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I can think of 101 things to do to that idiot who snatched the shirt from that poor boy's hands. But that's a good gesture from Jay.
19th Mar 2013 10:32
19th Mar 2013 10:48
"class act from of those players who has the scouse heart and determination. i hope we find u a place in our team spearo. YNWA"
19th Mar 2013 10:57
"Nice one Jay my lads got a red one of yours which you gave for him when he got ran over and was in a bad way in alderhay.YNWA"
19th Mar 2013 11:03
"that bloke should be found and banned from all the matches and should hang his head in shame but well done to jay top bloke"
19th Mar 2013 12:44
"Well done Jay, great gesture, big scouse hearth! YNWA JS"
19th Mar 2013 15:30
"well done to Jay for his heart warming gesture."
19th Mar 2013 15:32
"10 years old? The shirt probably fit him perfect. Good play Jay."
20th Mar 2013 11:30
"What kind of a cretin takes a shirt out of the hands of a ten-year-old?"