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please not him cos Joe Allen is an example flop signing from Swansea..unless BR 1 2 get sack then so be it..LFC..YNWA..
19th Mar 2013 10:34
19th Mar 2013 11:05
"No thank-you! Noticed where we are on the EPL ladder... Picking another from Swansea is definitely not the answer as Allen has been shown up as missing against the big boys. We need genuine class so make the effort and get someone who will shine."
19th Mar 2013 11:18
"''Rodgers worked with''"
19th Mar 2013 11:31
"No! No! No! or has BR got a death wish. An arrogant git, who will only upset the team.Swansea will charge the earth and be pleased to be shot of. Scouts PLEASE do your job and get a better option.I could understand if Swansea were at the top of the PL "
19th Mar 2013 12:08
"As I expressed earlier theis season, if we persist in buying players that none of the top 6 teams would buy LFC will not progress. Another bungled purchase. Wouldn't it be cheaper for BR to go back to Swansea if he wants to be surrounded by Swansea players, what a complete farce!!!!"
19th Mar 2013 12:09
19th Mar 2013 12:15
"Would be a great signing for us. Williams is a top class defender. Just because Allen has not quite made it yet and to be fair to him holding midfielder is not his position does not mean Swansea players are flops vrman1704"
19th Mar 2013 12:30
"the ideal understudy for Jamie Carragher. Tough, physical, tall, quick and actually with impressive EPL statistics, I think he should be the graft to replace our Bootle boy hero, but not the only addition at the centre backs stock! Sakho, Amorebieta, Indi and Aldewareild the other likes.."
19th Mar 2013 12:35
"Don't want him"
19th Mar 2013 12:46
"no, a big no."
19th Mar 2013 12:54
"Tinyb watch some football William.s is one of the best centre backs in league stats don.t lie as for no one else would buy is that why city arsenal and man u are tracking him ? Idiot"
19th Mar 2013 12:58
"Would be an excellent signing, has a strong temperment, would graft his was into the starting 11 easily, solid. Btw Swansea' s league position isn't down to him, he is the best part of it."
19th Mar 2013 12:58
"Would be an excellent signing, has a strong temperment, would graft his was into the starting 11 easily, solid. Btw Swansea' s league position isn't down to him, he is the best part of it."
19th Mar 2013 14:11
"BR,if you want to manage Swans players,you should have stayed at Swansea.This is LIVERPOOL FC,and if you cannot get that into your head with more consistant team selection,then its taxi time."
19th Mar 2013 14:38
"So the scouting staff having watched De Vrij regularly, obviously think the manager should have a look. He has one look and is not impressed. Can't the lad have an off day ?"
Always A Red
19th Mar 2013 14:48
"HARBO - i agree. Look how many off days Allen has had and BR still plays him. i think Williams wld b gd signing. he's always talking/shouting. we need someone like that [like Carra] Agger/Skrtel do not do that! wld also like Diame from West Ham"
Always A Red
19th Mar 2013 14:50
"i know Williams does not like Suarez, but if we dont make Europe then (unfortunately!) Suarez is gone to Bayern i reckon. but we just need dem to get on on the pitch for 90+minutes thats all - dey can do wotever after a game!"
19th Mar 2013 15:27
"No thank you. Our scouts need to do their work properly and identify better targets. We need higher quality players. "
19th Mar 2013 16:29
"Williams is a very good defender. His stats are Second, now considering none of our defenders make the list its got to be good deal to look at. Arsenal are interested...."
19th Mar 2013 16:32
"This is LFC, so what! in case you haven't noticed for the last couple of decades we have been living off our name only. Now we have a chance to move forward with BR....."
19th Mar 2013 17:23
"Yes, of course! Let's spend all our money this transfer window (about 20M) on the guy who said he wanted to kick our star man - Luis Suarez! I'd love to see the two of them on the same team! Brilliant idea! Fantastic! Hopefully, with our money Swansea will be able to buy another player like Michu, amazing and at a low cost."
19th Mar 2013 17:24
"For those of you that don't get it, that last comment was sarcasm."
19th Mar 2013 18:59
"Forget Williams he doesn't like King Luis."
19th Mar 2013 19:04
"Loz99 agree, that's the main reason we shouldn't buy him, not the fact that he plays for Swansea. We hear players talk about the unity in the group, Coutinho recently. We don't want to risk disturbing that."
20th Mar 2013 1:11
"Prefer Sebastian Coates to Williams."
A Red In My Bed
20th Mar 2013 1:40
"Come on guys (and gals)! Not gonna happen so don't worry about it! Ok? Do you believe every bit of drivel you read??!"
20th Mar 2013 2:55
" , slow and useless in his tackles..too may fouls near the penalty box..too old(28yrs) and expensive a And certainly not forgeng ...e wants to punch Suarez on his face !! BR must be crazy to sign thim "