subsute for talent as alonso was out injured for a month or so in 2009 and came back in playing as if he had never been out. lucas is not of that quality but he is a gem in other ways, we still lack that depth ad quality in midfield and like with gary mc c alonso can be the wise old head."
20th Mar 2013 18:14
"Not after Saturdays performance!"
20th Mar 2013 19:08
"far to many negative comments on here, Lucas is getting there and we are a better team when hes in it, when masc left we would have been screwed if it wern`t for Lucas so show some respect and let him get back into his stride."
20th Mar 2013 20:07
"If your performance at Southampton is approaching your best god help us, I know alot of fans rate Lucas but i'm not one of them, he is still giving away silly fouls in dangerous areas and he's been doing that since day one, when you look at the class midfield players we've had down the years Lucas doesn't even come close, i'm not questioning his heart or desire but you need more than that."
20th Mar 2013 20:32
"The lad didn't say he was at his best, his words were "I'm not there yet." We are far more vulnerable when he doesn't play and we miss his vision too. Please stay fit Lucas - we need you !"
21st Mar 2013 1:51
"Lucas is tops. And besides, Stevie plays better when Lucas is there. Being the conscientious type, Gerrard only goes forward when he feels it`s safe to do so. There`s an argument for playing Stevie permanently further forward, as we all know. The thing is, who can be relied upon to do all the housekeeping behind? "
21st Mar 2013 2:07
"and ur best still pales in comparision to an off form Alonso....that's how i rate u Lucas... Do u recall ur feeble attempt to tackle when Southhampton scored their 3rd goal last week ??"
21st Mar 2013 2:15
"Lets face it BR can't organise the team defensively. Defensively we are playing with a massively flawed system and it's no coincidence that our best defensive players suddenly look absolute crap this season. For this reason alone we won't get anywhere with BR."
21st Mar 2013 2:17
"The amount of space Lucas has to cover on his own at times isn't even funny. There is a massive gap between him and the other two midfielders when opposition makes a quick counter and BR still hasn't addressed this. "
21st Mar 2013 2:24
"I can't remember the times when we had such massive holes in the middle of the park, not even during evans days we gave up that much space to an opposition!"