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He's never fit in the books of KOP LEGEND, I call him a traitor and in my own sense of humor " he OWEN shouldn't have been a local scouser". And so should he be talked about any further, because he was never fit to stand in proud as a KOP born.. And from the day you put on the Red Devil jersey, you completely became a failed man inside.. YNWA
19th Mar 2013 12:27
19th Mar 2013 12:39
"sad news, another my hero sadly hangs up his boots! it doesn't matter the regret who some LFC supporters have addressed to him as he left our club, what counts is the goodness of the man, the quality of the professional and his beautiful talent, those will go never missed in the memory! Best of luck for your future career away from the pitch Micheal! YNWA Golden Boy"
19th Mar 2013 14:05
"All the best for your retirement from pro football and thanks for some great memories. But you were no Robbie Fowler!!"
19th Mar 2013 14:11
"Judas and a Traitor !! "
19th Mar 2013 14:36
"He was a very special talent who peaked maybe too soon but i do wish him all the best as he served us well during his time here but cant forgive him for the way he left us and on his return signed for Man ure,not in the same league as Fowler and Rush though."
19th Mar 2013 14:48
"Mixed views about his latter career and some comments but can't dislike him let alone hate him. he was outstanding for liverpool and at times won matches - important matches - virtually on his own. Could turn games just like Rush before him and Gerrard then and now. "
19th Mar 2013 14:53
"owen.. who is he?"
19th Mar 2013 15:41
"Who's this guy?"
19th Mar 2013 16:32
"Here we go with all the venom; please let's grow up. Wasn't happy at all when he left, the manner in which he left, and worst of all, playing for the s. However, when he played for us, boy did he play and I enjoyed every moment. All the best for the long as it doesn't involve the s :-)"
19th Mar 2013 16:59
"Goodbye, one of the best strikers to have ever laced up the boots and worn the England shirt. Pity your name was sullied when you went to Manchester United."
19th Mar 2013 18:40
"He is a professional footballer and has had a very good career. All the best in life and thanks for your memories. "
19th Mar 2013 19:04
"Can't forget him chancing his arm by faking for a penalty against Carra when we played Utd at Anfield and he wore their jersey, what a turncoat. He wanted to become another Beckham when he went to Madrid but he failed, he was always jealous of Robbie Fowler, went off Owen big time."
19th Mar 2013 19:08
"Admired Owen when he played for Liverpool, he owes our club so much but looking back, he was in love with himself. I couldn't believe it when he scraped the barrel and signed up with Utd, that's not right, no way."
19th Mar 2013 20:33
"nigeriankop: Venom? you kidding right? maybe you don't know this but let's get this straight: As an ex-Liverpool player, you simply don't switch to Manure United. It's called greed, ast many other words. YNWA Bro"
20th Mar 2013 2:56
"failed scouser ..."