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Hey, Suso and I have the same type of laptop! Good taste you have there,
23rd Mar 2013 11:29
23rd Mar 2013 12:15
"Hope luis stays.All this talk about him leaving in the summer is very unsettling."
23rd Mar 2013 12:19
"I really really really miss KD!!! Love his passion on LFC!"
23rd Mar 2013 13:15
"Yes KK is the man!!Another season would not have been out of the question!!"
23rd Mar 2013 13:29
"Luis Garcia,he drinks sangria an eats hot dogs and scored two of my favourite ever goals Juve and chelski!!!! TOTAL LEGEND!!! YNWA "
23rd Mar 2013 14:11
"hey suso ill give you a game of poker anytime you feel like respect"
23rd Mar 2013 14:19
"suso-don't start gambling. Garcia-where's the sangria? Oh, kenny and robbie might have it. England's U21's finished with LFC half the outfield-the futures great! And as McAteer points out-the bigger picture is looking good too!"
23rd Mar 2013 14:21
"krocc- And he scored a great chip against Norwich I watched on 'normal' TV whilst on holiday in Moscow! Great player and we should have swapped someone else for torres. Oh well, respect him 100%"
23rd Mar 2013 17:20
"Sacking Kenny was a mistake without a championship manager lined up. Benitez would of been best option . We have gone backwards "
23rd Mar 2013 19:25
"so happy to see KD. really miss his smile and his passion for our club"
23rd Mar 2013 20:42
"It is fascinating to belong to a great football family like LFC."
A Red In My Bed
24th Mar 2013 10:17
"The word 'Legend' gets bandied around much too easily. If you wanna understand the word properly: Kenny Dalglish... LEGEND in every sense of the word. Best No.7 ever! yNwa"
Denza Red
24th Mar 2013 11:06
"How exciting for you.......yawn, yawn!!"